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Unit 9 Family

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Unit 9 Family

? Mr. Brooks is ordering food for his families. ? order:点菜 ? Brooks先生正在为他们一家人点菜。

? Waiter: A table for how many, sir? ? Mr. Brooks: Four. We'd like a table by the air-conditioner. ? air-conditioner: 空调
? 服务员:先生,几位呢? ? Mr. Brooks: 四位。我们想要一张在空调旁的桌子。

? Waiter: This way, please. (after they seated) Would you like to order now? ? Mr. Brooks: Just a minute. Let us take a look at the menu first. Do you have any specialty today?
? seat: 座位 / 坐下 menu: 菜单 ? sepcialty: 特色菜 ? 服务员:请这边走。(他们坐下后)您想要现在 就点菜吗? ? Mr. Brooks: 等一下。先让我们看一下菜单。今天 有什么特色菜吗?

? Waiter: Yes, fish and tomato soup. ? Mr.Brooks: Well, we'd like to take fried fish, stewed meat with cabbage, tomato soup and noodles.
? ? ? ? fry:炸,煎 stew: 炖,闷 cabbage:卷心菜 noodle:面条 服务员:有的,鱼和番茄汤。 Mr. Brooks: 我们要炸鱼,炖卷心菜牛肉,番茄汤 和面。

? Waiter: Ok, fried fish, stewed meat with cabbage, tomato soup and noodles. ? Mr.Brooks: Very good.
? 服务员:好的。炸鱼,炖卷心菜牛肉,番 茄汤和面。 ? Mr. Brooks: 没错。

? ? ? ?

Waiter: Ok, just a moment, please. Mr.Brooks: Thank you. 服务员:好的。请稍候。 Mr. Brooks: 谢谢。

Comprehensive Reading

Word Bank
? 1、prefer vt. 更喜欢 ? prefer A to B: 比起A更喜欢B
? 2、marry vt. 和......结婚 ? Jane is going to marry John. 简就要嫁给约翰了.

? 3、indeed adv. 真正地 ? I was very sad indeed to hear about it. ? 我听到这件事, 确实非常难过.

? 4、admit v. 承认 ? admit doing sth. 坦白做了...... ? admit of: 容许,有...的可能
? 5、harmonious adj. 和睦的 ? harmony 和谐

? Chinese Families and American Families ? 中国家庭和美国家庭

? Both Chinese families and Amrican families are smaller than they used to be. Most young Chinese parents have only one child, while young American parents also prefer to have fewer children than their parents have. ? used to be: 过去曾经是 both...and: 两者都 ? parent: 父母 prefer: 更喜欢 ? 中国家庭和美国家庭的规模都比以前的家 庭规模要小。大多数中国的年纪父母只有 一个孩子,而许多美国年轻父母也希望比 他们的父母少要些小孩。

? However, unlike the Chinese young people, many young Americans believe that it is not easy to get along with their parents. ? however: 然而 unlike:不同的,不相似 ? easy: 简单 get along with: 与... 相处 ? 然而,与中国的年轻人不同,许多美国的年轻人 认为与父母相处实为不易。

? They will leave their parents and have their own homes once they get married. Most of them would almost never live with thei

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