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( c ) 1. —What ______ Peter ______? —He looks very thin.

A. does; look B. is; like C. does; look like

( a ) 2. His mother often ______ him a story before he goes to sleep.

A. tells B. speaks C. talks

( b ) 3. He ______ tall and he is ______ medium build.

A. has; of B. is; of C. is; on

( c ) 4. Amy is good-looking ______ long, black hair. She is ______ a red dress.

A. having; in B. with; on C. with; wearing

( c ) 5. I don’t think Jay Chow is a great singer, but my brother ______.

A. think B. is C. does

( a ) 6. —Is Sally in the classroom? —No. There ______ nobody in it.

A. is B. are C. has

( b ) 7. —Do you know Susan? —Yes. She is a beautiful girl but she is _____ quiet.

A. a bit B. a little C. little bit

( c ) 8. My English teacher is tall and _____ curly blonde hair.

A. is B. with C. has

( b ) 9. He is very tired, but he doesn’t stop .

A. to work B. working C. work

( b ) 10. Miss Brown has ______ hair.

A. beautiful long black curly

B. beautiful long curly blonde

C. long beautiful curly blonde


There is a shy girl in our class. She is thirteen __11__ old. She is not tall and she is not short. She is of

__12__medium build. Her face is red and round, __13__ an apple. Her eyes are big and her nose is small. She __14__ a big mouth, but her ears are small. Her __15__ is short and black. She likes red, and she often __16__ a red sweater, red jeans and red shoes. She __17__ early every day, so she is __18__ late for school. She doesn’t like to talk __19__ others. She likes little animals, ----__20__ she has a little dog. She and the dog are good friends.

( a ) 11. A. years B. months C. weeks

( b) 12. A. big B. medium C. small

( c ) 13. A. as B. on C. like

( c ) 14. A. gets B. makes C. has

( a ) 15. A. hair B. look C. build

( b ) 16. A. puts on B. wears C. buys

( b ) 17. A. gets on B. gets up C. gets off

( b ) 18. A. always B. never C. usually

( a ) 19. A. to B. about C. of

( c ) 20. A. because B. but C. and


31. Wang Ming is the _________(队长) of our school basketball team.

32. Can you r_________ Tony’s telephone number? I want to call him.

33. —Do you know the p_________ over there? —Yes, he is our math teacher.

34. Lisa is of medium _________ (体格), and she has curly hair.

35. Young boys and girls all like listening to p_________ music.

B) 根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分)

36. The famous movie star Xie Tingfeng has a new ___look____ (look).

37. He always wears a pair of heavy ___glasses____ (glass).

38. Jay Chow is a great ____singer____ (sing). Do you like his songs?

39. Sun Yue, my favorite musician, ___has_____ (have) long straight hair.

40. Zhang Hong likes telling ____jokes_____ (joke) to her friends.


51. Ann is short. She has long straight hair. (合并为一句)

Ann is short _______ long straight hair.

52. Michael Jackson is tall and thin. (对画线部分提问)

_______ does Michael Jackson _______ _______?

53. Tony is of medium height. (改为同义句)

Tony is not _______ and not ____


54. Everybody knows Amy in Beijing and Guangzhou. (改为反意句)

_______ _______ Amy in Beijing and Guangzhou.

55. I think Mary is cool. (改为否定句)

I _______ think Mary _______ cool.

Ⅶ.用方框里适当的单词或短语完成句子 

’t, get, glasses, scarf, build

My grandfather is seventy years old, 56________ he is still very healthy. He is tall and of medium 57________. He has short straight white 58________. He likes reading. Every morning he 59________ up very early and then reads morning 60________. When he reads, he always wears 61________. He also likes 62________ chess, too. He always plays chess with his 63________ friends. He 64________ plays chess with me. Why? Because I 65________ play chess.


Ⅰ.1-5 CABCC 6-10 ABCBB Ⅱ.11-15 ABCCA 16-20 BBBAC

Ⅳ.A) 31. captain 32. remember 33. person 34. build 35. pop

B) 36. look 37. glasses 38. singer 39. has 40. jokes

B) 46-50 CEABD

Ⅵ.51. with 52. What; look like 53. tall; short 54. Nobody knows 55. don’t; is

Ⅶ.56. but 57. build 58. hair 59. gets 60. newspapers 61. glasses 62. playing 63. old 64. never 65. can’t

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