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冀教版七年级下册 unit 1词汇复习

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Unit review(unit1) Try your best. You are great.

Prep 1、over 、obove on、 2、Beside、inside、outside、 3、About、of、for、to、along、from、as 4、on、in、at ? The simple future tense:

Fill in the blank . 1.He leaves in the morning __March first. 2.We are going ___a trip___Beijing___my friends. 3.The children always go to school __the morning. 4.My father is leaving Lanzhou____Shanghai. 5.Danny and Jenny arrive___China___9:00__the morning____Sunday 6.J.K.Rowling is famous ____an English writer. 7.Leaves ____the trees in fall.

Translate: 1.兰州到拉萨有多远? 2.导游告诉我们一个激动人心的消息。 3.中国有着悠久的历史。 4.在回家的路上那个男孩买了一个玩具车。


7.桌子上有一个你的纸条。 8.李明将会有一个在农场工作的好机会。 9.不要长时间坐在电视机前,对眼睛不好。 10.我爷爷喜欢饭后去公园散步。

Rewrite the sentence
1.They will go to Xi‘an by plane.改为同 义句 2.He ate some delicious food.改为一般 疑问句。 3.We ofen go to Beijing by plane.对划线 部分提问。 4.We had fun in Guilin last week.改 为否定句。 5. Danny will learn about Chinese culture this term.改为否定句。

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