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Danny’s Hobby

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Unit 7 Enjoy Your Hobby

Lesson 50 Danny’s Hobby

What’s his /her/their /your/your father’s /mother’s hobby?

New words: Rex [reks]
report [ri’p?:t] v./n. 报告


reporter n.记者,通讯员

collection n. collect [k?’lekt] v.收集、集合 be proud of, proud [praud] adj. 自豪的 feel proud of fact [f? kt] n. 真实的事物、事实 in fact 事实上
giant [’d?ai?nt] n./adj. 巨人、伟人;巨大的 widely adv. 广泛地

wide [waid] adj. 宽的

Sweden[’swi:dn] n. 瑞士

trade [treid] v. 用……交换;交易

collect stamps 收集邮票 collect facts 收集材料 因我而自豪 be proud of me 使我感到自豪 make me feel proud 教室多宽? How wide is the classroom? the wide sea 茫茫大海 英语被广泛地使用。 English is widely used. 在报告中 in the report get on 上车 交换照片 trade photos get off下车 交换邮票 trade stamps get up起床 a special chair to sit in get to 达到 a room to live in get back回来 a baby to look after get…from…从…得到(获得)… get away离开 get in收获

Listen and answer following questions:

1.What’s Danny’s hobby? 2.Where did Rex come from?

Read carefully and answer the questions:

1. Is Danny’s grandma’s letter about herself ?

2. Why does Danny’s grandma call his
great great grandpa Grandpa Giant?

3. Do people have cows and chickens?
4. What is Danny doing?

5. What does Danny want to do with his

Read by yourself , find out the language points

and difficuties!

Language notes:

1. thank sb. for sth. 2. like to do sth.
like doing sth. 3. feel proud


thank sb. for doing sth. “因为某人做了某事而感谢某人”


be proud of … “为……而感到自豪” 4. He has a special chair to sit in.

5. not …any more/anymore
He doesn’t live here any more.


6. make a report


Retelling--- Say something about Grandpa Rex: buy…in store


…don’t ….any more

got …from


Exercises: Fill in the blanks with the proper words of the given

telling 1.Thank you for ________(tell) me the truth . fishing/to fish 2.My father likes ___________(fish). feel 3.Danny’s hobby makes him ___(feel) happy. proud 4.We are all ________(proud) of Yao Ming.

wasn’t ______? he 5. He was very wide, ______
to show 6.I need ______(show) them my hobby.

Finish off your exercise-books.

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