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unit 4 revision

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8B Unit 4

类 别 课标考点要求

词 汇 拓 展

cooking French 1. cook (ving.) __________ 2. France (adj.)__________ 3. write (n.) ___________ 4. able (n.) __________ writer unable 5. success (adj/adv.)_________ successful _____________ sucessfully copies 6. copy (pl.) __________ advice 7. Canada (adj.) Canadian _________8. advise (n.)____________

What to do with 1.如何处理 _______________ =how to deal with
2.在某人的空闲时间里____________________ __ time .in one’s spare 3.尽可能地远________________ as far as sb can/possible

4.筋疲力尽_____________________ be tired out

the same …as … 重点 5.与。。。一样________________ 短语 6.一大群__________________ a huge army of hand in 7.上交、递交__________________ on time 8.准时_________________

refuse to publish it . 9.拒绝出版它________________
a great success 10.很大的成功_____________________

my knowledge 11.增长我的。。。。知识 improve _______________
12.法国作家写的一本书____________________ __ a book by the French 13.撞击到。。。________________ crash against




14.跌倒_____________________ fall over

manage to do sth. 重点 15.设法做成某事________________ 短语 16. (从。。。)逃走__________________ run/get away (from…)
17.等等__________________ and so on
18.到目前为止_________________ so far

translate …into 19.把。。。翻译成…________________
at a time 20.每次、依次_________________

shout at 21.朝。。。大喊 _______________

Such beautiful flowers 22.如此漂亮的花朵____________________ __ so beautiful the flowers a Canadian writer opposite my home. 24.在我家对面_____________________

重点 discuss what to read 短语 25.讨论读什么________________

before going 26. 在去睡觉之前__________________

to bed ask for advice on books 27.寻求书方面的建议__________________ remember to bring my library card 28.记得把我的图书卡带来_________________
29.做什么_________________ what to do

=how to do it

1.你已经决定如何处理这些书了吗? Have you decided what _______________________with these books? to do with 2. 我必须使用它们来够冰箱上的盒子?

重 3.在我们的船撞上岩石之后,我尽可能地往远处游泳。 点 crashed against the rocks, I After our ship _________________________________, 句 swam as far as I could 型 ______________________________

use them to reach the box on the fridge. I have to_________________________________

either I don’t know what to say ___________.
5.Gulliver 发现他自己不能移动

himself unable to move Gulliver found ________________________

6.我尽力解开一只手,最后设法弄断了绳索。 I tried to pull one hand free and finally 7. 再游了一段时间之后,他已经筋疲力尽

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