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七年级下册英语1到4 单元练习

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( )1. My sister likes playing the guitar, but she can’t play ______. A. nice B. good C. well

( )2.—Are you good ___swimming?—Yes, and I think I can help kids ____ it. A. with; in B. with; with C. at; with

( )3. He wants ____ the English club. A. to join B. to be C. be in

( )4. My father can’t play ____ bas-ketball. He can play ______ piano. A. the; the B. /; the C. the; / ( )5.—Why do you want to ______ the English club? —Because Mr Li in the club is good ______ us.

A. have; with B. join; with C. join; at

( )6.—How does he go to Hong Kong? —________. A. Take the plane B. Take plane C. By the plane D. By the air

( )7.—___ do you live from school? —8 miles. A. How long B. How far C. How much D. Where ( )8. In our school, school _____ at 7:30. A.is B.start C.starts D.does

( )9. Can you _____me the way to the bakery? A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell

( )10. The boat went __ the lake. A. across B. cross C. past D. passed

( )11.Miss Gao likes _____a bus to work. A. having B. bringing C. taking D. leaving

( )12.When you _____the street, you must look carefully. A. past B. across C. pass D. cross

( )13. Either you or he _____________ right. A be B is C am D,are

( )14.Let's ________. A. take a shower B.have a shower C.take the shower D.A and B

( )15It’s 10:00. It’s time ___. A. go to bed B. go to school C. to go to school D. to go to bed

( )16 .My sister _______ home at 5:00 every day. A. gets B.gets to C.get D.get to

( )17..Ann’s mother often ___ the No. 18 bus to work. A. takes B. take C. makes D. by

( ) 18 Thanks for ___ the good news. A. to tell B. tells C. telling D. tell

( )19.Ann’s mother often ___ the No. 18 bus to work. A. takes B. take C. makes D. by

( )20. Thanks for ___ the good news. A. to tell B. tells C. telling D. tell

( )21- Can you swim? I think it’s easy. A. No,I can’t B.Yes,I can C.No,I can D.Yes,I can’t

( )22.Alice is English.She B tells C.speaks D.talks

the music club.A.take part in B join in C join D take part

( )24.--Can you play__violin or ___basketball? A/ ,the Bthe, / C./ , /

( )25 He can run A well ,well B good, well Cwell ,good

( )26.she is an actor, I am an actor,______.A too B also C to D and

( )27. The chiese peole friendly .A people is B people are C peoples are D people is

B on weekend C in weekdays D on weekdays

( )29.Miss Li_______ teachers to sing and dance every night.A our B my C his D her

( )30. Tom’s friends are__________B musicians C teacher D people

( )31.He _____late for school, sometimes. A. is B are C be D am

( )32.What can Milk do?----

A He can play the chess B He can play the basketball

C.He can play piano D.He can sing and dance

( )33.you usually go to school?----At seven thirty

. A.Where BWhat C.What time Dhows

( )34We should do more_________A exercise B.exercising Cexercised

( )35Bob is a good student.He is late for shool. A.always B usually C often D never

( )36 is Teachers’ Day?--It’s September 10th


.Awhen B what day C what’s day D which date

( )37Who do you like ,the English teacher,the math teacher or the chinese teacher?

A good B well C best D fine

( )38 .I don’t have a computer.---


A. I do,too B Idon’t,also C I don’t,either D I do,either.

( )39.He eats vegetables every day.A much B lot of C a lots of D.lots of

( )40.The fish A taste good B is tast well C taste well D tastes good

( )41.Tom likes to play ___ guitar, but he doesn’t like to play ______ volleyball.

A. / , the B. the , the C. the , /

( ) 22.I want to join the _______ club. I can _______ well.

A. swim , swim B. swimming , swim C. swim , swims

( ) 43.Mr Smith is very good at __________ stories. He can be a member(成 员) of the story _________club.

A. tell , telling B. tells , tell C. telling , telling

( )44.Lisa wants to join the ______ club. She can play________ soccer.

A. sport , the B. sports , / C. sport , /

( )45.We need ______ at the old people’s home. Can you ______ us?

A. help , help B. to , help C. helping , help

( )46.Are you good _____ old people? Please come____ the old people’s home.

A. with, at B. with , to C. for , with

( ) 47.Scott has an interesting ________.He works at a radio station. He has much _____ to do.

A. job , work B. work , job C. job ,works

( )48.When _____Rick eat breakfast? He ______ breakfast at seven o’clock.

A. do , eats. B. does , eat C. does , eats

( )49.I don’t have _____ time for breakfast, so I usually eat very ________.

A. lots of , quickly B. a lot , fast C. lot of , quick

( )50.Ice-cream tastes _______, but it isn’t good _________ health.

A. well , at B. good ,for C. well , with

( ) 51. Either he or she _____ to the movies. One of the ______ must look after the baby.

A. go , student B. went , students C. goes , students

( ) 52.How does Mary get to school? She gets to school ________?

A. take the subway B. by subway C. takes the subway

( ) 53._________ is it from your home to school? It’s about 10kilometers.

A. How far B. How long C. How often

( ) 54.As a __________ boy, Liangliang, crosses the river every school day. but he is not afraid.

A. seven years old B. seven-year-old C. seven-years-old

( )55.I think my dream will __________.

A. come on B. come up C. come true

( )56.I _______ take the car to get to school.

A.sometimes B.some times C.sometime

( )57.How many ________do you have?

A.tooth B.teeth C.tooths

( )58.I go to school ___________.

A.everyday B.every days C.every day

( )59.I don’t have ______time for breakfast.

A.much B.many C.lots of

( )60.They have _______ habits.

A.health B.healthy C.healthily



I’m an American boy. My name is Alison. I ___61__ in Beijing now, because my _62__ work here. I __63___ in a high school, and I’m64___ Class2, Grade3. I usually __65__ to school __66___ bus. Sometimes I 67___ a bike. My home is fifteen __68___ from school. I don’t go to school 69___ Saturday and Sunday, so I always stay at 2

home to do my homework, and it often 70___ me half a day on Saturday. On Sunday, I often go to the park with my patents. I have fun on weekends.

( )61. A like B live C living D lives

( )62 A father B mother C parent D parents

( )63 A work B study C studied D play

( )64 A in B at C on D for

( )65 A take B go C arrive D walk

( )66 A on B in C by D take

( )67 A by B take C ride D on

( )68 A day B hour C minutes D kilometers

( )69 A at B on C in D \

( )70 A help B has C takes D gives



Jack is a student. Here is the timetable(时间表) for Jack’s weekends.

Jack’s weekends

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Get up 6:30a.m.

Run for twenty minutes in his garden

Go to school 7:30a.m.

morning Four lessons

Lunch hamburgers meat vegetables noodles rice

Afternoon music Soccer art volleyball basketball

Go home 5:00p.m.

Evening Do homework Watch TV

Go to bed 9:00p.m. 10:30p.m.

( )71.What does Jack do after he gets up?

A He goes to school. B He does some running. C He reads English in his garden.

( )72. Jack has _____ lessons in the moring. A three B four C five

( )73.He has ___ for lunch on Thursday. A hamburgers B meat C noodles

( )74. What does Jack have on Tuesday afternoon?

A Music. B Soccer C Volleyball

( )75. Which is NOT right?

A He often watches TV on weekdays.

B He goes to bed at half past ten on Friday night.

C He often goes home at 5:00p.m.


I’m John. I have many good friends at school. Bob is one of them. His house isn’t far away from our school. He usually goes to school by bike. Alice usually takes the subway to school. It takes her 25 minutes to get to school. Her house is 30 kilometers from the school. Sarah goes to school on the train. She can read English on the train. It takes her 50 minutes to get to school. Eric usually gets up late, so he has to take the taxi to school. And he is always late for school. I’m near to the school, so I go to school on foot.

判断下面句子,错误(F) or正确(T)

( )76.John usually walks to school.

( )77.Alice usually goes to school on the bus.

( )78.Bob is always late for school.

( )79.It takes Sarah 50 minutes to go to school.

( )80.Bob’s house is far from the school.



People go to work in different ways. They work from Monday to Friday.Some people go to work on foot because they live near their workplaces. Some people go to work by bike because they live far away from their workplaces,or they like riding bikes. They think it's good for their health. Today more people have own cars,so they can go to work in their cars. In the south of China,many people even go to work by boat because water is around their houses. Will people go to work by plane? I thinkso,if necessary.

( )81..Some people walk to go to work because _________.

A.they don’t have any cars. B.they live near their workplaces.

C.they they live far away from their workplaces.

( )82..Some people go to work by bike because _________.

A.they live far away from their workplaces.

B.they are busy. C.they are tired.

( )83..Today more people go to work _______.

A.by car B.by bus C.by subway

( )84..In the south of China,many people go to work ______.

A.by plane B.on foot C.by boat

( )85.They work on __________.

A.weekends B.weekdays C.Sundays从方框中选择适当的句子填空,补全对话。

Boy: What time do the students go to school?

Boy: How do Bob and Mary get to school?

Boy: How does John get to school?

Boy: How do Paul and Yang Lan get to school?

Gril: Look, there they are now!

Boy: Does Jim walk to school?

He rides his bike.

A. They walk.

B. No, he doesn’t.

C. He takes the bus.

D. At half past seven.

E. Bob takes the train and Mary takes the subway.


96.. What club do you want to j ____ ?

97. She likes singing. She wants to join the m_____ club.

98. We u_______ play games in the afternoon.

99. Please take a s______ and go to bed.

100. It usually t_____ me half an hour to get to school by bus.

第五部分 书面表达(满分20分)

根据Jim的作息时间写一篇短文,题目为Jim’s Day

要求:1.写标题 2.使用所给的词汇3.字数不少于50字 4.字迹工整

get up 6:00

go to school 7:45 exercise 9:30

play the guitar 1:15

eat dinner 5:55

go to bed 9:30

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4

___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5

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