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1、Can you paint?________.

A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I do . C. No, I can. D. Yes, a little.

2. Kate wants _____the English club.

A. joins B. to joins C. to join D. joining

3. He wants to join the ____ club. He can ____ chess.

A. chess’s ; play the B. chess ;play C. chessing ; play D. chess’; plays the

4. Li Lei can ___ it in English.

A. tell. B. talk C. say D. speak.

5. Jim often gets____ school at eight and gets ___ home at five

A. \; \ B. to; to C. \; to D. to; \

6. What do you usually do____ Sunday mornings’.

A. in . B. at . C. on.. D. for.

7. It’s ___ 6:00 .Let’s go home.

A. at B. in C. on D. around

8.How do you usually go to school? I usually go to school ______.

A. by my bike B. by bikes C. by bike D. by a bike

9. ______are you stay there? For two weeks.

AHow long B. How far C. How often D. How many

10.How do you ______ there? I take the train.

A. reach to B. get to C. arrive D. arrive in

11. ______do you think of your teacher?

A. How B What C. Which D. Where

12. ______play computer games after school.

A. Can’t B. No C. Not D .Don’t

13. Don’t run in the hallways. ______,I won’t do it again.

A.Sorry B. Excuse C. Thank you D. No

14. The teacher tells us not ______a hat in class.

A. wear B. wearing C. to wear D. wears

15. ______do you like pandas. ______they are cute.

A.Why; Because B. Why; So C. What; because D. What; So

16. It’s five o’clock. My children______

A. sleep B. sleeps C. are sleeping D. is sleeping

17. Thanks for ______ me.

A .helping B. to help C. help

18 .Elephants are very friendly and they like______ grass.

A. eat B. to eating C. to eat D. eats

19.Let’s go to see the action movies. ________________.

A. Yes, we do. B. No, we don’t. C. That sounds exciting. D. No, thanks.

20.Do you like to go to the movie with me. Sure,_____.

A .I’d love. B .I’d love to. C.OK. D. That’s right.


1. His sister usually ______ (take) a shower at 8:00 in the evening.

2. ______ (do) your parents______ (run) every day?

3. I take a bus ______ (go) to school .

4. How about______ (take) a bus to school?

5. She ______ (not do) her homework every day.

6. It takes Tom an hour ______ (finish) his homework.

7. ______ (do) your homework before dinner.

8. Let’s ______(see)the pandas first.

9. Chinese people are great and ______ (friend).

10. Look! your sister ______(do) her homework.


There is a big ___ in our city. We can see many ___ there. A(n) ___,the biggest animal on land is also living there. Many ___fly in the sky(天空).Some beautiful ducks always __ _in the river. What are these in the trees? Oh ,they are ___ .They like ___ leaves. They are from Australia. Aren’t they cute? There is a tiger in the cage ___ the tree . It eats a lot of meat every day. I like the ___ best because it lives only in China and it is the symbol of___.

( )1.A.park B. zoo C. hall D. school

( ) 2 A. trees B .students C. food D animals

( ) 3.A.lion B. giraffe elephant D. cat

( ) 4 . A .birds B. fish C. tigers D. dogs

( )5 . A. fly B. swim C. save D .sleep

( ) 6 . A. elephants B. tigers C. koalas D. lions

( ) 7 . A. eating B. eat C. to kill D. killing

( ) 8.A.on B .in C. under D. over

( ) 9.A.giraffe B .tiger C .panda D. lion

( ) 10.A. smart B .scary C. cut D. friendly


Three homework work at their bus get after bed eat

Tom and his sister Amy are students. Tom takes a 1 ___ to school every day, and Amy does too. Some of 2___friends walk (步行,走)to school. Tom and Amy 3___home at four o’clock in the afternoon. They do their 4 ___before(在----以前) dinner, and they play computer games 5___ dinner. They usually go to 6__early in the evening. Tom and Amy have 7___meals(饭) a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have breakfast 8__home.On school days, they have lunch at school.

They usually 9___dinner at home. Their father comes home from 10___at six and their mother cooks dinner at seven.

1___ 2___ 3___ 4___ 5___

6___ 7___ 8___ 9___ 10___



It' s Sunday morning. There are many people in the park, some boys are playing basketball. There are some girls under a big tree. They' re singing and dancing. What are those women doing? They are drinking tea. Look at the woman in a blue coat. Who' s she? She' s my mother. She is talking to Edward. Edward is her student. He is a good student. He studies hard . He' s good at

all the subjects. And he' s friendly to all his teachers and his friends.

( ) 1. The boys are ,

A. singing B. playing basketball C. dancing D. drinking

( ) 2. My mother is .

A. a teacher B. an office C. a doctor D. a woman

( ) 3. Edward is in .

A. my home B. the classroom C. the zoo D. the park

( ) 4. —— Who' s under a big tree? —— .

A. Some people. B. Some women. C. Some girls. D. Some boys.

( ) 5.—— What color is my mother' s coat? ——It's

A. blue B. white C. red D. yellow


Bill is from Australia. He lives in Sydney. He can speak French and English, but he can' t speak Chinese. He has a pen pal in the United States. Her name is Lisa and she lives in New York. Bill' s favorite sport is basketball and he can play the guitar. Lisa' s favorite sport is tennis. She can't play the guitar, but she can play the piano and sing very well.

( ) 1.Bill is from .

A. Australia B. France C. the United States D. the UK

( ) 2. Lisa is an .

A. Chinese B. American C. English D. Japanese

( ) 3. What languages does Bill speak?

A. Chinese B. French C. English D. B and C

( ) 4. What is Bill' s favorite sport?

A. tennis B. volleyball C. soccer D. basketball

( ) 5. Which sentence is NOT right?

A. Bill has a pen pal in the USA. B. Bill can play the piano and Lisa can play the guitar.

C. Bill and Lisa like different sports. D. Lisa lives in New York.


1. I like elephants because they are friendly.(划线提问)

_________ _________you like elephants?

2.I like giraffes and lions (改为否定句)

I _________like giraffes _________lions.

3.Please close the window(改为否定句)

______ ______the window, please.

4. She has to do homework on weekend.(改为一般疑问句)

______she ______to do home work on weekend?

5. They go to school by boat every day.(改为同义句)

They______ ______ ______to school every day.


A、Let’s go and find them. B、I’m coming.

C、How do you do ? D、Can I help you ?

E、But I can’t find them. F、What about Lily?

G、What clothes are they wearing?

John : Judy, come here, please. I want some help.

Judy : OK1__,what are you doing?

John : I want to give these books to the twins.2___do you know where they are?

Judy : There are many students over there .

John: 3___.

Judy: Lucy is wearing black trousers and a yellow sweater.

John:4____Is she wearing the same clothes?

Judy: No, she is wearing green trousers and a white sweater.

John: I know.5___




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