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第一部分 听 力(周报第9期)

第一节:听下面 5段小对话,每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项。每段对话读一遍。 ( )1.Where are the girl’s keys?



C .

( )2.What does Frank take to his sister?



( )3.Where is Sally’s ID card?




( )4.What can Tony bring?




( )5.What are they talking about(谈论)?



第二节:听下面5段小对话,每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项。每段对话读两遍。 ( )6.What does Peter have?

A.A ping-pong ball . B. A ping-pong bat. C. A volleyball . ( )7.Where are Lucy’s basketball?

Under her bed B. Under her brother’s bed C. Under her sister’s bed. ( )8.What may(可能) they do?

A. Play basketball B. Play baseball C. Play soccer. ( )9.What doesn’t Sonia like?

A.Bananas B. Apples. C. Oranges.

( )10. What does Maria like to eat for dinner? Eggs and tomatoes. B. Broccoli and carrots.

第三节:听下面两段对话,每段对话后有几个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项。 每段对话读两遍。

听第一段对话, 回答11至12题 ( )11.What does Jane like for lunch?

A. Hamburgers B. Eggs and bananas C. Eggs and tomatoes. ( )12.What do they play after school? A.Tennis B. Ping-pong C. Soccer.

听第二段话,回答13至15题。 ( )13.What does Mary play every day?

A. Volleyball B. Soccer. C. Basketball .

( )14.How many(多少) soccer balls does Mary have? A. Two B. Three C. Four

( )15.What fruit doesn’t Mary like? Apples B. Pears C. Oranges.

第四节:听下面一篇短文, 短文后有几个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项。短文读两遍。 ( )16.What’s the boy’s name?

A Jim B. Tom C. Dave

( )17.What does the boy have for breakfast?

A.An egg, some bananas and apples. B.Two eggs and vegetables C.Two eggs , some bananas and apples. ( )18. Where does the boy have lunch?

A.At school B. At home C. In a restaurant(饭店). ( )19. What does the boy have for lunch?

A. French fries B. Hamburgers C. Chicken and vegetables. ( )20. Who does the boy have dinner with?

A. With his friends B. with his parents C.With his grandparents.

第二部分 笔试部分(80分)


( )1.下面三组字母含有相同音素的一组是______. A.I;O B.A;H C.B;F

( )2.I have______ basketball. Let’s play______ basketball. A./; the B.a; a C.a; /

( )3.—______ , Tina. Is this your book? —Yes, thanks.

A.Excuse me B.Sorry C.Thank you ( )4.I like football ______I don’t like basketball. A.and B.but C.or ( )5.Mary and Kate ______ ping-pong.

A.don’t play B.doesn’t play C.aren’t play ( )6.He likes apples. Do you like______ ? A.it B.they C.them ( )7.—Is that your pen?

— ______. It’s my pen.

A.Yes, this is B.Yes, it is C.No, it isn’t

( )8.--Does your sister ______a computer? --No,she______. A、has; doesn’t B.have; doesn’t C.has;does ( )9.--It’s a nice day.Let’s play volleyball,. —That____ good.

A.sound B.is C.sounds ( )10.—Do you have a tennis racket? —______. But I have a baseball bat.

A. Yes, I do B. No, I don’t C. Yes, you do ( )11.--________

--Nice to meet you!

A.Hello! B.Hi! C.Nice to meet you! ( )12.These____are my friends.

A.girls B.a girl C.girl ( )13.Here______my family photos. A.is B.this is C.are

( )14.This is a photo______my friend.

A.at B.on C.of

( )15.Her mother’s daughter is her______.

A.son B.sister C.cousin

( )16.What color are the hats?--_____ .

A.It’s red. B.They’re green hats. C.They’re green .

( )17.I have _____good friends in the school.

A.not B.many C.one

( )18.Let’s______ it. B-A-L-L, ball.

A.spells B.spell C.to spell

( )19.Mr Li______ two sons. They_____students.

A.has;is B.have;are C.has;are

( )20.--_______ is Qingdao?

—It’s in Shandong.

A.What B.Where C.How


阅读下面短文,掌握大意,从各题所给的A、B、C、三个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。 徐徐

doesn’t like ping-pong. He

( )21.A.a B.an C.the

( ) 22.A.have B.has C.is ( )23.A.are B.is C.am

( )24.A.play B.plays C.sports ( )25.A.likes B.like C.play

( )26.A.basketball B.volleyball C.ping-pong ( )27.A.And B.But C.Or ( )28.A.great B.good C.nice ( )29.A.do B.does C.play

( )30.A.every day B.everyday C.every day’s 三、阅读理解(共20分,每小题2分)



This is a picture of Kate Green’s family. In the picture we can see her grandparents, her parents, her brother Mike and her.

Her grandparents are on the chair. Mr Green and Mrs Green is behind(在…后面)them. Mike is under the window. Kate is on the floor. What’s behind Kate? It's a cat. It's black and white.

( )46. How many(多少) people( 人) are there in Kate’s family?

A. Four B. Five C. Six ( ) 47. Where is Mrs Green?

A. Under the window. B. Behind Kate’s grandparents C. On the chair ( ) 48. Is Mike on the floor?

A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, he isn’t. C. No, he isn’t. ( ) 49. Where is the cat?

A. On the floor. B. Under the window. C. Behind Kate.

( ) 50. What color is the cat?

A. Black and white. B. Black C. Yellow.


Dear Peter,

My name is Frank. I am from(来自) America. Here is a picture of my class(班). We are in Class One, Grade Seven.

You can see my friends in the picture. Jimmy likes to play basketball. He likes to eat apples and French fries. Helen likes math. Her favourite food is hamburgers. Sandra doesn’t like math. But she can speak French(法语). She likes ping-pong. Sally is a black(黑人的) girl. She likes to swim(游泳). She likes to eat ice cream. I like math too. Can you find(寻找) me? I like to eat bananas. Maria likes computer very much. She plays computer games very well. Nick is fun. He can play football. He likes strawberries best. Can you send(发送) me a picture of your class?

Yours, Frank ( )31. Frank has ______friends.

A. seven B. six C. five ( )32. ______like sports.

A. Jimmy, Sandra and Sally B. Maria, Nick and Jimmy

C. Sally, Nick, Jimmy and Sandra ( )33. ______and ______ like math.

A. Helen; Frank B. Sandra; Peter C. Helen; Sandra ( )34. ______and______like fruit.

A. Nick, Maria; Jimmy B. Nick, Frank; Peter C. Jimmy, Nick; Frank ( )35. ______ is not the friend of Frank. A. Sally B. Sandra C. Peter

第二卷 非选择题

四、补全对话: 根据对话内容,从下列方框中选择适当的句子补全对话,其中有一项是多余的,将所选句子代号写在对应的横线上。(共5分,每小题一分)

A:Hello, Mike! What’s this in English? B

A:Oh, it’s very nice. B:No, it isn’t. It’s my uncle, Bob. A:Is Bob a running s tar? B A:Does your uncle eat healthy food every day?

B:Yes, he does. A B:He eats eggs and apples.

A:Does he have hamburgers for lunch? B:No, he doesn’t. A

5分) 46.(对划线部分提问) ______ ______is his hat?

47.Do they have a computer? (作否定回答) No, ______ ______ .

48.(对划线部分提问) ______ ______ the erasers ,books, rulers and bags? 49.Her father has a volleyball..(改为否定句) Her father ______ ______ a volley ball.

50.Tom likes salad and broccoli. ( 改为一般疑问句 ) ______Tom ______ salad or broccoli? 六、汉翻英(每空0。5分,共5分) 51.这是你的背包吗?

Is _________ your __________ ? 52.你怎么拼写“学校”这个单词?

_________ do you ___________ the word “school”? 53.请拨打321-7890找琳达。

Please __________ Linda _________ 321-7890. 54.大卫的手表在桌子上。

David’s watch ______ _______the table. 55.请把篮球带到学校来。

Please_____ the basketball _____school. 八、改错(共5分)

( )56、 A B C

( )57、Jim A B C

( parent TV?


( your


( are you? fine, A B C 九、书面表达。(10分)

假如你叫刘军,今天是开学的第一天,请根据下面所提供的信息,向班上的同学介绍一下你自己。 词数:50词左右。 姓名: 刘军 电话:5340261

家庭成员:祖父母、父母、自己 爱好:排球、网球

收藏品:6个网球拍,3个排球 喜爱的食物:汉堡包,香蕉

Let me introduce myself(介绍我自己). I have a big(大的)


答 题 卡

姓名 班级 学号 得分


1-5: 6—10:

11—15: 16-20: 单选

1-5: 6-10:

11—15: 16-20: 三. 完形

21-25: 26-30: 四.阅读

31-35: 36-40: 五. 补全对话

41--45、_____ _ 六. 句型转换

46、_______ _______ 47、 ______ _______ 48、 ________ _______

49、______ ________ 50 、______ _______ 七. 汉译英

51、_______ _______ 52 、______ _______ 53、 ________ _______

54、______ ________ 55 、______ _______ 八. 改错

56、( ) ______ 57、( ) ______ 58、( ) ______

59、( ) ____ _ 60、( ) ______ 九. 书面表达

Let me introduce myself(介绍我自己). I have a big(大的)family







11—15: 16-20: 三. 完形

21-25: 26-30: 四.阅读

31-35: 36-40: 五. 补全对话

41--45、_____ _ 六. 句型转换

46、_______ _______ 47、 ______ _______ 48、 ________ _______

49、______ ________ 50 、______ _______ 七. 汉译英

51、_______ _______ 52 、______ _______ 53、 ________ _______

54、______ ________ 55 、______ _______ 八. 改错

56、( ) ______ 57、( ) ______ 58、( ) ______

59、( ) ____ _ 60、( ) ______ 九. 书面表达

Let me introduce myself(介绍我自己). I have a big(大的)family







参 考 答 案


1—5 BCACB 6—10 ABCBC 11—15 ACABC 16-20 CCACB






四、补全对话: DFBAE

五、句型转换、 1.What color 2.they don’t 3.Where are 4.doesn’t have 5.Does, like 七.汉翻英

1.this; backpack 2.How; spell 3.call; at 4.is on 5. bring to

八、改错 1、(C)The 2.(A)I 3.(A)Does 4.(B)for 5.(A)How

听力材料 第一节:

W:Where are my keys?

M:Look,they are under the table.

2.W:Frank, please take the baseball to your sister. M:OK,Mom.

3.M:Where is Sally’s ID card? W:It’s on the bed.

4.W: Tony, can you bring the CD to me? M:OK

5.M: Where is your backpack?

W: It’s on the chair.


6. W:Do you have a ping-pong ball, Peter? M: Yes, I do.

7. M:Where are your basketball , Lucy?

W:Oh, they are under my brother’s bed.

8. W:Let’s play baseball, David.

M: Sorry, I don’t have a baseball bat. Let’s play soccer.

9.M: Do you like apples, Sonia?

W: No, I don’t . I like bananas and oranges.

10. M: What do you like to eat for dinner, Maria? W: I like eggs and carrots.

第三节: 听第一段话,回答11,12题。

M:Hey,Jane. Are these your hamburgers?

W: Yes,I like them for lunch. What do you like for lunch? M:I like eggs and tomatoes.

W:Oh, Where do you eat lunch?

M: At school.

W:Let’s play ping-pong after school.

M: That sounds boring.

W:Let’s play soccer.



M:Hi,Mary! Can you answer me some question? W: Yes.

M:Do you like sports?

W:Yes, I do . I play volleyball everyday.

M: Do you have a collection of sports?

W:Yes, I have three soccer balls and four volleyballs. M: Oh, then do you like fruit?

W:Yes, I like apples and pears, but I don’t like oranges. M: OK. Let’s play volleyball and then eat apples. W:That sounds great.

第四节: I have a friend. He is a boy . His name is Dave . He likes China and he likes Chinese food .For breakfast he eats two eggs , some bananas and apples. He has lunch at school. He has chicken and vegetables for lunch every day. He has dinner with his parents at home.

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