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( )1.He lives_______, but he doesn’t feel _______.

A.alone; alone B.alone; lonely

C.lonely; alone D.lonely; lonely

( )2.The little girl is old enough to_______herself.

A.wear B.put on C.dress D.be in

( )3.Take it easy. I’m sure you______work it out soon.

A.will can B.will be able to C.be able to D.could

( )4.This is______difficult problem that few students can work it out.

A.so B.so a C.such D.such a

( )5._______,people didn’t have any cmputers.

A.Hundreds of years ago B.In hundreds of years

C.Two hundreds years ago D.Hundred of years ago

( )6._______a concert next Saturday ?

A.There will be B.Will there be

C. Will there going to be D. Are there

( )7.The story_______me, that is, I am______at the_______story.

A.surprise; surprising; surprised B.surprise; surprised; surprised

C.surprise; surprised; surprising D.surprises; surprised; surprising

( )8.—Do you know_____the new mobile phone last week? ---Maybe 900 yuan. I’m not quite sure.

A.how much she paid for B.how much will she pay for

C.how much did she pay for D.how much she will pay for

( )9.She has________haircut_______ I do.

A.the same; as B.the same; with C.same; as D.same; with

( )10.They are good friends, they______each other for a long time.

A.go on well B.get along

C.get on well with D.get along well

( )11.He gave me_____.

A.two piece of advice B.two pieces of advices

C.a piece of advice D.any advice

( )12.The little girl likes spending much money_____books.

A.on B.at C.read D.to read

( )13.I was just going out______it began to rain.

A.while B.when C.where D.why

( )14---Why are you driving so fast?

---Because my flight is______.

A.taking off B.getting off C.turning off D.putting off

( )15 Can you imagine_______as a doctor.

A.work B.to work C.working D.worked

( )16 while I_____with my friend, she came in.

A,am talking B.was talking C.talked D.am going to talk

( )17 Mary always talks _______ but does_____.so everyone likes him.

A. few, little B little, much C. less, more D. more, less

( ) 18The young man ________ the beautiful girl when he saw her for the first


A. felt in love with B. fell in love to

C. fell in love with D. felt in love to

( ) 19 Don’t give up. I think your dream will ________.

A. come up B. come over C. come out D. come true

( ) 20 Now the computers are ________ more and more people all over the world.

A. used for B. discovered by C. used by D. discovered for

( ) 21 No one knows________ in the future.

A. what will be happen B. what will happen

C. what will it happen D. what it will happen

( ) 22 The man over there ________ our Chinese teacher.

A. may B. maybe C. may be D. be

( ) 23It ________ her four hours_________ the work yesterday.

A. takes, finish B. take, finishing

C. took, finished D. took, to finish

( )24 .everyone went home ________ Mr wang, because he had to finish his work.

A. except B. but C. besides D. beside

( ) 25 I’m afraid I’ll have to _________ the lost book.

A. pay for B. paid for C. pay of D. paid on

( ) 26—I’m sorry I_______ my exercise book at home.

—Don’t forget _______it here tomorrow, please.

A. forgot; to take B. forgot; to bring

C. left; to take D. left; to bring

( 27.He finds ______ hard to finish the work in two days.

A. its B. that C. it D. it’s

( ) 28He doesn’t have any money, ____________.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither

( ) 29. I think you should _______ some money _______ your friends.

A. borrow; for B. borrow; from C. lend; from D. borrow; to

( ) 30. My friend has the same haircut __________ I do.

A. as B. like C. seem D. looks like

( ) 31. The head of the movie companies predicted that no one would want to see actors ___.

A. to talk B. talked C. talks D. talk

( ) 32Mary was dancing while Mike __________the piano.

A. played B. was playing C. were playing D. plays

( ) 33. What _______ you ________ when your father came back?

A. did, do B. are, doing C. were, doing D. did, doing

( ) 34. I met a friend of mine_____ I was walking in the park.

A. before B. while C. after D. if

( ) 35. Mr. Green told us____ too much time____ reading novels.

A. don’t take; on B. not to take; in

C. not to spend; in D. don’t to spend; on

( ) 36. All the fruit is free. You can eat ___________________.

A . as many as possible B. as much as possible

C. as many as possibly D. as much as possibly

( ) 37. The boy is _______to look himself.

A. enough old B. old enough

C. enough young D. young enough

( )38. Don’t get off the bus ______ it stops.

A. after B. until C .when D. because

( )39 I ____ my mother____my new haircut yesterday.

A argue with, with B argueing on ,with C argued with ,about D argued with , at

( ) 40 Mary was mad ____he friend Lily yesterday.

A at B on C in D for


Today more and more families have their own computers. Parents buy computers __1__ their children. They __2__ computers can help them improve their studies in school. However, many of their children__3__ computers to play games, to watch videos __4_ to sing karaoke instead of(而不是) studying. So many teachers and parents complain(抱怨) that computers can not help children study _5_

make them fall behind. So computers are put away __6__ parents.

In __7_ countries, even some scientists also __8__ computers. They say computers let many people__9__ their jobs or __10__ them a lot of trouble(麻烦).

( )1.A.to B. on C. with D. for

( )2.A.hope B. want C. thinks D. let

( )3.A.make B. get C. use D. have

( )4.A.and B. or C. but D. so

( )5.A.and B. or C. but D. so

( )6.A.for B. by C. with D. in

( )7.A.other some B. some else C. else some D. some other

( )8.A.like B. want C. hate D. buy

( )9.A.to lose B. lose C. have D. to have

( )10.A.take B. get C. bring D. find


( A)

In England, people often talk about the weather because they can experience (经历) four seasons in one day. In the morning the weather is warm just like in spring. An hour later black clouds come and then it rains hard. The weather gets a little cold. In the late afternoon the sky will be sunny, the sun will begin to shine, and it will be summer at this time of a day.

In England, people can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter they can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes they should take warm clothes.

When you go to England, you will see that some English people usually take an umbrella (伞)or a raincoat with them in the sunny morning, but you should not laugh at them.

If you don't take an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret (后悔) later in the day. ( )1.Why do people in England often talk about the weather?

A. Because they may have four seasons in one day

B. Because they often have very good weather

C. Because the weather is warm just like in spring

D. Because the sky is sunny all day

( )2.From the story we know that when _________come, there is a heavy rain.

A. sunshine and snow B. black clouds

C. summer and winter D. spring and autumn

( )3."People can also have summer in winter." Means "it is sometimes too

______in winter."

A. warm B. cool C. cold D. rainy

( )4.In the sunny morning some English people usually take a raincoat or an umbrella with them because ________.

A. their friends ask them to do so

B. it often rains in England

C. they are going to sell them

D. they are their favorite things

( )5.The best title for this passage is ________.

A. Bad Seasons B. Summer or Winter

C. The Weather in England D. Strange English People


Are you able to send a letter with pictures and sounds to someone somewhere in the world without a stamp on it? Using a computer you can send e-mails quickly and easily. The post is much slower than e-mail. E-mail can send its message to the other side of the world in seconds.

E-mail is easy to use and it saves time and money. The differences in time in different parts of the world do not matter when sending e-mail. It’s twenty-four-hour service that you can send e-mail at any time of the day or night. No one has to be there to get e-mail. It does not matter if your friends are in beds when you send e-mail to them, or you are seeing a movie at the movie theater when they send e-mail back.

( )6.We can use a _______ to send e-mail.

A. robot B. video C. computer D. letter

( )7.E-mail is ______ the post.

A. faster than B. as fast as C. much slower than D. not so fast as

( )8.It takes_______ to send e-mail to the other side of the world.

A. minutes B. seconds C. seven days D. hours

( )9.You can send e-mail at any time______.

A. in the daytime B. at night C.on weekends D. of the day or night

( )10._______ send e-mail to your friends when they are sleeping.

A. You can’t B. you must C. You can D. You shouldn’t

Dear Aunt Chen,

My cousin the same age as me. She’s really nice, and we get on , but she always e borrowed my math book and didn’t

it. So I couldn’t homework. I don’t wanta fight with my

cousin, because she is my best . I know what to do. Could you please me some ?


6. 五、补全对话。(10分)

A:You look worried._1___________________?

B:The mid-term exams are coming.I’m worried that I won’t pass them.

A:Really?I used to be afraid of exams, but now I’m not.


A: I just worked hard and got ready for every exam.

B: I do the same thing, but I can’t sleep the night before an exam.


A: I think you should listen to some light music before going to bed.


B: I’’ll try that.

A: Be confident and I’m sure you’’ ll do well.

B: I will.


B: Thank you.

六 、写作。(10分)


谈论一下你的成绩,70 词左右。

Chinese:hard-working English: good at speaking

Math : can do better science: lazy student

Dear Mary,

How’s it going with you ? I got my report card today._____________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

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