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Lesson 24 An E-mail to Grandpa



1. Do you prefer writing a report on paper or on the computer? Why?

2. How often do you use your
computer for work, study or fun?

Review some words:
advantage 优势;有利条件 n. ________ disadvantage 缺点;不利因素 n. ________ modern 现代的,新式的 adj.________ electronic 电子的 adj. _______ properly 正确地 adv. _______

search 搜索,查找 v /n. ________ 收到,接到 v. _________ receive depend 依靠,取决于 v. _________ appear 呈现,出现 v. __________ hide/hid/hidden 隐藏,躲避 v. ____________ steal/stole/stolen 偷盗,窃取 v. _____________ sell/sold/sold 卖,出售 v. ___________

Review some phrases:
depend on 依靠,取决于 ____________ 传递,前进 ____________ pass on 用手,手工 ____________ by hand 继续做?? keep ____________ on doing sth in seconds 在很短时间内 ____________ aside from 除此之外 ____________ 占据,开始从事 ____________ take up set up a time 约个时间 ____________

Read the passage and write true (T) or false (F).

1.Wang Mei is writing an e-mail on her new computer. ( T) 2.Wang Mei wants to set up a time to go grandpa ( online together with her Danny. F) 3.This week at school, Wang Mei wrote a report about Christmas. ( F) Easter 4.Wang Mei will download some e-books for her grandpa. ( T)

1.Do you prefer writing a report on paper or on the computer? ●prefer “喜欢”的意思,在此句中相当like, prefer doing sth.“喜欢做某事。”
She prefers shopping online. 她喜欢在网上购物 ●prefer A(n./v-ing) to B(n./v-ing ) “比起(做)B更喜欢(做)A” I prefer rice to noodles. 比起面条我更喜欢米饭。 He prefers playing computer to watching TV. 他比起看电视更喜欢玩电脑。

●prefer to do A rather than do B.“宁愿做 A而不愿做B” He prefers to eat outside rather than cook at home. 他宁愿在外面吃而不愿在家做饭。 Lucy prefers coffee to tea. 比起茶露西更喜欢咖啡。 He prefers going out to staying at home. 比起呆在家里我更喜欢出去。 He prefers to play chess rather than play basketball. 他宁愿下象棋也不愿打篮球。

2. It would be a lot of fun to see each other as we talk! 我们谈话时能看见彼此会是一件很有趣 的事情! as作连词, 引导时间状语从句, 表示“一边… 一边, 随着”, as从句的动作必须是延续性的, 一般用于主句和从句动作同时发生。when 从句的谓语动词可以是延续性, 又可以是 瞬间动词。并且when有时表示“就在那时, 当??时”。

The little girls sang as they walked. 小女孩儿们边走边唱。 As time went on, the weather got better. 随着时间的推移,天气变得好些了。 As the teacher spoke , we wrote. 当老师说的时候,我们在写。 When I got to the airport, they had left. 当我到达机场时,他们已经离开了。 We were talking when the

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