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Module 5 Cartoons

Words and Expressions
1. 漫画;动画片 2. 漂亮的;英俊的 3. 聪明的;机灵的 4. 某人;有人 5. 与??战斗; 战斗;战争 6. 聪明的;机灵的 7. 幽默的;滑稽的 8. 英雄 9. 忍不住做某事 10. 笑;大笑 cartoon handsome smart someone fight clever humorous hero can’t help doing sth. laugh

本模块的主要短语、句型: 1. It’s time to do sth. 该做某事了

2. Why don’t we + 动词原形? = Why not + 动词原形? 为什么不??呢?
3. keep doing sth. 坚持做某事 4. can’t help doing sth. 禁不住做某事 5. win the hearts of 赢得??的心 6. all over the world 遍及全世界 7. a group of 一群;一组

8. expect to do sth. 期望做某事
9. more than 多于

10. in the 1980s 在20世纪80年代
11. as well as 和;既??又??

12. ask for 请求,要求

1. It’s time to do sth. 该做某事了 天很晚了。该说再见了。 to say (say) goodbye. It’s very late now. It’s time ______ 2. Why don’t we + 动词原形 = Why not +动词原形 为什么不??呢? 我们为什么不乘公交车去那里呢? Why ______ don’t ______ we ______ go there by bus? ______

Why ______ not ______ go there by bus? = ______

3. keep doing sth. 坚持做某事 practicing (practice) and you will do better in your English. Keep __________ 4. I don’t think we agree. 我认为我们达不成一致意见。

含有I think…的句子,若要变否定句,要否定I think,而不是否

I think he is my new teacher. (变否定句)
is my new teacher. don’t think he _____ I _____

Ⅲ. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。

to get (get) up. 1. It’s six o’clock now. It’s time ______ 2. Keep trying _____ (try) and you will make it.

3. The little boy can’t help crying _____ (cry) when he can’t find his mother.
stop (stop) to have a rest? 4. I’m too tired. Why don’t we _____ humorous (humor)cartoons in my free time. 5. I like reading ___________

Language points:
1. win the heart of 赢得??的心
Mickey has won the hearts of the children.

2. everywhere


作副词用: There are lots of flowers everywhere. 作连词用: You should read books everywhere you are. 起名词作用: Everywhere seemed to be quiet.

4. make a mess 把??搞糟;把??弄乱 mess 杂乱,混乱,表示房间乱七八糟常说 be in a mess 感叹句用: What a mess!

Ⅱ. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。
1. —Have you read the story called _____(call) Making Havoc in Heaven? —Certainly. I have read it several times. has taught (teach) in the school since she 2. Lucy’s mother ____________ came to China. to have 3. All the students expect __________ (have) a picnic this weekend. copies(copy) of cartoon 4. Yesterday Mrs White bought six _____ books for her son. helps 5. Lucy as well as Lily often _____ (help) do housework at home.

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