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( )1. There’s rain on the road, so she should drive carefully.

A.too much B.too many C.much too

( )2.My father likes tea nothing in it.

A.of B.without C.with

( )3.You should look after ,classmates.

A.yourselves B.yourself C.herself

( )4. Bob used to ________in the countryside . But now he is used to _________in the big city .

A. live; living B. living ; living C. living , live

( )5.I saw him when I passed by.

A.ran B. to run C.running

( )6. We can’t put off _____ a plan .

A.make B. to make C.making

( )7.Pollution is a serious problem. Scientists are _______ some good ways to save it.

A. coming up with B. coming out C. coming up

( )8. .He lives_______in the village, but he never feels _______.

A.alone; lonely B.lonely; lonely; C.lonely; alone;

( )9. This is______difficult problem that few students can work it out.

A.such a B.so a C.such

( )10.Aron water five days later.

A.ran out B.used out C.ran out of

( )11. Smoking is bad for your health. You should .

A.give up it B.give up them C.give it up

( )12. —_____ you please play tennis with me? —Sorry, I _____.

A. Could; can’t B. Could; couldn’t C. Can; don’t

( )13. Could you please ___ your room after school?

A. to clean B. cleaning C. clean

( )14.The cat is .You should take it to an animal hospital.

A.dead B.death C.dying

( )15.The book is for us to read.

A.good enough B.enough good C.too good

( )16.Could you __ watch TV? I’m sleeping.

A.please don’t B.not please C.don’t please

( )17.He said he agreed ___ me.

A. to B. with C. on

( )18.-Could I a dictionary from you. David?

it to my cousin yesterday.

A. lend; borrowed B. borrow; lend C. borrow: lent

( )19.--I'm not going swimming tomorrow afternoon.

A. So am I B. Neither am I C. Neither I am

( )20.—My mother is ill. — .

A.I am sorry to hear that. B. That’s OK. C. Really? Thank you

( )21. It`s very cold, could you please ___________ the window.

A. don`t open B. not open C. not to open D. to not open


( )22. Could I invite my friends _________ your party?

A. to B. at C. in D. with

( )23. You can`t go to the movies __________ you finish your homework.

A. when B. though C. so that D. until

( )24. Why don`t you ___________ help to the old man?

A. to offer B. to provide C. provide D. offer

( )25. __________ important for children __________ on themselves.

A. That`s; to depend B. It`s; to depend

C. That`s; depending D. It`s; depending

( )26. I_______ my English book at home. Can I ______ yours?

A. left; lend B. forgot; lend C. left; borrow D. forget; keep

( )27. ---Could you move the desk?


A. No, I needn`t. B. No, I can`t. C. No, I couldn`t. D. No, I can.

( )28. They argued _________ each other ________ the math problem yesterday.

A. about; with B. with; to C. to; at D. with; about

( )29. ---You could get a tutor to teach your math.


A. Good luck. B. That`s a good idea. C. Have a good time D. You`re welcome.

( )30. ---Barry, how are you __________ with your classmates?

---Very well. They are all my friends.

A. getting back B. getting up C. getting on D. getting out


1.Do you have a _______________ ( 头痛).

2.Ben is _______(躺)on the grass and enjoying the sunshine.

3.Everyone has two _________(脚)

4.If you have a _____________(胃疼),you should not eat anything

5.Can’t you see the__________ (标牌)”No parking ”at the corner?

6.A few ________________(乘客)got on the bus just now

7.My sister is a __________(护士). She works in a hospital.

8. Alice ____________ (厌恶)to do the dishes, but she likes sweeping the floor.

9. Playing computer games too much is a _______________(浪费) of your time.

10. My bike is broken. Could you ________________ (借给)me yours, please?

1. To _____________(he) surprise , great changes have taken place in China three years .

2.Do I need ___________(see) a doctor?

—No. You needn’t ________(see)a doctor.

3. Let’s think about it before we find ___________(us) “between a rock and a hard place .

4. I have a _____________ ( tooth ). I have to see the dentist.

5. Jack hurt his back _____________(play) football


56. 你应该在电话中向她道歉.You should say sorry _________her _____ the phone.

57. 结果我们英语成绩下降了.As a ______, my English grades __________.

58. 其次, 你不能总是依赖别人.__________, you can`t always ____________ others.

59. 尽管她错了, 但那没什么大不了的._________she was wrong, it`s not a big _________.

60. 老师不允许我们上课迟到.The teacher doesn`t allow us ____ ________ late for class.


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