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UNIT 5 Buying and Selling Lesson 25 Raising Money

Think about it
Have you ever had a bake sale? Have you ever raised money? What did you do?

New words

pay v. (paid/paid)付(款) v/n. 烘;烤 bake n. 元(美、加、澳货币单位) dollar num. 十六 sixteen advertising n. 广告活动;广告业;做广告 poster n. 招贴;海报 make money 挣钱;赚钱

Fast Reading……

Finish Ex. 1 after reading the dialogue . The answers are: 1. Because their basketball team is going to play in another city. But the trip will cost a lot of money. And they need to make some money for the team. 2. At lunch time. 3. One dollar for four cookies. 4. He’s going to invent a new product. 5. She is surprised and thinks it it impossible.

Language Notes:
1. Do you know that our basketball

team is going to play in another city?
that 引导的宾语从句。像know这样的词 有say, think, believe, wish, hear, wonder, know, agree, hope等。

2. But the trip costs a lot of money. 但是这次出行要花费很多钱。 ① cost意为“花费,值”,主语常为物。 ② spend...on sth. / (in) doing sth. 在某物 上花费....../做某事花费...... ③ pay...(for)...意为“付钱买”,主语是人。 ④ take常用句式为It takes sb. some time to do sth. 表示花费某人多长时间做某事。

1.It spent me two hours to

mend my bike.

2.she cost 200 on this MP3. 3.I paid 3 yuan for my hair-cut.

4.I spent a whole weekend doing my homework. 5. I came to return my book back.

3. I think everybody likes cookies. 我想每个人都喜欢饼干。 everybody做主语时,谓语动词用单数形 式。 --Morning, class. Is _____here? --No, sir. Tom is absent. A. anybody B. everboday C. nobody D. somebody

4. How much will they cost? =What’s the price of ...? 例如:How much is the book? =What’s the price of the book? =How much does the book cost? ***price 修饰时用high /low ***sth用expensive/cheap来修饰 价格高低;物品贵贱

( B ) 1.You can buy four ____only one dollar . A. to B. for C. at D. in

( C ) 2. “The four cookies ____the

girl one dollar” means “ The
girl ___one dollar for the

four cookies”.
A. cost , spend B. paid, took C. cost , paid

( A ) 3. If you ___it , I’ll give back your
money . A. don’t like B. won’t like C. didn’t like ( A ) 4. Look at the red coat over there . Its price is____. (Lesson 26) A. low B. expensive

C. cheap

中考链接(2013) 1. It usually _____ Mum about half an hour to cook supper. A. pays B. takes C. spends D. costs 2. --Who helped Betty tidy up the bedroom just now? --________.She cleaned it all by herself. A. Somebody B. Nobody C. Everybody D. anybody 3. –Do you know the price of the ticket? --Yes. Each ___ 180 yuan. A. pays B. costs C. takes D. spends

4.-- How much is the ticket to Central Park? --A one-way ticket ___$40, and you can ____ another $20 for a round-trip. A.costs; pay B. cost; spend C. pay; spend D

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