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祈使句 2

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学会三种类型的祈使句的肯定及否定形式 ★学习重难点: 1、重点:如何运用祈使句。 2、难点:祈使句中反义疑问句的构成

?祈使句 用于表达命令、请求、劝告、警告、禁止等的句子

叹号或句号,用降调朗读。 eg. Go and wash your hands. ( 去洗你的手。—— 命令) Be quiet, please. ( Please be quiet.) Be kind to our sister. ( 对姊妹要和善。—— 劝告)

Watch your steps. ( 走路小心。—— 警告)
Look out! Danger! ( 小心! 危险! 强烈警告 ,已如感叹句) Keep off the grass.( 勿践草坪。 禁止)

1. Be型(即:Be + 表语(名词或形容词)+ 其它成分) Be careful! Don’t go too high. Be quiet, everyone! 2. Do型(即:动词原形(+宾语)+其它成分) Come in, please! Please open your books!

3.Let型(即:Let + 宾语 + 动词原形 + 其它成分)

Let me help you.

Let me have a look.

1. be型(Don't+be+表语)

Don’t be lazy! Never be late again.
2. do型(Don't+行为动词原形+其他) Don’t throw the ball like that. Don’t worry. I'll soon be all right. Never do it like that. Don’t anybody say a word.


Let him not go there. Let’s not waste time.
②Don’t+let+宾语+动词原形+其他。 Don’t let her go there. Don’t let the water run into the room.

“No+名词或动名词”也可以构成祈使句,用 于“指示标牌、布告”等,意为“禁止, 不许”。如: ① No parking! 禁止停车! ② No spitting! 不准随地吐痰! ③ No entry! 不准进入!

1. Open the door, _________________? 2. Don’t forget, _________________? 3. Let’s go there at once, __________? 4. Let us go there, ______________?
否定祈使句+will you ; 肯定祈使句+ will/won't you 若以Let's 开头,附加疑问句用shall we; 若以Let us 开头,附加疑问句用will you 或won't you .

1.—Don’t be late again, Mike? —_______________. A. No, I don’t B. Don’t worry C. Sorry, I won’t D. I don’t know

2.Tom!________ talk loudly. My little brother is sleeping. A. Do B. Does C. Don’t D. Doesn’t 3.—Sorry for being late again. —_______here on time next time, or you’ll be punished. A. Be B. Being C. To be D. Been

4.Which sign means “No Photos”?

翻译下列各句 :
1.咱们一起玩吧! 2.请不要迟到。

4.一定要努力学习。 5.要小心!

1.Let's play together! 2.Please don't be late. 3.Answer this question. 4.Do study hard. 5. Be careful!

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