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We can play with pen in class. We can?t play with pen in class.

Don?t play with pen in class.

Language goals: talk about rules
谈论规则 Break the rules. 违反规则

Break the school rules. 违反校规
Break the class rules. 违反班规

祈使句的构成方式 1、基本构成 动词原形+其他部分 Be quite,please. 2、否定形式 在动词原形前加don?t Don?t open the door. 3.含一,三人称宾格的祈使句 肯:Let+sb+动原+其他. 否:Let+sb+not+动原+其他. Don?t +let+sb+动原+其他.

祈使句是用来表示请求、命令、劝告等, 通常省略主语 you. 它的谓语动词用祈使语气 (即动词原形)。尾一般用降调。祈使句有 肯定和否定两种: e.g. Come in, please! 请进! Sit down, please. 请坐。 Let's go home. 我们回家吧。 否定的祈使句是在动词前(即句首)加 Don't. e.g. Don't talk in class! 不要在课常上讲话! Don't open the window! 别开窗! Don?t be late for school. 上学别 ! Don?t smoking! 别吸烟!

祈使句 Examples: 肯定祈使句 否定祈使句 Don’t sit down. 1. Sit down. Don’t come in . 2. Come in. Don’t eat at home. 3. Eat at home. 4. Listen to music outside. Don?t listen to music outside 5. Do your homework at school.
. Don’t

do your homework at school.

Don’t arrive late for class. 不准上课迟到.
Don?t be late for school .

? ? ? ?

1. Don?t arrive late for class. 2. Don?t run in the hallways. 3. Don?t eat in the classroom. 4. Don?t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways. ? 5. Don?t fight.

1.in class 在课堂上 in the class 在班级上(在班级里)
2. in the hallway 在走廊里 3.fight v. fought fight with sb 和某人打架 fight for sth 为某事打架



1 2

What rules are these students breaking?

Write the numbers after the names
Name Peter 2 Selina 3 Nick 4



1) 不要在图书馆大声说话.
2) 放学后不要看电视.

3) 不要上课吃东西.
4) 不要上学迟到. 5) 不要在马路上踢球. 6) 请把那本书给我. 7) 你们必须早起床.

1 Don?t speak loudly in the library .

2 Don?t watch TV after school .
3 Don?t eat in class . 4 Don?t arrive late for school . 5 Don?t play football in the street . 6 Please give the book to me . 7 You must get up early .

A: Can we eat in class(上课) / in the classroom(在教室)? B: No,we can’t. We can’t eat in class. A: So,don’t eat in class.

A:Can we run in the hallways (走廊) ?
B:No,we can’t.We can’t run

in the hallways. A:So,don’t run in the hallways.

Don?t talk in class. / Don?t talk with each other in class.

Don?t have long hair for boys.
Don?t smoke. (No smoking)

Don?t fall in love.

Listening part:

Activity (活动)
√ listen to music in the 1.__ classrooms or hallways √ eat in the classrooms 2.__ √ wear a hat 3.__
4.__ listen

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