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一、语音(10分)A)、 找出划线部分读音与其他三个不同的一项 ---------------------------- B)、.读音选词 根据所给句子的句意及音标选择正确答案。

1.My favorite color is ___/red/. What about yours?

A.read B.red C.ride

2. Don’t ______ /fa?t/ with others. It’s bad manners.

装 A.fight B.fit C.forget

---------------------------- 3.We can’t live without _____/'w ?: t?/. Don’t waste it.

A.waiter B.walk C.water

4.When you meet the ____/'pr?b?m/. Please call at 12345

A.popular B.public C.probably

5.It’s ____/'nes?s?r?/ for us to help parents do chores on weekends.

A.surprising B.necessary C.successful



1. 弹吉他_______________ 2. 下国际象棋_______________

---------------------------- 3. 擅长于做某事_____________ 4. 跟某人说_______________

5.be good with…_______________ 6.拉小提琴_______________

7.刷牙_______________ 8.交朋友 _______________

9.在周末_____________ 10.游泳俱乐部 _______________

11.half an hour_______________ 12. a quarter to ten_______________

13.到达_______________ 14.听音乐 _______________

15.need help_______________ 16 in the hallways___________

17准时_______________ 18迟到_______________

线19have to _______________ 20外出_______________

---------------------------- B)按要求写出下列各词的相应形式:

1people (复数) _______________ 2 brush(单三)_______________ 3 tooth (复数) _______________ 4 never(反义词)_______________ 5 life (复数) _______________ 6 kilometer(缩写)______________ 7 village (指人的名词) 8dirty反义词)_______________

9 noisy(反义词)_______________ 10 before反义词)_______________


1. She is Chinese, but she __________(说) English very well.

2. Do you want to________________(交朋友) with the boy?

3. He ___________(参加) the art club in the evening.

D.rode D.fine D.wait D.problem D.suppose

4. What t______ do you usually get up?

5. My dad usually takes a ______(洗澡) in the morning

6Who breaks the _______________(规则)?

7He never _________(打架) with his classmates.

8The girl often does the _______________(碟,盘)。

9My mother is in the _______________(厨房)。

10 Here is a _______________(桥)。


1 Can you ________(swim) ?

2 What club do you want _______(join) ?

3 What time does Scott ___________(go) to work ?

4When ________(do ) your friends exercise ?

5I ride a bike ___________(school ) every day .

6 _________(do) your friend go to school by bus ?

7 It takes him 20 minutes ____________(get ) there.

8_________(do ) Mary’s sister have to wash her clothes?

9 What do you have___________ (do )?

10 Bob must _________(wear ) a uniform to school .


( )1.Tom likes to play ___ guitar, but he doesn’t like to play ______ volleyball.

A. / , the B. the , the C. the , /

( ) 2.I want to join the _______ club. I can _______ well.

A. swim , swim B. swimming , swim C. swim , swims

( ) 3.Mr Smith is very good at __________ stories. He can be a member(成员) of the

story _________club.

A. tell , telling B. tells , tell C. telling , telling

( ) 4.Lisa wants to join the ______ club. She can play________ soccer.

A. sport , the B. sports , / C. sport , /

( ) 5.We need ______ at the old people’s home. Can you ______ us?

A. help , help B. to , help C. helping , help

( ) 6.Are you good _____ old people? Please come____ the old people’s home.

A. with, at B. with , to C. for , with

( ) 7.Scott has an interesting ________.He works at a radio station. He has much _____

to do.

A. job , work B. work , job C. jobs ,work

( ) 8.When _____Rick eat breakfast? He ______ breakfast at seven o’clock.

A. do , eats. B. does , eat C. does , eats

( ) 9.I don’t have _____ time for breakfast, so I usually eat very ________.

A. lots of , quickly B. a lot , fast C. lot of , quick

( ) 10.Ice-cream tastes _______, but it isn’t good _________ health.

A. well , at B. good ,for C. well , with

( ) 11. Either he or she _____ to the movies. One of the ______ must look after the baby.

A. go , student B. going , students C. goes , students

( ) 12.How does Mary get to school? She gets to school ________?

A. take the subway B. by subway C. takes the subway

( )13. Let’s go and play __ping-pong. I don’t want to play __violin.

A. a, the B. the, a C. /, the

( )14. Maybe he can ______ in their basketball team.

A. is B. be C. are

( )15. --- Can you play the violin? --- .But I can sing.

A. Yes,I do B. No, I don’t C . No, I can’t

( )16. My friend Lisa is good at _____.

A. sing B. to sing C. singing

( )17. He is funny。He likes____ stories.

A. talking B. saying C. telling

( )18. Are you good ____ kids?

A. with B. at C. for

( )19. A: __ do you join the club? B: ―Because I like music.

A. What B. Where C. Why

( )20. Can you ____ Chinese?

A. say B. talk C. speak

( )21. ―What’s the time?

―______ half past nine.

A. Its B. It’s C. This is

( )22. He eats ______ dinner at 7:30 in the evening.

A. a B the C. /

( )23. ______ Lucy and Lily go home at seven?

A. Do B. Does C. Are

( )24. What time does Jane ______ after school?

A. do her homework B. does her homework C. do her homeworks

( )25. ---What time is it?

---I t’s ______ eight o’clock.

A. at B. on C. in

( )26 She _______________go home today .

A don’t have to B doesn’t have to C doesn’t has to

( )27Can you go out _______________school nights?

A in B on C at

( )28 _______________eat in class!

A Not B Be not C Don’t

( )29 We _______________eat outside, we must eat in the dining hall.

A can B have to C can’t

( )30 Don’t _______________your phones to school .

A take B bring C brings


1. She can dance. (否定句)

She ______ _______ dance.

2. Li Lei can play the violin. (一般疑问句)

________ Li Lei _______ the violin?

3. She wants to join the music club. (就划线部分提问)

What club _______ she _____ to join?

4. My sister does her homework at 8:30 . (一般疑问句)

_______ your sister _______ her homework at 8:30?

5. do, go, when, usually, to, you, bed (连词成句)


6No swimming !(同义句)

______ _______!

7 Go to school by bike .(变成否定句)

______ _______ to school by bike.

8 She has to clean the room every day .( 一般疑问句)

________ she _____ to clean the room every day? 就划线部分提问)

__________ _______________ his father go to work ? 就划线部分提问) ________ ___________ ________it take you to get to school ?

11.My father has some story books.(改为否定句)

12.I like Mimi

13. My parents are at work now.(改为同义句)

My parents _________ ________ now.

14.They often play with the cute dog.(用now改写)

They_________ __________ with the cute dog now.

15..(就划线部分提问) __________ _______ is the river?

16 . Tom often helps me learn English.(改为同义句)

Tom often ___________ me ___________English.

17. We can’t arrive late for class.(改为祈使句)

____________ ______________late for class.

18. Tom wants to go to the movies. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ Tom __________ to go to the movies?

19. She has to be quiet in the library. (改为一般疑问句)

__________ she _______________to be quiet in the library? (划线部分提问)

_________ __________ does it take to walk to the zoo?

五、 根据汉语意思完成下列各句英译,每空一词(12分)

1. 我的弟弟在下午做家庭作业。

My brother ______ ______ homework in the afternoon.

2. 你是什么时候到达合肥的?

When do you ______ ______ Hefei?

3. 现在很晚了,让我们回家吧。

It’s late now. Let’s ______ ______.

4. 你通常几点去睡觉?

What time do you ________ go to bed?

5. 他十二点吃午饭。

He ______ ______ at twelve.


If you want to keep fit, please sleep and __________ _________ early.


__________ do you __________ of the means of transportation in Jinan?

8. 禁止拍照。

____________ _______________!

9. 英语老师对工作和学生都严格要求。

The English teacher is strict ___________ his work and _________his student.

10. 谢谢你告诉我学校规则。

Thanks for ___________me about our school _____________.

11. 你愿意跟我一起吃饭吗?

________ you want _______ __________me ____________dinner?

12. 他们也不能在学校打架。

They ________ _____________at school,____________.

13. 去地铁站花费了半小时的时间 。

It ___________ ________________ an __________to go to the subway .


A. 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的单词填空 (每词限用一次)。

My name is Timmy the Mouse. I must get up early at 6:30 a.m. every morning. Then I have to go to the kitchen to get food for Grandpa. I never ___1___late to the kitchen because I have to get there before the cat gets up .My grandpa always tells me I can’t ___2____ noisy . I ___3____to him because I don’t want the cat to get me! My grandpa is _____4_____with me ,but I think it’s best to____5____the rules .


Elephants are in great danger . People ____6______down many trees so elephants are ______6_____their homes.People also ______8______elephants for their ivory . Today there are only about 3,000 elephants .We must ____9______the trees and not buy things ___10_____of ivory. Remember that March 13th is Thai Elephant Day .

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