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八上U3 unit2 sectionb

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内蒙古赤峰市第三中学 王育红

Do you like music?

? Rock music ? Beat it——Michael Jason

? Country music ? Take Me Home, Country road—— John Denver

? Jazz ? The Girl From Ipanema—— Gabriela Anders

country music

pop music

rock music



? Classical music ? Fur Elise——Beethoven

classical music

? Folk music ? 小背篓——宋祖英

folk music

Country music
pop music Rock music Jazz


folk music

classical music

Discuss in groups.

Who is your favorite singer? Why?

I love \ like \ enjoy … I am fond of … I am interested in …

I don’t mind it.

Just so-so.

I don’t like … at all.

I hate …

感叹句用以表示喜、怒、哀、乐等强烈感情 的句子叫做感叹句。感叹句句末常用感叹号, 亦可用句号,一般读降调。常用的感叹句的 构成方法有三种: 1.陈述句、疑问句可构成感叹句。 2.单词或短语可以构成感叹句。(省去其他 句子成分) 3.将感叹句how或what 置于它所修饰的词 前面,即可构成感叹句。how 修饰形容词 或副词,what 修饰名词短语。现代英语中 感叹句往往不加主谓成分。

? The flowers are beautiful. ? The flowers are very beautiful.

? How beautiful the flowers are!

? The cat is lovely.

? The cat is very lovely. ? How lovely the cat is!

? pretty
How pretty the little girl is!

? delicious
How delicious the cakes are!


How strange the frog is!

How lovely the birds are!

? How interesting the picture is!

A. What a beautiful bird it is!
B. How beautiful this bird is! A. What beautiful flowers they are! B. How beautiful these flowers are!

A. How tall the man is! B. What a tall man (he is)!

A.How lovely these pandas are! B.What lovely pandas (they are)! A.Wow, what a big pumpkin! B.How big this pumpkin is!

Work out the rules:

Fill in the blanks with “What”, “What a / an” or “How” to form an exclamation. 1. Many foreigners like Chinese food very much. They said, “ How How delicious Beijing Duck is!” 2. What What a beautiful girl! Look! How How long her hair is!

3. Look! What’s that in the bushes? Oh, it’s a dangerous snake. How How dangerous it is!

What 与How 大转换
1. What a pretty girl she is! How _______ pretty the girl is! _______ 2. How difficult the questions are! What difficult questions they are. _________ ________ ________ 3. How big the factory is! What _______ a it is _______ big factory _____ ____!

4.What a clever boy! is _______ How _______ clever the boy _______! 5. How tall the trees are! _______ they ______! are What tall trees ______ 6. What interesting books they are! How interesting ________ _______ the books ________! is 7. How funny the girl is! What _______ funny girl they ________ ____ _____! are

8. How old the man is! What _______ an he _____! is ______ old man ______ 9. What nice books they are! How _

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