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贵阳 X中2013~2014学年第二学期第一次月考


(命题教师: 审题教师:)



第一部分 听力测试(共15分,每小题1分)


1:A:Here you are B: good idea C: at twelve o’clock 2:A:no,she doesn’t B: yes, she is C: with her friends

3:A:yes,they do B: at home C :they usually take a walk 4:A:I like ice-cream B: yes, I do C: I don’t think so

5:A:at school B: at seven o’clock C: He is a teacher


6:Where’s jack?

A: at school B: in the sports club C: at home 7:what time does Gina eat breakfast?

A:at 6:00 B:at 6:15 C:at 6:30 8:what does the girl usually do after dinner?

A:she does her homework B:she takes a walk C:she watchesTV 9:who works at a radio station?

A:Tom BTom’s uncle C:Tom’s aunt 10:how many showers does the girl have at home?

A:one B:two C:three 三:听短文,根据短文内容,选择正确答案(读三遍)

11:bill is ______years old

A:24 B:26 C:28 12:bill gets up at______

A:5:45 B:6:15 C:6:45 13: bill’s favorite fruit is______

A: oranges B: apples C: bananas 14: bill has two English classes on ____

A: Monday B: Wednesday C: Friday 15:bill usually plays ____with his friends

A: basketball B: soccer C: volleyball



二. 单项选择 (每小题1分,共15分)

( )1.Tom wants ________ to you. Are you free?

A.to tell B.tells C.to talk D.talks

( )2.Can you help me ________ my English?

A.with B.of C.learning D.about

( )3.Bob can play ________ tennis but can’t play ________ violin.

A.the, the B.×, × C.the, × D.× , the

( )4.Please call me ________ 8989766.

A.in B.at C.about D.with

( )5.Miss Read is good ________ music.She can be good ________ children in the music club.

A.at, at B.with, with C.at, with D.with, at

( )6.What can you do, Lin Tao? ________.

A.I like sports B.I want to join the music club

C.I am well D.I can do Chinese Kung Fu

( )7.Hi, can I help you? ________.

A.Yes, please B.No, I can’t C.Yes, I can D.You are welcome ( )8.We want two good ________ our rock band.

A.music for B.musician in C.music in D.musicians for ( )9.Little Tom can draw ________.His drawings are very ________.

A.good, well B.well, good C.good, good D.well, well ( )10.Can he ________ it in English?

A.speak B.speaks C.say D, talk

( ) 11:What time_____your mother____to bed?

A:do;go B:does;goes C:does;go D:do;gos

( ) 12:Do you want to know _____my morning?

A:of B:for C:about D:in

( ) 13:After class,we often play_____our teacher

A:and B:in C:with D:of

( ) 14:they like going to school____bus

A:by B:take C:on D:in

( ) 15:my mother works very long time,___she is happy

A:and B:but C:or D:so


16. It is 4:30. My classmates and I ______________ on the playground.

17. Mike ______________ very early. She is always the first to get to school.

18. School ______________, but many students are still in their classroom.

19. Jack is six years old, but he can ______________ after he gets up.

20. My mother usually ______________. She cooks very well.


21:David can play the guitar(先改成一般疑问句,再作肯定回答)

_______David _____the guitar? No,____ _____

22:She does her homework in the evening(改为否定句)

She_____ _____ _____ her homework in the evening.

23:He gets home at seven o’clock and watches TV(改为一般疑问句)

___ _he____home at seven o’clock and____TV?



Zhang Zheng is my friend.He is a boy _24___shanghai.He likes__25__.He is in their school music band.He often __26__the guitar on Sundays.He plays it very__27___.In the bedroom,you can see_28__guitars.Now their school music band_29_two good musicians._30__you play the piano,the piano__31__the violin?Then you can join their band.You can___32__Zhang Zheng at 612-1251.you can also write to him.His___33__is zhangzheng2008@126.com.

24: A:for B:on C:from

25: A:music B:art :Chinese

26: A:buys B:plays C:does

27:A:good B:fine C:well

28:A:a lot B:lot of C:lots of

29:A:joins B:needs C:meets

30:A:can B:do C:are

31: A:or B:so C:but

32:A:spell B:call C:say

33:A:id card number B:telephone number C:e-mail address



34::You can ask_______to play the piano for us

A:Li Xin B:Lucy C:Mike

35:You can watch Beijing Opera_________

A:at 3:30a.m on Thursday B:at3:50p.m on Thursday C:at 2:00a.m on Tuesday 36:On weekend,we can watch___ __in the Auditorium

A:Chinese kung fu B:Beijing Opera C:paint

37:We can see the piano show in _______

A:the Auditorium B:Class Five C: the music room 38:___________sings songs for us__________

A:Lucy ;at 3:40p.m B:Mike:at 2:00p.m C:Lucy;in the music room B:阅读短文,根据短文内容,从各题所给的选项中选择最佳选项填空

Do you want to be a musician?

Do you want to be a musician?come to our club,and you’ll be very happy in the club.we have lessons about the piano,the drums,the bamboo flute( 笛子),the guitar and the violin for just 20 dollars each.You can also learn to sing,to dance for 25 dollars each.If you like art,you can be satisfied,too---it’s just for 30 dollars each!

39:How many kinds of instruments are there in the ad?there are ______

A:5 B:6 C:7

40:How much is for piano?it’s___each

A:25dollars B:20dollars C:30dollars

41:We can’t learn about ___in the club

A:drums B:bamboo flute C:chess

42:If you want to learn about guitar and singing,you should pay_____

A:45dollars B:20dollars C:30dollars

43:What does”lessons”mean in the ad?

A:教师 B:课本 C:课程

C:阅读短文,根据短文内容,完成短文后面五个句子,并将答案填入到题后的横线上。 Peter has a sister and a brother,His sister’s name is Jessica.His brother’s name is Martin.Jessica likes music.She can sing.She wants to join the music club.Peter and Martin can play soccer,but they can’t play the guitar.They want to join the soccer club.Peter can play chess,too.He likes to play chess with his brother on weekends.Peter is good with his sister and brother.And they love their family very much.

44:Peter is Jessica’s___________

45:Jessica wants to join the __________club

46:Peter can play________________

47:Peter and Martin like playing chess__________ 48:Peter,Jessica and martin__________very much 七:书面表达(本大题共15分)




三:用方框中所给词的适当形式填空 16:_______________________ 17:_____________________ 18:_____________________ 19:_____________________ 20:______________________ 四:句型转换


_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________




三:用方框中所给词的适当形式填空 16:__17:18:__19:_

______ 20:__六:阅读理解


_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

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