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八下Unit 6 Topic 1 Section D导学案

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Unit 6 Topic 1 Section D


1、词汇:top短语:take photos 拍照一点也不,get to到达, so?that如此??以致??, not?at all一点也不, go swimming游泳, go shopping 购物

2、复习动词不定式“to do”的用法。




1. 顶部______________


1. 拍照_____________ 2.到达__________ 3.如此??以致??_________

4.一点也不__________ 5. 游泳___________ 6.购物__________


1. But the most interesting thing for me was to take photos.

2. It was snowing when we got to the top.

3. I was so excited that I didn’t feel cold at all.

4. It was really an interesting place to visit.



1. We are all very _______ about the wonderful football match.


3. 4. 5. 6. He is ________ in the _______ book II、单项选择

( ) 1. To buy a house in the city _______ hard for people now.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( ) 2. It’s nice of you _______ me with my English.

A. for help B. to help C. helping D. helped

( ) 3. — My pen is lost. I have no pen _______.

A. write B. to write C. to write with D. to write on

( ) 4. His mother told him _______ on the street. X| k |B| 1 . c|O |m

A. to play B. not play C. to not play D. not to play

( ) 5. The most important thing is _______ animals in danger.

A. save B. for save C. to save D. to saving

( ) 6. The Smiths want ______ on a visit to Mount Tai this summer vacation.

A. go B. to go C. goes D. to going

( ) 7. Let’s ______ the old man cross the street. He walks slowly.

A. help B. to help C. helps D. helped

( ) 8. Students study hard all day, but the best time for them ________ is from 8:30 a.m. to

10:30 a.m.

A. study B. to study C. studies D. studied

( ) 9. I’d like you _______ for a picnic with us.

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

( )10. Jack is very funny. He always makes us _______.

A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh D. laughs



Mr. Smith is not a rich man, but he likes traveling during his holiday. Last summer, he decided

1._______ (go) to Mount Huang for a three-day holiday. It took him 5 hours 2._______ (climb) Mount Huang. Then he chose the cheapest hotel to live in and looked forward to 3._______ (see) the sunrise and the sea of clouds.

The next morning, a woman knocked at his door and told him 4._______ (get) up. “I’m very tired,” Mr. smith answered. At 8:00 a.m. the woman came again and told Mr. Smith, “My job is

5._______ (take) the sheet(床单)on your bed.” Mr. Smith still wanted 6._______ (sleep), so he asked angrily, “Why?” “Because breakfast is starting,” answered the woman, “and we need

7._______ (put) it on our table. It’s our tablecloth(桌布), too.


Most people do not like to stay at home on vacation. They like to to see something

different or do something people from the country go to the city and from the city go to the country for vacations.

During vacations, trains, buses and air-planes are all air best way on our trips? It's hard to say. Going by train doesn't cost as much as by plane, and taking buses is cheaper (更便宜的) but slower to take a bus than to take a plane. So if you go to a farther place, you'd better a train. You may also take a plane if you have enough money. And if you go to a place, I think you should take a bus.

( ) 1. A. go on B. go out C. come back D. come in

( ) 2. A. But B. Or C. So D. While

( ) 3. A. those B. them C. their D. theirs

( ) 4. A. free B. easy C. special D. busy

( ) 5. A. passports B. cards C. tickets D. service

( ) 6. A. to go B. went C. go D. goes

( ) 7. A. are B. was C. were D. is

( ) 8. A. That B. This C. One D. It

( ) 9. A. took B. to take C. take D. taking

( ) 10. A. cleaner B. nearer C. more beautiful D.more interesting

Section D

二、预习导纲:新 课 标 第 一 网

I、1. top

II、 1.take photos 2.get to 3.so…that… 4. not?at all 5.go swimming 6.go shopping


I、1.excited 2.safely 3.interest 4.booked 5.hearing from 6.interested interesting II、1-5 ABCDC 6-10BABBA


I、1.to go 2.to climb 3.seeing 4.to get 5. to take 6.to sleep 7.to put




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