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6B期中 用所给单词的适当形式填空

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6B期中 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1. Many _______ (tourist) like travelling in Beijing.

2. There are three school _______ (build) altogether in our school.

3. People in _______ (Asian) like eating rice better than bread.

4. Could you please tell me your _______ (fly) number?

5. You should finish it before the _______ (depart) time.

6. I want to know the _______ (arrive) time.

7. You can find a lot of ________ (trolley) in the supermarket.

8. The mother is always _______ (worry) about her naughty son.

9. Egyptians(埃及人)like wearing _______ (scarf) on their heads.

10. I like the red silk scarves, but I don’t like the black _______ (one).

11. His _______ (advise) is very useful. You should listen to him.

12. Linda hasn’t got her _______ (board) card yet.

13. It is _______ (danger) for children to play with fire.

14. I don’t like sweet food. I want a cup of coffee _______ (with) sugar.

15. There are a lot of _______ (activity) for students to choose.

16. There is too much salt in the soup, so the soup is too _______ (salt).

17. He does a lot of exercise. He is _______ (health) than before.

18. I’m not well today. I have a _______ (head).

19. Having _______ (teeth) almost killed me.

20. You should do more _______ (practise) on the piano.

21. Zhai Zhigang is the _______ (one) Chinese astronaut to do the space


22. They often take a walk on those beautiful _______ (beach).

23. We have read about many big _______ (city) in the newspapers.

24. I took many _______ (photo) during the seven-day Golden Week.

25. “Be _______ !” the woman shouted at her child.

26. I got a book yesterday. _______ (it) name is Harry Potter.

27. I spend one and a half _______ (hour) reading this paper.

28. Several days _______ (late), she found her lost child.

29. Look at the photo. The _______ (two) girl from the left is our monitor.

30. The bus stop is about ten _______ (walk) from here.

31. The young man doesn’t work hard, and he _______ (final) lost his job.

32. My father is a businessman. He flies to America _______ (two) a month.

33. You look _______ (fun) when you pupt on this pair of sunglasses.

34. Look at the sign “_______”. (enter) It means we can enter there.

35. The birthday cake tastes nice. Could you give me _______ (much)?

36. Mary lives on the top floor, the _______ (twelve) floor.

37. Western people usually eat turkey to _______ (celebration) Christmas.

38. The Mid-Autumn Festival is on the fifteenth day of the _______ (eight) lunar month.

39. I have been to the Great Wall _______ (one).

40. I _______ (real) want to have my own bedroom.

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