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1. It must have rained last night, _______?

A. mustn’t it B. needn’t it C. hasn’t it D. didn’t it

2. Once you _______a mistake, you must correct it.

A. make B. made C. have made D. will made

3. Please answer the question in a loud enough voice _____everybody here may hear.

A. so, that B. or C. in order that D. and

4. ______wants the book may have it.

A. Anyone B. Whoever C. Anybody D.Who

5. He made the students _______English.

A. interest in B. interested in C. be interested in D. were interested in

6. There must be something wrong with my TV set. I have to have it _____.

A. repair B. repairing C. repaired D. to repair

7. _______, he asked the teacher.

A. Not knew how to do B. Not knowing what to do

B. Didn’t know what to do D. Because not know how to do it

8. It is no good ______.

A. worrying B. to worry C. to be worried D.are

9. The hen ____ there _____ an egg just now.

A. lying…lay B. lying…laid C. lay…lain

10. This is____ for me to buy.

A. too a dear shirt B. too dear a shirt C. so a dear shirt D. such a dear shirt

11. He suddenly returned ____ a rainy night.

A. on B. at C. in D. during

12. When you do eye-exercise, you must keep your eyes _____.

A. close B. closes C. closing D. closed

13. Chinese family names always come ______.

A. in front of B. to be front C. at the front D. in front

14. Are you sure _____ they will come _____?

A. that…x B. if…x C. if…or not D. whether…or not

15. I never______ you _____ a wonderful cook.

A. know…were B. know…are C. knew…were D. have known…are

16. The school is _____ from my home.

A. two-metre away B. two metres away C. two metres far D. two metres far away

17. Nearest post office? You will have to walk______.

A. 500-metres away B. 500 metres far C. 500 metres farther D. 500-metre-far away

18. I wish you ______ a good time at the party.

A. will have B. have C. having D.X

19. We mustn’t tell lies, ____?

A. need we B. have we C. must we D. needn’t we

20. I don’t think the party _____.

A. well worth attending B. is worth to attend

C. very worth attend D. quite worth to be attended

21. Everyone has to keep silence, _____?

A. don’t they B. hasn’t he C. won’t be D. mustn’t they

22. Students aren’t allowed to pass through this passage, ______.

A. neither could their teacher B. nor are their teacher

B. their teacher isn’t, either D. their teacher can’t, either

23. Word came that several ____ soldiers were coming.

A. hundreds of enemy B. hundreds enemies C. hundred enemies D. hundred enemy

24. Young people enjoy _____ light music.

A. listening B. hearing C. listening to D. hearing on

25. When in Rome, do as ______do.

A. Roman B. Romans C. Romen D. a Roman

26. We can see some tall buildings on ____side of the road.

A. both B. either C. every D. all

27. ____ fun it must be to travel in a space plane!

A. How great B. What great C. How a great D. What a great

28. The workers have built a lot of new houses in Shanghai_____.

A. since a few years B. in the past few years C. for a few year D. a few years ago

29.---Her excuse sounds reasonable.

---Yes, ____.


A. so is it B. so it is C. so does it D. so it does will is B. is C. are D. be 30. A large number of deer _____ eating grass there.

31. He played that piece of music ____.

A. terrible B. terribly C. terriblely D. terribly

32. We can skate on the _____ river in the ______ weather.

A. frozen…freezing B. freezing…freezing

C. frozen…frozen D. freezing…frozen

33. ----Could I call you by your first name?

----Yes, you ____.

A. will B. may C. could D. might

34. I have decided _____going to HangZhou for my holiday.

A. in B. on C. by D. to

35. I hope ____ the game.

A. him to win B. to win C. he win D. him win

36. Try your best to make ___ you can.

A. mistakes as few as B. as fewer mistakes as

B. as less mistakes as D. as few mistakes as

37. Billy runs ____than Tom.

A. less quickly B. not more quickly C. as more quickly D. less quick

38. No one but her parents ____ about it.

A. knows B. know C. is knowing D. are knowing

39. The river _____ after a heavy rain.

A. rose B. raised C. was raised D. was risen

40. _____ Chinese people are afraid of nothing.

A. Our B. We C. Us D. Ours

41. I would like to exchange my old car ___ a new one.

A. with B. for C. without D. to

42. The sun rises ____.

A. red B. redden C. in red D. reddish

43. Nobody grows old by living ____years! People grow old by giving up their ideals.

A. a number of B. the number of C. number of D. the number

44. _______ important knowledge is to us all!

A. How B. What C. What a D. What an

45. Thank you for your letter ____ June 1st, 2001.

A. on B. in C. at D. of

46. ____ he talked he became more and more excited.

A. While B. When C. As D. During

47. A panda has four legs ____ a tiger.

A. as B. like C. for D. of

48. Suffering ____ his headache, he was rushed to the hospital.

A. from B. with C. of D. in

49. The cloth ____ easily.

A. washed B. to wash C. washes D. will be washed

50. Everybody has finished the work, ____?

A. hasn’t it B. haven’t they C. hasn’t she D. hasn’t he

51. _____ teacher said, “ It’s never too late to learn.”

A. Some B. Any C. Some a D. All

52. He has ____ books than I.

A. much more B. very more C. many more D. too more

53. Is there any student in the classroom? _____.

A. No one B. Nobody C. None D. Neither

54. Everybody must do the exercises _____.

A. oneself B. ourselves C. himself D. themselves

55. I can’t break it. It is _____ iron.

A. as hard as B. so hard than C. so hard as D. so hard as than

1~5 DCCBC 6~10 CBABB 11~15 ADCAC 16~20 BCACA

21~25 ABDCB 26~30 BBBDC 31~35 BABBB 36~40 DAAAB

41~50 BAAAD 46~50 CAACB 51~55 ACCCA

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