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( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 初三英语中考总复习—动词非谓语专练 (一) )1. ____ some students, the teacher entered the hall. A. Following B. Followed C. Being followed D. Having followed )2. When the winter holidays are over, we’ll go onsome new experiments. A. to do B. doing C. do A. to respect D. respected )4. , he couldn’t join us in the group discussion. A. As he busy B. Being busy C. Being invited D. To be invited )5. Entering the house, I found Jane ____ at the desk and ____ something. A.seat; write B.sitting; writing C.seating;writing D.seated;to write )6. They’ll never forget the sufferingA. that caused B. caused D. made )7. She spends two hours the piano every day. A. practicing B. practicing C. to practise D. to practice for hours. A. to work C. to have worked D.to have been worked A. sleep B. be sleeping C. to be sleeping D. to have slept by the boy is very interesting. A. telling B. told C. being tell D. having been told )11. -- What would you like for breakfast? --don’t feel like ____. A. to eat something B.eating anything C.to eat anything D.eating nothing )12. Without ,he raised his voice. A. hearing C. having heard D.to be hearing )13. I remember ____ to their party, but I ____ the invitation in the office. A. to be invited; have forgotten B. to invite; forget C. being invited; have left D. inviting; am leaving )14. The teacher told the students to stop ____ to him. A. to write and listen B. writing and listening C. to write and listening D. writing and to listen )15. ____ many times, she still can’t remember it. A. Had told B. Having been told C. Having told D. Being told )16. --What is he doing now? A. driving B. drive C. to drive D. driven in doors. A. hung B. hanged D. to hang )18. There A. calling B. called C. was called D. was calling )20. from the top of the hill, the lake looks smaller. B. Seen C. To see D. To be seen )21. from the space, the astronaut found the Great Wall. A. Seeing B. Seen C. To see D. To be seen A. run D. ran )23. Just keep quiet when you ____. A. are speaking B. are speaking to C. are spoken D. are spoken to )24. The law prevents these birds ____. A. from killing B. from being killed C. not to be killed D. not killing A. surprised B. surprising D. to surprise )26. into two halves, the footballers began the match. A. Divided B. Divide C. To divide D. Dividing )27. There were a group of people, A. quarrel B. quarreled D. quarrelling )28. I spoke to him kindly ____ him. A. to not frighten B. so as not to frighten - 1 -

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( C. in order to not frighten D. for not frightening A. needs to be repairing B. to repair it C. needs to be repaired D. need repairing )30. The film star stood there, a lot of people. A. surrounded C. following D. surrounding C. seated…thinking D. seating…thinking )32. My watch needs ____, but I have no time to go to town to have it ____. A. to repair; repaired B. to be repaired; repairing C. repairing; repaired D. being repaired; repaired A. wait B. to wait C. waiting D. waited )34. to solve problem, she turned to the teacher. A.Knowing not how B.Knowing how not C. Not knowing howD.How knowing not A. say…do D. saying…doing C. disappointing…disappointment D. disappointing…disappointed )37. The captain stood on the the passengers getting off. A.sink…watching B.sank…watched C.sunk…watched D.sinking…watching )38.--Do you know Kate --Yes,very well.I’ve seen her___up from childhood. A. was growing B. to grow C. grow D. grew bag back. A. losing B. lose C. missed D. lost part. A. underline D. underlines C. following…using…giving D. following…using…given A. tears came to his eyes. C. the couldn’t told back his tears D. his eyes were full of tears )43. , I couldn’t enter my house. A. Since the key has lost B. The key been lost C. Lost the key D. Having lost the key to others in English. A. speaking…to talk C. speaking…talking D. spoken…to talk )45. You’d betterexercises tomorrow morning. C. to hand…to be written D. hand…writing )46.“Jack is, Mum,”said the little sister. “That’s not my fault. I noticed some broken cups on the table.” A. lying…lying…laid C. lying…lain…laid D. lying…lie…lay )47. After such a A. tire…tiring B. tired…tiring C. tiring…tired D.tired…tired )48. I was just about ____ the office when the phone rang. A. leaving B. Leave C. to leave D. to leaving A. to finish C. be finished D. finish A. to tell B. having telling C. told D. telling C. to complain…to do D. complain…to do )52. ____ some of the questions ____, the man said good-bye to us without making himself ____. - 2 -

A. Left; unanswering; understood; B. Leaving; unanswered; understood C.Left;unanswering; understanding D.Leaving; unanswered; understanding ( )53. Why do you have the water ____ all the time? A. ran B. to be running C. running D. being running ( )54. English ten or fifteen minutes every morning is the best way for us A. Read…improve B. To read…improving C. Reading…improving D. To read…to improve ( higher and higher. A. to look…doing C. watching…being raised D. watching…to be raised ( A. to make…laugh C. making…laughing D. make…laughing ( )57. Please excuse me for A. coming…inviting C. coming…being invited D. come…being invited ( institute. A. laying…to be trained B. laid…trained C. lay…training D. lying…training ( )59. They are glad to see the children well ____ in the nursery. A. looking after B. looked after C. to look after D. to be looked after ( )60. No weather is like, you can always find surfers t he waves in Honolulu. A. what, riding B. how, riding C. what, to ride D. how, to ride ( )61. The sun ____, they went home. A. set down B. setted C. setting D. sets ( )62. The students, ____ at the way the questions were put, didn’t know the answers to then. A. they surprising B. Surprised C. their being surprised D. surprise ( )63. When she returned home, she found the window open and something ____. A. to steal B. Losing C. missed D. stolen ( )64. ____, this is easy to do. A. Generally speaking B. Generally spoken C. Generally to speak D. Generally to be spoken ( )65.May thought it a great pity ____ to the party. A. not to be invited B. to be not invited C. not to have invited D. to have not invited ( )66.Lots of ____ news came every day during the ____ Asian Games. A.inspiring; 11th B.inspired; 11st C.inspiring; 11 st D.inspired; 11 th ( )67.Her room was found __ into yesterday afternoon, but nothing was found ___. A. to break; steal B. to be broken; stolen C. being broken; robbed D. broken; stolen (二)2014年全国各地市中考英语非谓语动词真题汇总

( )1.(2013.南京) At times, parents find it difficult___ with their teenage children A talk B talked C. talking D. to talk ( )2. (2013陕西) Mary called and asked her husband _______ home at once, because she locked their daughter in the home. A to leave B. leave C. go D. to go ( )3.(2013.南通) -- Simon, I hear you are going abroad for further study. Have you decided______? -- Next September. A. when going B. when to go C. how going D. how to go ( )4.(2013.杭州) She's not strong enough_______ walking up mountains. A. to go B. going C. go D. went ( )5.(2013.苏州) Paul made a nice cage_______ the little sick bird till it could fly. A keep B kept C. keeping D. to keep ( )6. (2013.天津) He promised_______ his old friend during his stay in Tianjin. A see B. seeing C. saw D. to see ( )7.(2013.无锡) Don't throw away the waste paper. It needs _______ so that it can be reused. A to destroy B. destroying . C. to collect D. collecting

- 3 -

( )8.(2013.梅州)I found a letter_______ on the floor when I came into the classroom A lying B. lay C. lie D. lies ( )9.(2013.漳州) Mr Wang often encourages us_______ close to nature and enjoy its beauties. A. get B getting C. to get ( )10. (2013齐齐哈尔) It takes me half an hour_______ the piano every day. A play. B. playing C. to play ( )11. (2013.绥化) Remember_______ off the .lights when you leave the room, please. A to turn B. turning C. turn ( )12. (2013.乌鲁木齐)Why not_______ your teacher for help when you can't finish_______ the story by yourself. A. to ask; write B. to ask; writing C. ask; writing D. asking; to write ( )13. (2013.南昌) Lucy is shy. She would not invite her classmates_______ dancing with her. A. practise B. practises C. practising D. to practise ( )14.(2013.滨州) --- Would you like_______ camping with me? ---I'd like to. But I'm busy_______ my homework. A. to go; to do B. to go; doing C. going; to do D. going; doing ( )15.(2013.成都) He is too heavy. He has decided_______ some exercise to keep healthy. A. to take B. not to take C. take ( )16. (2013.娄底) - Would you mind_______ the window? It's very hot. - No, not at all. A. open B. to open C. opening ( )17.(2013.白银) Many old men prefer_______ in the peaceful countryside. A. to live B. living C. live D. lived ( )18. (2013.广东) --- I didn't hear you come in just now. --- That's good. We tried_______ any noise, for you were sleeping. A not make B not to make C. to-make D. making ( )19. (2013 -淄博) --- Do you like Zhou Libo's talk show? --- Yes. His talk show is very funny. It always makes people_______. A laugh B laughed C. laughing D. to laugh ( )20.(2013.黄石) Seeing their teacher_______ into the classroom, they stopped_______ at once. A. walk; telling B. entering; to speak C. enter; to tell D. walking; talking ( )21.(2013.上海) The retired couple enjoy _______ photos.They always go out with their cameras. A. take B. took. C. to take D. taking ( )22. (2013. 广安)- I'm looking forward to_______ my parents soon. What about you? - Me too. A seeing B see C. saw ( )23. (2013.安顺) He often drinks two cups of_______ water when he comes back. A boiling B boil C. boiled D. boils ( )24.(2013. 凉山) When you move somewhere new, the first thing for you is to find a place____. A to live B. living in C. to live in D. live in ( )25. (2013.白银)- --George was heard_______ just now. What happened? --- Peppa was telling a joke. A. to cry B. cry C. to laugh D. laugh ( )26.(2013.泰安)- Why is Linlin practising speaking English ? -_____ abroad for further study. A Go B Gone C. To go D. Goes ( )27. (2013.白银) The little boy pretended_______ when his mother came in. A sleeping B asleep C. to asleep D. to be asleep ( )28. (2013.凉山) Everyone may feel time ______very quickly when they do something interesting A. go by B to go by C. went by D. going by ( )29.(2013.茂名) The tree_______ by your grandma grows very will. A planting B. is planted C. planted D. to plant ( )30. (2013.齐齐哈尔) Animals are our close friends. We are supposed _______ them. A .to protect B. protecting C. protect D. protected ( )31. (2013.绥化) He wants to, have his TV_______. A. repairing B repaired C. to repair D. repair ( )32.(2013.包头) -- Nobody likes_______, so we should be kind to everyone, -- I agree with you. A to laugh B. laughing at C. to be laughed D. to be laughed at ( )33.(2013.十堰) How kind you are! You always do what you can _______ others. A help B. helping C. helps D. to help

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