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( )1. She A. will give; will be B. will give; is C. gives; will be D. is going to; was

( )2. My mother ____noodles, but my father _____.

A. likes; doesn’t B. don’t like ; do C. likes; didn’t D. didn’t like ; do

( )3.When I was young, I _____to school every day.

A. walked B. had walked C. was walking D. had been walking

( )4.If traffic problems are not solved soon, driving in cities ______impossible.

A. becomes B. will become C. became D. has become

( )5. Maria _____a novel last month but I don’t know whether she has finished it .

A. has written B. wrote C. had written D. was writing

( )6. -It is the third time you ______late this week. -Sorry, I won’t.

A. had arrived B. arrived C. have arrived D. arrive

( )7. —Did you notice the boy come in? —No, I didn’t because I A. had watched B. have watched C. was watching D. am watching

( )8. Early to bed and early to rise _____a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

A. make B. makes C. made D. is making

( )9. While I _____television my mum was doing some cooking.

A. was watching B. watch C. had watched D. had been watching

( )10. She ______apples in her garden when I _____to visit her last nigh.

A. picked; went B. was picking; went C. picked, was going D. was picking ; was going

( )11. —_______David and Vicky ______married? —For about three years.

A. How long were; being B. How long have ; got C. How long have, been D. How long did; get

( )12.—This is no parking zone . Can you see the sigh? —Oh, sorry, I _____it .

A. haven’t seen B. won’t see C. don’t see D. didn’t see

( )13. —I’m sorry to have kept you waiting long. —Never mind; I____ here for only a few minutes.

A. have been B. have come C. have arrived D. have waited

( )14. You______. Why not do some exercise?

A. always sleep B. are always sleeping C. have always slept D. had been working

( )15. I first met Doris three years ago. She ______ at a small company at that time.

A. worked B. had worked C. was working D. had been working

( )16. —Don’t forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow. —Ok,_______.

A. I don’t B. I won’t C. I can’t D. I haven’t

( )17. Kepler proved that the sun ________the centre of the solar system( 太阳系)。

A. is B. was C. has been D. had been

( )18. We ______food since four o’clock this morning until now.

A. are making B. make C. have made D. have been making

( )19. –How do you like the food here? —I _____a better meal since last year.

A. enjoy B. enjoyed C. haven’t enjoyed D. hadn’t enjoyed

( )20. When I was at school, I _____three foreign languages , but I ____all except a few words of each.

A. spoke; have forgotten B. spoke; had forgotten

C. had spoken; had forgotten D. had spoken; have forgotten

( )21. He said that he would write to us but so far we _____from him.

A. haven’t heard B. didn’t hear C. don’t hear D. hadn’t heard

( )22. —Did Tom come to your birthday party? —No, he__, but happened to have fallen ill.

A. did B. had C. would D. was going to

( )23.By the end of this term, we _____about three thousand English works.

A. will learn B. will have learned C. have learned D. had learned

( )24. Oh, how nice of you! I _____you _____to bring me a gift.

A. never think; are going B. hadn’t thought; were going

C. never thought; were going D. hadn’t thought; are going

( )25. Ann has quick fingers. Look, how fast she _____out a letter on a computer!

A. types B. will type C. typed D. is typing

( )26. —The rain came to a stop last night. The fields are still full of water.—It for nearly a week.

A. has rained B. had rained C. would rain D. was raining

( )27. —How is your father? I ____ him for a long time. —He is fine, but busy .

A. don’t see B. hadn’t seen C. didn’t see D. haven’t seen

( )28. —Isn’t Jim back yet? —No, but I think he _____in half an hour.

A. returned B. will return C. has returned D. returns

( )29. —I _____Tom for three days. Is he ill? —I’m afraid so . The doctor said he needed_____.

A. didn’t see, operating B. haven’t seen, and operation

C. haven’t seen, to be operated D. hadn’t see, operating on

( )30. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower _____tens of thousands of visitors since 1995.

A. attracted B. attracts C. has attracted D. will attract

( )31. —Have you read this book? —Yes. I ____it two weeks ago.

A. is reading B. have read C. will read D. read

( )32. —Hello ! Is that John speaking? —Sorry. This is Henry . John _____supper.

A. cook B. cooks C. is cooking D. cooked

( )33. —I haven’t seen Jane for a long time. Where is she ? —She _____to New York.

A. went B. goes C. will go D. has gone

( )34. —_____my dictionary ? I can’t find it anywhere. —I _____it on the shelf when I came in.

A. Did you see; have seen B. have you seen; saw

C. Did you see; saw D. Have you seen; have seen

( )35. —Did you see the traffic accident yesterday? —Yes, It happened when I ___past the museum.

A. walk B. am walking C. will walk D. was walking

( )36. Bob said that there a sport meeting next Friday.

A. would be B. will have C. was going to have D. is going to be

( )37. Keep quiet, please . They _____ a meeting right now.

A. have B. had C. are having D. have had

( )38. ―The World Without Thieve‖ is a very moving film. I _____it twice already.

A. will see B. see C. saw D. have seen

( )39. —May I speak to Mr Green? —Sorry, he ______London. But he’ll be back in two days.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in D. went to

( )40. Mr Li _____England . He ____London for two weeks.

A. has been to , has been to B. has gone to , has been in

C. has been to , has been in D. has gone to , has been to

( )41. Bad luck! We ____Mount Emei when it rained heavily.

A. climbed B. were climbing C. are climbing D. have climbed

( )42. —Haven’t I told you that I don’t like sugar in coffee? —Yes, but I ____less than I usually do.

A. was putting B. put C. will put D. had put

( )43. —When did you borrow the English storybook? —I borrowed it last week. I ____it for a week.

A. have bought B. have kept C. have borrowed D. had

( )44. Frank ____a film if he’s free next Saturday.

A. see B. saw C. has seen D. will see

( )45. —Hi, Kate , You look tired . What’s the matter? —I ____well last night.

A. didn’t sleep B. don’t sleep C. haven’t slept D. won’t sleep

( )46. —Is that Jack speaking? —Sorry, he isn’t in right now . He _____the cinema with his aunt.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. have been to D. was taken

( )47. —I called you at 7:30 yesterday evening. But there was no reply.

—Sorry. I _____dinner with my friends at a restaurant.

A. had B. was having C. have had D. had had

( )48. I ____my aunt three times today but her line was always busy.

A. will phone B. phone C. am phoning D. have phoned

( )49. A: Where’s Mum? B: She _____away your things in your room.

A. is putting B. puts C. put D. has put

( )50. -Peter, could you come and help me in the kitchen , please? -Sorry, Mum, I ___Lily with her English.

A. help B. helped C. have helped D. am helping


( )1.(重庆) - I called you yesterday evening. But you were not in.

- Sorry, I _______ in the shop with my mother.

A. am B. will be C. was D. have been

( )2. (河南) - What_______ the noise, Bill? - Sorry, I broke my glass.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

( )3.(青海) There_______ a football match and a concert this weekend.

A. is B. are C. will be D. will have

( )4.(宜昌) - Do you know who took the students to the old people's home, Tony?

- Well, Mr. Smith_______.

A. took B. does C. did D. do

( )5.(陕西) When you_______ at a restaurant, please order just enough food.

A. ate B. will eat C. eat D. haven eaten

( )6.(上海) The schoolboy_______ to help the blind man on his way home yesterday afternoon.

A. apologizes B. apologized C. will apologize D. has apologized

( )7.(青岛) The astronaut is so tired that he_______ for eleven hours.

A. has been asleep B. has fallen asleep C. has gone to bed D. has gone to sleep

( )8.(义乌) - Why was your class so lively, Mr. Li'?

- Oh, my students_______ in groups about the coming school trip.

A. discuss B. are discussing C. were discussing D. have discussed

( )9.(山西) - I hear you are a big fan of Yao Ming.- Quite right. But it's a pity that he __ several years ago.

A. retires B. retired C. will retire D. has retired

( )10. (天津) I saw him in the library yesterday. He ______ a book at that moment.

A. reads B. is reading C. was reading D. will read

( )11. (湖州) Julia isn't going to the cinema with us because she_______ the film

A. sees B. saw C. will see D. has seen

( )12. (南京) - Millie, where is Miss Li?

- She_______ a speech on Chinese art to the first-year students in the hall.

A. gives B. gave C. is giving D. has given

( )13.(泰安) - Do you know whether David will go cycling or not tomorrow?

- David? Never! He ______ outdoor activities.

A. hates B. hated C. is hating D. has hated

( )14.(苏州) - Frank, you look worried. Anything wrong? - Well, I___ a test and I'm waiting for the result.

A. will take B. took C. am taking D. take

( )15. (丽水) - Which team do you think___ the game? - Hard to say. There are still ten minutes before it ends.

A. won B. has won C. will win D. wins

( )16. (泸州) Oh, you are here. I_______ you came back.

A. don't know B. didn't know C. haven't known D. won't know

( )17.(潍坊) I didn't hear the phone because my father _______ TV then

A is watching B. was watching C. watched D. watches

( )18. (杭州) Sally took a photo of her friends while they_______ computer games.

A play B. are playing C. have played D. were playing

( )19. (常州) - Why are you worried?

- I'm expecting a call from my daughter. She_______ New York for three days.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. has been in D. has come in

( )20.(威海) - Alice, would you mind not playing the guitar? I___ on the phone. - Oh, sorry, mum.

A talked B. talk C. was talking D. am talking

( )21. (黄冈) - Where is Tom? We can' t find him anywhere. - Perhaps he_______ home.

A. has gone B. is going C. went D. was going

( )22.(无锡) - Has Wendy handed in her application form?

- Not sure. She told me that she wanted to check; again and_______ it in soon.

A. will hand B. would hand C. has handed D. had handed

( )23.(龙东)Many kids_______ volunteers to help Others since the terrible earthquakes_______. 3

A. have become; happened B. have been; happened C. became; have happened

( )24. (盐城) - Was Kate at the party last night? - Yes, she_______ a really nice dress.

A. is wearing B. was wearing C. would wear D. has worn

( )25. (广州) - You look very nice in your new dress today. - Oh, really7 I__ it when it was on sale.

A buy B. bought C. have bought D. will buy

( )26.(河北)The twins didn't go to the theatre, they_______ the light music all night.

A. have enjoyed B. will enjoy C. are enjoying D. were enjoying

( )27.(荆州) Since 2000, Jingmen has become a new city. Everything_______.

A. is changed B. was changed C. had changed D. has changed

( )28. (济南) - How long has Robert _______? - Since 2004.

A. been to Beijing B. become a policeman C. joined the art club D. studied in this school

( )29.(贵港) - Do you know the movie Lost in Thailand ? - Yes. I_______ it twice. It's funny.

A saw B. see C. have seen D. will see

( )30.(南昌) - Have you had your breakfast yet? - Yes. Mum_______ it for me.

A. was cooking B. is cooking C. will cook D. cooked

( )31. (牡丹汪) - Lunch? - No, thanks. I_______.

A. will eat B. am eating C. have eaten D. had eaten

( )32. (福州) - Mum, it's late. Why are you still here? - Dad hasn't come back yet. I ___ for him.

A. am waiting B. was waiting C. waited D. has waited

( )33. (广东) Today's young people can't live without smart phones. They keep their hands on the

phones wherever they go, even while they _______ meals.

A. had B. will have C. are having D. were having

( )34.(遵义) The highway from Zunyi to Renhuai _______ for about two years.

A has opened B. has been open C. has been opened D. open

( )35.(三亚) The story of Tom Sawyer_______ in Missouri, America, in the 19th century.

A. had happened B. was happening C. has happened D. happened

( )36.(安徽) - I can't find David. Where is he? - He___ for tomorrow's competitions at home.

A prepares B. is preparing C. has prepared D. prepared

( )37.(雅安) He_______ for ten years.

A. has been married B. married C. got married D. has married

( )38. (兰州) - The food looked bad, but it_______ OK. -So we can't judge a -man by his appearance.

A. is tasted B. tasted C. was tasted D. taste

( )39.(梅州) - Mr Li_______ to Mary carefully when I entered the classroom this morning.

- He is very patient_______ he is young.

A. talking; but B. was talking; though C. talks; though D. talked; however

( )40. (安顺) Dad_______ the USA in two weeks.

A. is leave for B. leaves for C. is leaving for D. left for

( )41. (河北) We have no more vegetables in the fridge. I _______ and buy some.

A. go B. went C. will go D. was going

( )42. (扬州) My grandmother ___ in Yangzhou. She was born there and has never lived anywhere else.

A. lived B. lives C. was living D. will live

( )43. (呼和浩特) - Excuse me, look at the sign 'NO PHOTOS!'. - Sorry, I_______ it.

A. don't see B. didn't see C. haven't seen D. won't see

( )44. (玉林) - Dave, we will leave in 10 minutes. Are you ready? - No, I___ our guide book and towels yet

A. don't pack B. didn't pack C. have packed D. haven't packed

( )45. (莱芜) - I didn't see you at the meeting yesterday. Why?

- I __ for an important telephone call at that moment.

A wait B. waited C. are waiting D. was waiting

( )46.(上海) The official said they_______ a new law to protect the tourists the next year.

A makes B. would make C. made D. have made

( )47.(雅安)If farmers_______ trees and forests, giant pandas_______ nowhere to live.

A. cut down; have B. will cut down; will have C. will cut don; have D. cut down; will have

( )48. (乌鲁木齐)Jackson_______ school two years ago and he_______ for two years.

A. leaves; has gone B. left; has been away C. leaves; has been away D. left; has gone 4

( )49.(南昌) Tom wants to be a singer and he _______ singing lessons to do it.

A. took B has taken C. is taking D. was taking

( )50. (包头) - Long time no see! I think you _______ a lot.

- Yes, I used to be quiet, but now I'm outgoing.

A will change B. were changing C. are changed D. have changed

( )51. (云南) - Where is Jack? - On the playground. He____ football with his classmates.

A. play B. played C. is playing D. was playing

( )52. (牡丹江)I didn't hear what Alice said because I ___the news about Shenzhou X on the radio.

A. am listening to B. listen to C. was listening to

( )53. (河北) You_______. Don't talk on the phone.

A. will drive B. are driving C. were driving D. have driven

( )54. (咸宁) - Anna, have you_______ seen China's Got Talent(达人秀)?

- Of course. I_______ it last weekend.

A. never; saw B. ever; have seen C. never; have seen D. ever; saw

( )55.(苏州) - Julie, what_______ in your hand? - Look! It's a new iPad for my daughter.

A. do you hold B. are you holding C. were you holding D. will you hold

( )56.(大连) - What's the book on your table, Lingling?

-Alice's Adventures in Wvnlerland. Betty _______ it to me from England.

A is sending B. will send C. sends D. sent

( )57.(漳州) - Why are the windows so dirty? - Because we_______ them for a long time.

A. have cleaned B. haven't cleaned C. didn't clean D. clened

( )58. (青海) - How about going for a drive, Mike?

- One moment, please. I___ cleaning our room soon.

A. will finish B. have finished C. finish D. am finishing

( )59.(嘉兴) I have to be off now. 'My friends _______ outside.

A. wait B. are waiting C. have waited D. were waiting

( )60.(河北) Don't return the video to Peter, I_______ it.

A. don't watch B. won't watch C. haven't watched D. wasn't watching

( )61. (上海) Look, so many passengers_______ with their smart phones on the underground.

A. played B. will play C. are playing D. have played

( )62. (北京) Mr Green, a famous writer, _______ our school next week.

A visited B. visits: C. was visiting D. will visit

( )63.(泰州) - Here-comes the bus! Where is our principal?

- She can't go to the museum with us. She _______ some visitors around our school.

A is showing B. shows C. has showed D. was showing

( )64.(湛江)- Come and join us, Ben!

-I'm afraid I can't. I'm too busy now. If I _______ time, I would certainly go.

A. had B. will have C. have had D. have

( )65. (扬州) A number of tourists ____ Yangzhou many times because it is such a beautiful city.

A. have been to B. has been to C. has gone to D. have gone to

( )66.(遵义) How time flies! We'll graduate. Three years ______ really a short time.

A. was B. are C. is D. will be

( )67. (黄冈) - Dad, please tell me when Mum_______. I miss her very much.

- She will return when she_______ her task. And she will bring a nice present for you.

A returns; finishes B. returns; will finish C. will return; finishes D. will return; will finish

( )68.(枣庄) By the time I locked the door, I realized. I _______ my keys at home.

A had repaired B. had changed C. had forgotten D. had left

( )69. (青岛) - My car_______. Could you please give me a ride tomorrow?

- I'm sorry I can't. I'm_______ London tomorrow morning.

A. is new; leaving B. has broken down; leaving for

C. broke; leaving for D. is expensive; leaving

( )70. (阜康) - Where is your father? - He_____ Australia and he_____ Sydney for two weeks.

A. has been to; has been in. B. has gone to; has been in

C. has been in; has been to D. has gone to; has been to




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