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初三中考英语总复习--动词时态、语态专练 (1)

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( )1、【2013陕西】The mobile phone has influenced people’s life a lot since it _________.

A. invents B. invented C. is invented D. was invented

( )2、【2013哈尔滨】On June 11th, 2013,Shenzhou-10 carrying three astronauts _____ into space

from the space center in Jiuquan. All the Chinese people are proud of its successful launch.

A. sent up B. are sent up C. was sent up D. send up

( )3、【2013常州】This listening material, together with its CD-ROMs, _____ well.

A. sells B. sell C. is sold D. are sold

( )4、【2013益阳】The sports meeting _________next month.

A. will hold B. is going to hold C. will be held D. was going to be hold ( )5、【2013河南】—Excuse me. I'm looking for Be the Best of Yourself.

—Sorry. The book you ask for______ out.

A. is selling B. is sold C. was selling D. will be sold ( )6、【2013河北】Annie _____to the party. She had a wonderful time with us.

A. invites B. is invited C. was invited D. has invited

( )7、【2013玉林】Many houses ______ in the earthquake of April 20, 2013 in Ya’an.

A. is destroyed B. are destroyed C was destroyed D. were destroyed ( )8、【2013南宁】 Han Han’s books are popular. They _____ by many teenagers.

A. is read B. was read C. are read D. were read

( )9、【2013衡阳】Teenagers _____ allowed to drive.

A. should not be B. should be not C. not should be D. shouldn’t

( )10、【2013宜昌】—At present, one of the best ways to study is working in groups. —More chances _______ to students to learn from each other.

A. offer B. are offered C. have offered D. are offering

( )11、【2013十堰】—I want to borrow the book, but I don’t know how long it may _______ —For two weeks.

A. keep B. be borrowed C. borrow D. be kept ( )12、【2013孝感】Many trees __ on the streets every years. So the air is very fresh now.

A. plant B. are planted C. planted D. were planted ( )13、【2013襄阳】—Didn't you see the sign "No Parking!" on the right?

—Sorry, I didn't. But now I know parking here.

A. wasn't allowed B. isn't allowed C. won't allow D. doesn't allow ( )14、【2013咸宁】From May 6, pedestrians(行人) _____10 yuan if they run red lights,

according to Beijing traffic authorities.

A. will fine B. were fined C. are fine D. will be fined ( )15、【2013天津】—What languages ______ in that country'? —German and English

A. are speaking B. are spoken C. speak D. is spoken ( )16、【2013绥化】 Boys and girls, the books in the library should ___ good care of.

A. be taken B. take C. are taking D. is taken

( )17、【2013齐齐哈尔】-A new park _____in our hometown next year.

-Really? Our hometown must be more beautiful.


A. will build B. will be built C. is built D. build

( )18【2013白银】A year has four seasons and it ________ twelve different star signs.

A. divided into B. is dividing into C. divided into D is divided into ( )19、【2013南京】It is said that an Asian Culture Village _____inside the AYG, Village

in Nanjing in the coming Asian Youth Games period.

A. builds B. is building C. will be built D. was built

( )20、【2013梅州】The child without parents ____ good care of by his teachers in this special school.

A. is taken B. are taken C. take D. takes

( )21、【2013连云港】 — Clark, your room is really in a mess. It needs ________.

— Sorry, mum. I'll do it at once.

A. clean B. cleaned C. to clean D. to be cleaned ( )22、【2013泰州】 — “Frog”, Mo Yan's latest novel, please!

— Sorry, it ________ just now. But it will come out again soon.

A. sold out B. is sold out C. has sold out D. was sold out

( )23、【2013雅安】一Who designed this game? 一It _____by Tom in 1999.

A. is designed B. designs C. was designed D. designed

( )25、【2013临沂】 —Do you know Earth Day?

—Sure. It _____ in 1970 to tell us to protect our planet.

A. sets up B. set up C. is set up D. was set up ( )26、【2013重庆】A lot of trees __around here every year,and we can enjoy fresher air now.

A.were planted B.are planted C.will plant D.are planting ( )27、【2013衢州】Lots of food and water _____ Ya’an, Sichuan Province immediately

after the earthquake happened.

A. were sent B. are sent C. send D. SENT

( )28、【2013内江】Many buildings in Lushan ____ in the earthquake on April 20th. It will

surely be reconstructed(重建) more beautifully.

A. have destroyed B. are destroyed C. were destroyed D. are destroying ( )29、【2013青岛】The song reminds me of my old school days as soon as it ______.

A. is played B. plays C. will be played D. will play

( )30、【2013福州】 —Excuse me, sir, smoking _________ in the gas station.

— Oh, I'm really sorry.

A. doesn't allow B. isn't allowed C. aren't allowed D. can’t allow ( )31. — Don’t forget to ask him to write to me.

—I won’t. As soon as he _______, I’ll ask him to write to you.

A. will come B. came C. comes D. is coming

( )32. — Do you like this silk dress? —Yes, I do. It _______ so soft and comfortable.

A. is feeling B. feels C. has felt D. is felt

( )33. — Liu Mei can’t come tonight. —Why? But she _______ me she would come.

A. tells B. told C. is told D. had told ( )34. —The letter _______ in Japanese. Can you read it to me? —With pleasure.

A. writes B. wrote C. is writing D. is written

( )35.—This kind of rice tastes nice. Do you know where it is grown?

—Yes, it _______ in Southeast China.


A. was grew B. has grown C. is grown D. is growing

( )36. In some parts of the world, tea _______ with milk and sugar.

A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served

( )37.— Did you win the basketball game? —Bad luck. Our team ______ in the final one.

A. won B. beat C. was won D. was beaten

( )38. This painting _______ to a museum in New York in 1977.

A. sells B. sold C. was sold D. is sold

( )39. The television _______. It doesn’t work now.

A. must repair B. was repairing C. must be repaired D. has repaired ( )40. I believe that those mountains _______ with trees in a few years’ time.

A. are covered B. will be covered C. are covering D. will cover

( )41. —Do you think that the classroom _______every day? —Yes, I think so.

A. should clean B. should be cleaning C. should cleaned D. should be cleaned ( )42. I like my new bike. It _______ very well.

A. rides B. is riding C. is ridden D. has ridden

( )43. —Do you think this kind of apple _______well? — No, I don’t think so.

A. have sold B. sells C. are sold D. would sell

( )44. It is said that about 400 cars _______ in the factory next month.

A. were produced B. will produce C. are produced D. will be produced ( )45. I wasn’t at home yesterday. I _____ to help with the harvest on the farm.

A. asked B. was asked C. was asking D. had asked

( )46. —Are you free this afternoon?

— No. I’ll have an English composition___ this afternoon.

A. to write B. wrote C. to be writing D. to be written ( )47. How sweet the music _______! I have never heard a better piece.

A. sounds to be B. is sounded C. is sounded to be D. sounds

( )48. — Where are the boys? — Oh, they ______ basketball on the playground just now.

A. were seen play B. were seen to play C. have seen to play D. have seen play ( )49.— Can you sing this English song? — Of course I can. It ____ often ___by children.

A. is; sang B. will; sing C. was ; sang D. is ; sung

( )50. No one knows how the huge rocks _______ and _______ without our modern

machines eight hundred years ago.

A. were cut; moved B. were cut; move C. are cut; moving D. are cut; moved ( )51. —When______ this computer _______? — Last year.

A. did; make B. was; made C. is; made D. has; made

( )52. —Can you tell me whom the play _______ in?1998? —Sorry, I don’t know.

A. was written by B. was written C. is written by D. is written ( )53. — What did Miss Zhang say to you just now?

—She said that all the books should _______to the library on time.

A. are returned B. return C. be returned D. be returning ( )54. The old man was quite weak after the accident, so he _______.

A. must be taken care B. must take care of C. must be looked after D. must look after ( )55.—What does the radio say? — It says that a wild animal zoo is to _______in our city.

A. be building B. will be built C. is built D. be built

( )56. When and where to build the new factory _______ yet.

A. is not decided B. are not decided C. has not decided D. have not decided ( )57. Paul doesn’t have to be made _______. He always works hard.

A. learn B. to learn C. learned D. learning

( )58. A football match _______ in our school next Monday.

A. will hold B. will be held C. is going to hold D. holds


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