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名称 特征词 肯定句的动词 原形 第三人称单数 一般现在 sometimes, usually, often

always, every...,


look, listen, now, It’s ...(几点了) . 后的句子 Don’t do sth. 后的句子 yesterday..., just now, ...ago, this morning, When I was young,

be + doing


句中有be,could,can,may,must, would 的变法
否定句 只在其后+not (some-any) 一般疑问句 将其放到句首...+?

句中没有be,could,can,may,must,would 的变法
动词 原形 第三人 称单数 过去式 否定句 在主语后+don’t 在主语后+doesn’t +动词原形 在主语后+didn’t +动词原形 一般疑问句 Do句前 + …+? Does句前+… +动词原 形+? Did句前+…+动词原形 +?

Can you ...? Is he...? Do you ...? Yes, I can. Yes, he is. Yes, I do. No, I can’t. No, he isn’t. No, I don’t. No, they didn’t. No. I can’t.

Does she ...? Yes, she does. No, she doesn’t. Did they...? Yes, they did.

Can you...? Yes, I can.

Were they...? Yes, they were.No, they weren’t.

Should you...? Yes, I should. No, I shouldn’t.


can must
There be 句型 ? 一般现在时 ? 一般过去时

could have to should

1.The twins wash ____(wash) the clothes every day. 2.Sometimes he _____(play) basketball plays over there. 3.How often ____ does Sally _____ sing (sing)?

1.If Mike____up earlier, he can finish C the work in time? A.get B.will get C.gets D.is getting 2.--What did the teacher say just now? He said that the earth ___round the sun. B A.go B.goes C.going D.will go

1.--Hi, Kate, you look tired. What's the matter? --I___well last night. A A.didn't sleep B.dodn't sleep C.haven't slept D.won't sleep taught 2.Mr. Zhang______us English three years ago.(teach)

1.The twins ___________(wash) the washed clothes yesterday. 2.The day before yesterday he played (play) basketball over ________ there. sing Did 3._____ Sally ______(sing) two hours ago?

1.The twins are ___________(wash) the washing clothes now. 2.Look! He is ________ playing(play) basketball over there. 3.Listen! ______ Sally _______(sing)? singing Is

1.Listen! They____about Harry Potter. A Let's join them. A.are talking B.talk C.have talked D.talked 2.I'm sorry, Mr. White can't come. He____a C meeting. A.has B.will have C.is having

肯 定 祈 使 句 否 定 祈 使 句

无人称、动词开头, 带命令色彩的句子。

Open the window, please.

Look at here.
Please read after me. Don’t open the window.

Don’t look at here.
Don’t read after me.

? Don’t make the OK sign with your 不要用手指做“ OK”的标志。 fingers. ? 当你拜访你的朋友时要准时或晚 Be on time or a little late when you visit your friends. 一点到。 ? Don’t wrap lucky money in white, 不要用

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