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Technology English

Book 1

Unit One Superhighway


lead in Activities

Text Study & Reading Skills

Words and Phrases

Noun Clouses & Practice

Part I

Lead in Activities

Look at the pictures of car, train, ship and plane, try to answer some simple questions.

Cars are running(

on the way )

The train is running( on the railway )

A ship is sailing(

on the sea )

A plane is flying (

in the sky


So in which way is information transmitted?



Q1:What is superhighway?

Superhighway is an information transmission network with high speed, high-capacity and multimedia. It can supply the customers a large amount of information at any time.The complete network system is composed of communications network, computers, database and daily electronic products. “信息高速公路”指的是可以交流各种信息的大容量、 高速度的通信网络。它可以高速度地传播信息、接 收信息、查阅信息,就像高速公路大大提高了车辆 行驶的速度一样。

Q2: What is the core component of Information Superhighway?

安 普 光 纤
The core of the Information Superhighway is optical fiber which is composed of many slim fibers.


Q3:How does the Information Superhighway change our lives?

tips:It impacts us largely. Our living ways is
changed daily and hourly. We can see the telephones and the E-mail take the places of the outdated letters and telegrams. We can see the computers and the TVs take the places of the entertainments we played in the old day. Even the TVs witch were ever popular also has a danger of being replaced by the computers we can watch the same programs at any time on the internet.

Part II :Text Study and reading skills


Text study:
( fast reading)the information superhighway


Reading skills
?New words meaning guess ?exercises


?Try to guess the new word you come across in the passage with skills we’ve learnt

Part II :Text Study and reading skills
The Information Superhighway The purpose of the information superhighway is to provide remote electronic banking, schooling, shopping , taxpaying, chatting ,game playing, video conferencing, movie ordering and medical diagnosing. Here?s what it won?t do: It won?t remove the need to shop at stores, drive a car, visit friends, or do most of the things you normally do now. It might make many things you do easier and more convenient. Movies you now can get only at video stores will be available on your TV 24 hours a day. The information superhighway will carry all kinds of personal matters from your tastes in movies to your

The Information highway

buying habits. How this information will be protected is one of the great unknowns. Computer hackers represent another threat. Last February, high-tech marauders were able to steal thousands of passwords from Internet; this would allow them to read hundreds of personal files, including E-mail. Such a break-in could result in anything from

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