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Unit 6

An old man tried to move the mountains.

Do you like listening or telling stories? Have you ever heard these stories?

1a. Match the story titles with the pictures [a--d].
b ______ Journey to the West

d ______ Yu Gong Moves a Mountain
a ______ Hou Yi Shoots the Suns

______ Nu Wa Repairs the Sky c

1b. Listen and check (?) the facts you hear. Which story are Anna and Wang Ming talking about?
____The two mountains were very high and big. ? ____ ? A very old man tried to move the mountains. ____ A man told Yu Gong that he could never do it.

1c. Discuss the questions with your partner.
1. How does the story begin?
2. What happened next?

3. Where would they put all the earth and
stone from the mountains?

2a. Listen and number the pictures [1-4] in order to tell the story.





2b. Listen again and circle the words you hear.
1. A man saw Yu Gong and his (children / family) when they were working on moving the mountains. 2. He told Yu Gong he could never do it because he was old and (poor / weak). 3. As soon as the man finished (talking / speaking), Yu Gong said that his family could continue to move the mountains after he died.

4. Finally, a god was so moved by Yu Gong that he sent (two / three) gods to take the mountains away. 5. This story reminds us that you can never (know / see) what's possible unless you try to make it happen.

2c. Look at the pictures in 2a and tell the story in your own words.
Once upon a time, there was a man people called Yu Gong. He wanted to move two high and big mountains…

2d. Role-play the conversation.
Teacher: So what do you think about the

story of Yu Gong?
Wang Ming: I think it’s really interesting. Yu

Gong found a good way to solve
his problem.

Claudia: Really? I think it’s a little bit silly. It
doesn’t seem very possible to move a


Wang Ming: But the story is trying to show
us that anything is possible if

you work hard! Yu Gong kept
trying and didn’t give up.

Claudia: Well, I still don't agree with you. I
think we should try to find other

ways to solve a problem.
Wang Ming: But what could Yu Gong do instead of moving the mountains?

Claudia: Well, there are many other ways. For example, he could build a road. That’s better and faster than moving a mountain! Teacher: You have different opinions about the story, and neither of you are wrong. There are many sides to a story and many ways to understand it.

Language points
1.But what could Yu Gong do instead of moving the mountains? 但是不把山移开,愚公还能做什么呢? instead of是一个介词短语,表示“代替(某 人或某物 )”而不是(某人或某物)”的 Would you pass me the sugar instead of salt? 你能把糖递给我吗? 不要递给我盐。 Instead of being annoyed, he seemed quite pleased. 他没有生气,反而看起来还挺高兴。

2.Once upon a time, there was a very old man… 很久以前,有位老翁……. 是英文故事、童话

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