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( )1.Cathy likes playing _____piano, but she doesn’t like playing _____basketball.

A. the , the B. /, the C. the , / D. /, /

( )2. Were you born ______July 11,1994?

A. in B. on C. from D. at

( )3.The man took away the dictionary but did not ______.

A. pay it B. pay for it C. cost it D. spend it

( )4. English teachers often encourage the students _______ English aloud.

A. read B. reading C. to read D. readed

( )5.--- ______he ever ______abroad ?

---No, never.

A. Did, go B. Is, been C Has, been D. Has, gone

( )6. How long may I ______ the history books?

A. keep B. lend C. borrow

( )7. She______ an English teacher.

A. uses to B. used to C. use to be

( )8. One day the librarian ______ an idea.

A. came up B. came with C. came up with D. came up to

( )9. Now her lost books are usually______ the library.

A .returned B .returned to C. paid D. paid to D. used to be D. give

( )10. It was raining hard, so they decided_____ soccer.

A. to stop to play B. stopping to play

C. to stop playing D. stopping playing

( )11. Can you ______who has lost the watch?

A. look for B. look up C. find D. find out

( )12. My postcard is still on the desk. Why ______you ______it ?

A. haven't , posted B. didn't, post C. wasn't posting D. won't, post

( )13. The man ____France will give us a talk ____his country.

A. from, on B. of, in C. of, about D. from, of

( )14. He is too old to ______the name of that book.

A. pick up B. think of C. come up 1 / 10 D. fill in

( )15. Someone is knocking at the door. It ____my father. It's time for him to be back.

A. can be B. may not be C. must be D. mustn’t be

( )16. I don’t know where Mr. White has gone. You’d better ask ____.

A. else somebody B. other somebody C. somebody else D. anybody else

( )17. When he saw a ticket on the ground, he stopped ____.

A. to pick it up B. pick it up C. to pick up it D. pick up it

( )18. He says that he will ______to me in three days.

A. return the money B. return back the money

C. get the money back D. pay back the money

( )19. Father ______the city of New York three days ago.

A. leave B. left to C. left off D. left for

( )20. Tom ______ there for 10 months since he ______ back to his hometown.

A. has lived, gets B. has lived, got C. lived, go D. lived, has got

( to London for holidays?

A. consider going B. to considering going

C. consider to go D. considering going

( )22. The film is very ___. Tom is very ____.

A. exciting, excited B. excited, exciting

C. exciting, exciting D. excited, excited

( )23. _______the weather will be like tomorrow, we’ll go camping.

A. No matter how B. No matter what's

C. No matter what D. No matter if

( )24. There is a ______ river near our village.

A. Three-hundreds-meters-long B. three-hundred-meter-long

C. three-hundred-meters-long D. three hundred meters long

( )25. He has not had a night ____for two weeks, but he still feels ____.

A. off, happy B. away, happily C. off, happily D. away, happy

( )26. It makes him ____.

A. feel angrily B. feel angry C. to feel angry D. feeling angry

( )27. It's ____good food that we all like it very much.

A. so a

B. such a C. so 2 / 10 D. such

( )28. When you ____the street, you must look first.

A. across B. go cross C. cross D. goes across

( )29. Look! Mrs. Green is talking ____the students of Class I on the ground.

A. among B. in the middle of C. between D. at

( )30. Her teacher thinks ____other.

A. high B. highly C. well D. good

( )31. Shenzhou IX is the ____of all the people in China.

A. pride B. proud C. prideful D. proudly

( )32.---Have you finished your homework_____?

---No, not_____.

A.already, already B.yet, yet C.already, yet D.yet, already

( )33. Neither you or he ______ Hawaii before.

A. has gone to B. have gone to C. have been to D. has been to

( )34. Jinan is very famous ______Baotu Spring.

A. to B. of C. in D. for

( )35. Bruce has lived here ______last year.

A. / B. for C. before D. since

( )36. Waikiki is one of the best beaches ______ surfing in Honolulu.

A. to B. for C. with D. in

( )37. I've never ______ him before.

A. heard of B. hear from C. heard to D. hear about

( )38. ---Excuse me. Could you tell me ____?


A. when can I get to the station B. I can get to which station

C. which station can I get to D. how I can get to the station

( )39. Then he slowed ______ as the wind became stronger and the waves higher.

A. under B. below C .down D .slowly

( )40. All of us except him _______ to Hong Kong.

A. have gone B. has gone C. have been D. has been

( )41.How long has Jim ____ at this school?

A. arrived

B. come C. studied 3 / 10 D. gone

( )42. The little girl is afraid of ____ at night.

A. go B. goes C. going D. went

( )43. As soon as he ____, he will write to me.

A. arrives at B. arrives C. reaches D. gets

( )44. The teacher is ____ with what we did.

A. pleased B. please C. pleasure D. pleasant

( )45. ____ will he be back? In a week.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How many

( )46. I have to do my homework for ______ every day.

A. one and half hour B. one and a half hour

C. one and half hours D. one and a half hours

( )47. Who plays tennis ______ Li Na?

A. so well as B. as well as C. so better than D. as good as

( )48. The girl had a short rest and did her homework ______ she reached home.

A. after B. before C. when D. since

( )49. We have known each other ______ we were young.

A. for B. since C. after D. before

( )50. They ______ very busy last month.

A. are B. were C. be D. have been

( )51. There ______ a park near our school since two years ago.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

( )52. Lucy is very free. Look, she ______ a model ship.

A. makes B. made C. has made D. is making

( )53. Many students in our class ______ glasses over their eyes in class.

A. put on B. dress C. wear D. get dressed

( )54. What do you think we should ________ improve our environment?

A. do B. to C. do for D. do to

( )55. They've found a way to ______ that waste thing.

A. do B. do with C. throw D. move away

( )56. We find the book very ______.

A. interest B. interesting C. interests

4 / 10

D. interested

( )57. She has _____ finished her lunch, but she hasn't washed her bowls ______.

A. already, yet B. just, already C. already, just D. just, yet

( )58.Mr Liu has been here ______ ten years ago.

A. for B. since C. in D. at

( )59. They went to London ______ just over five months.

A. for B. since C. before D. when

( )60. The weather was ______ it is today.

A. not as wetter as B. not wetter than C. more wetter than D. wetter as

( )61. The little boy was ________with the big boy because he was ____words to him.

A. fond, speaking B. angry, saying C. angry, talking D. friendly, telling

( )62. Lucy, please don't play with fire. __________.

A. How can you say like that?

C. It doesn't matter. B. It's right. D. Sorry, I won't do it again.

( )63. We don't know If it _____. If it_____, we won' t go out for a walk.

A. rains, will rain, B. rains, rains

C. will rain, will rain D. will rain, rains

( )64. It's difficult _____your sound because the noise is too high.

A. to listen B. to know C. to learn D. to hear

( )65. He says ____he will be back soon.

A. when B. what C. that D. where

( )66. He told a very ____story about his life in America.

A. live B. living C. lively D. life

( )67. If you don't get up early, you' ll ____the early bus.

A. not miss B. miss C. catch D. lost

( )68. How long ____it ___to go there by train?

A. do, take B. does, take C. does, spend D. does, play

( )69. A young man practiced ______ English with Mr. Green.

A. speak B. speaking C. to speak D. speak in

( )70. She says she can get to Rt-mart from her home on foot_____ ten minutes.

A. after B. in C. before D. about

( )71. We should help her when she is ________.

5 / 10

A. in trouble B. in a trouble C. in the trouble D. in troubles

( )72. The policeman kept the thief ________ for four hours.

A. standing B. to stand C. to sit D. sitting

( )73. I want to visit England ______.

A. if it possible B. as soon possible C. as soon as possible D. if possible

( )74. They ______Hong Kong twice.

A. have gone to B. have been to C. have been in D. have gone in

( )75. I have never seen _____film before.

A. a so interesting

C. so a interesting B. a such interesting D. such an interesting

( )76. Everyone went to the zoo last Sunday ______Jim.

A. but B. not C. except D. besides

( )77. What ______just now?

A. was happened B. were happened C. happened D. happens

( )78. If you miss so many lessons, you must fall behind ____ classmates.

A. another B. the others C. other D. the other

( )79. ______ did Lin Tao say about Mount Tai?

A. What B. How C. When D. Why

( )80. I’m afraid ______ you may be late.

A. when B. that C. why D. how

( )81. I ______ able to sing any song but this one.

A. may B. can C. am D. would

( )82. Everybody is here _______ Jim Green.

A. as B. with C. on D. except

( )83. Which of these do you think is ____ useful invention?

A. the more B. the second more C. most D. the second most

( )84. Do you know where ______ from?

A. he come B. he comes C. did he come D. does he came

( )85. Our teacher saw us ______ on the desks and went out of the classroom.

A. to sit B. sat C. siting D. sitting

( )86. I______ math and science.

6 / 10

A. interest B. am interesting C. am interested D. am interested in

( )87. Linda will look after the children _____ we’re away.

A. that B. during C. while D. where

( )88. David was born _____.

A. since twenty years ago B. for twenty years

C. twenty years ago D. just over twenty years

( )89.Mike _____ his homework three hours ago.

A. finished B. has finished C. is finishing D. is going to finish

( )90.---____ have you been at this school, Mr Li ?

---I've been here since 2003.

A. When B. How long C. What time D. How often

( )91.Allan cut the big birthday cake _____ small pieces.

A. as B. to C. into D. in

( )92.When he was a child, he was always _______ out new ideas.

A. try B. trying C. taking D. tried

( )93 There_________ a basketball match this afternoon.

A is going to be B is going to have C are going to be D are going to have

( )94.It’s very kind ____ you _____lend your bike to me.

A. of, to B. for, in C. for, to D. of, in ( )95. ---Are you ________ with what he said?

---No, but he really made me ________.

A. annoyed; disappointed

C. annoying; disappointed B. annoyed; disappointing D. annoying; disappointing

( )96.“ ______ do you write to your parents ?”“ Once a month.”

A. How long B. How much C. How far D. How often

( )97.He asked who was _______ in your class.

A. the oldest B. oldest C. older D. the older

( )98.The teacher told us ______ Exercise 1 in our exercise books.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. does

( )99.I found _____ very difficult to learn math well.

A. what B. it C. that D. this 7 / 10

( )100.I' m ______ to trouble you.

A. glad B. afraid C. fear D. sorry

( )101.---I haven’t seen the film Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger Tides. ---____________.

A. Neither have I B. So have I C. Neither I have D. So I have

( )102. Lucy looked for her book, but she couldn’t find it _____.

A. somewhere B. everywhere C. anywhere D. nowhere

( )103.No one told us _____, so we need your help.

A. how should we do B. how to do it C. what should we do D. what to do it

( )104. They were very proud______ their daughter.

A. for B. of C. with D. about

( )105.---When did you ______the book to the library?

---Yesterday afternoon.

A. borrow B. lend C. give D. return

( )106. ---Jack, you look tired. What’s wrong?

---I was _______ busy _______ I didn't go to bed until midnight yesterday.

A too, to B enough, to C so , that D such, that

( A. one B. that C. this D. it

( )108. —Can you speak English?

— Yes, only________

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )109. I have two pens. One is red, ________ is black.

A. other B. another C. the other D. the others

( )110.---Jack, what do you usually do after supper?

---Well, I ______stay at home and watch TV, but now I ______taking a walk.

A. used to, used to B. used to, am used to

C, am used to, used to D, am used to, am used to ( )111.---Do you like the hero in the book _________ fights for freedom all the time?

---Yes, of course. I think he is great.

A. which

B. who C. what 8 / 10 D. whom

( )113. ---The guitar might belong to Alice.

---It be hers. She doesn’t play the guitar.

A. might B. mustn’t C. can’t D. may

( )114. My hobby is ______all kinds of coins.

A. to collect B. to collecting C. to pick up D. picking up

( )115.Shenzhou IX _______to space in 2012.

A. sent B. was sent C. has sent D. was sending

( )116. I know _______English words and just ________Japanese.

A. a little, a few

--- ___________.

A. You’re welcome. B. That’s all right.

C. Thank you. D. You’re right.

( )118.Do you know the girl _______big eyes and long black hair?

A. in B. of C. with D. on

( )119.You need some help with your English,_______?

A. needn’t you B. doesn’t you C. haven’t you D. don’t you

( )120. ---Did you finish your homework on time yesterday.

A. finish it, handed it in B. finish it, had handed in it

C. make it, handed it in D. make it, had handed it in

9 / 10

B. a few, a little C. little, few D. few, little ( )117.---Sorry! I can’t help you now


1-5CBBCC 6-10 ADCBC 11-15DAABC 16-20CADDB

21-25DACDA 26-30BDCBB 31-32ABDDD 36-40BADCC

41-45CCBAB 46-50DBCBB 51-55CDCDB 56-60BABAB 61-65BDDDC



91-95 CDAAA



66-70CBBBB 76-80CCDAB 86-90 CCCAB 96-100DABBD 106-110CDDCB 10 / 10 116-120BBCDD

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