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2013版外研版八年级英语上册配套课件:Module 4 Planes, ships and trainsUnit 2

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Module 4 Planes, ships and trains
Unit 2 What is the best way to travel?

Talk about: 1. What’s the quickest way to go to school? 2. What’s the cheapest way to go to school? 3. What’s the most comfortable way to go to school? 4. What’s the most interesting way to go to school? How about going to Beijing / Hong Kong / Shanghai ...?

New words study
journey book outside n. v. prep. adv. n. adj. n. adv. v. n. 旅行;旅程 预订 在??之外 在外面;朝户外 外面;外部 外部的;外表的 选择 然而;但是 价钱为;花费 价钱;成本;代价

choice however cost

Work in pairs.
Talk about places you go to and how you get there. 1.How do you get there?

2.What’s the cheapest way to get there?
3.What’s the best way to get there?

Read and complete the table.
Ways of travelling Good / Bad points Pay attention to

more relaxing, but buy your ticket a long Train more expensive than by time before you travel coach the most comfortable, book your ticket before you book your hotel; stay Car and ship but parking is very outside the city centre expensive Coach Plane
the cheapest, but crowded the fastest and the second cheapest

Important points 1. How long does the journey take, and what is the best way to travel ? 这次旅行花费了多长时间? 旅行的最好方式是什么?

(1) take 是动词,表示“花费或需要用一定的时间”。 It takes sb. some time to do sth. “做某事花费某人??时间” Eg. It takes her an hour to finish the work. 完成这项工作花费了她一个小时的时间。 (2) the best way to travel “最好的旅行方式”。 way “方式;方法”

2. However, it will not cost as much as going by train. 然而,它花费将不如乘坐火车多。 cost 的用法 (1) 动词 “花费” The book cost me 10 yuan. (2) 名词 “价格” The cost of the book is 10 yuan. 辨析: take, spend, cost, pay (1) It takes sb.+时间+to do sth. (2) sb. spend 钱或时间 on sth. sb. spend钱或时间 (in) doing sth. (3) sth. cost 钱. sth. cost sb. 钱.(主语是物) (4) sb.pay (钱)for sth.

比较这几个句子 1.It took me an hour to go shopping. 购物花了我一个小时。 2.I spent $ 5 on the shirt. I spent $ 5 (in) buying the shirt. 我花了5美元买这件衬衫。 3.The shirt costs $ 5. 这件衬衫值5美元。 The shirt cost me $ 5. 这件衬衫花了我5美元。 4.I paid $ 5 for the shirt. 这件衬衫我付了5美元。 我付了衬衫钱。

I paid for the shirt.

4. Complete the passage with the words in the box. choice cost however journey outside There are four ways to travel from London to Amsterdam. journey The first (1)______ is by train because the (2)_______ choice takes only four hours. (3)_________, it is quite expensive. However Going by car and by ship, or by coach does not (4)____ cost as much as going by train. When you go by car and by ship, remember that parking in Amsterdam is not cheap, so it is best to stay (5)___

_____ the city centre and travel in outside by bus or by train.

I. 汉译英

Harvest time
plan to do sth. the best way to do sth. the more ... the better... a place to camp outside the city centre as ... as have a great trip

1. 计划做某事
2. 做某事最好的方法 3. 越多越好 4. 宿营的地方 5. 在市中心以外 6. 和??一样 7. 旅途愉快

II. 句型转换 1. I walk to school, too. (改为同义句) I walk to school ____ _____. as well 2. They go to work by bike.(对画线部分提问) How do they go to work? ____ 3.The cheapest way to get to Paris is by plane. (同上) Which is _______ _______ the cheapest way to get to Paris? 4. It takes me 2 hours to travel to Beijing by train. (同上) How long ______ ______ does it take you to travel to Beijing by train?

Write a passage. Use the information in Activity 5. Report like this: In Hong Kong, you can travel by boat, taxi or bus. From Hong Kong Island to Kowloon it’s quicker by ship, but the taxi is more comfortable ... You can go from London to Paris by bus, plane or train ...

Never too old to learn, never too late to turn. 亡羊补牢,为时未晚。

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