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2013版外研版八年级英语上册配套课件:Module 3 SportsUnit 2

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Module 3 Sports
Unit 2 This year we practise more carefully.

You should keep practising no matter how cold or how hot it is. 冬练三九夏练三伏。

If you are a member of a football or basketball team of your school, what should you do?

New words study
train against practice warm warm up beat coach pleased careless chance fan club cheer ... on loudly v. (体育)训练,操练 prep. (在比赛或战斗中)对(某人或某事物) n. 练习 v. 使暖和;使温暖 热身;做准备活动 v. 打败;战胜(beat; beaten) n. 教练 adj. 开心的;满足的 adj. 粗心的;疏忽的 n. 机会;可能性 球迷(或影迷、歌迷)俱乐部 用欢呼声激励;为??加油 adv. 响亮地;大声地

Find out the phrases or structures in the passage.

1.as ... as sb. can 2.so that 3.warm up 4.beat sb. 5.in winter 6.be late for 7.as a team 8.lose to sb. 9.have a chance of doing sth. 10.cheer ... on

某人尽可能?? 目的是 热身运动 打败某人 在冬季 迟到 作为一个队 输给某人 有做某事的机会 为??加油

Important points 1. so that “目的是;以便;为了”,引导目的状语 从句,相当于in order that。 Eg. I get up early so that I won’t be late for school. 我起得早以便上学不迟到。 【辨析】 so … that … 的用法

so … that … “如此??以至于??”,引导结果状

Eg. We trained so hard that we won the game.

2. beat (beat/beaten)“打败;战胜”

宾语一般是比赛竞争中的对手或战争中的敌人。 【辨析】win 的用法 win 意为“赢;获胜”,其宾语一般是比赛、奖 项、奖金、名誉、财产、战争等。 Eg. Mary won the first place in the competition. 玛丽在竞赛中获得了第一名。



3. pleased “开心的;满足的” 相当于happy或glad,常作表语,用来形容人。 pleased 常用的四种结构 (1)be pleased with sb. / sth. “对某人/事满意” (2)be pleased at / about sth. “对某事感到高兴” (3)be pleased to do sth. “做某事很高兴” (4)be pleased + that 从句, “很高兴??”. Eg. I’m pleased to meet you again. 我很高兴再次见到你。 Are you pleased with the result of the match? 你对比赛结果满意吗? We’re pleased at the chance of going abroad. 我们对有出国的机会感到高兴。 I’m very pleased that you can come. 你能来,我很高兴。

The opposite meaning
carefully — carelessly difficult — easy easy — hard early — late loudly — quietly quickly — slowly

Harvest time
I. 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. Kate _______ (usual) goes to school by bike. usually
2. He is so _______ (care) that he doesn’t find his careless

books very often.
more quickly 3. Which runs _____________ (quick), the car or the

train? loudly 4.

You can’t speak _______ (loud) in the hospital.
to stop 5. I can’t get him _______ (stop) smoking.

II. 完成句子 1. 我们开会要迟到了。 We’ll ____ late for be _____ _____ the meeting. 2. 你应该尽可能多地讲英语。 as you can You should speak English as much ____ _____ _____. 3. 露西起得很早,以便可以赶上早班车。 so that Lucy got up early ____ _____ she could catch the early bus. 4. 亨利的妈妈让他打扫房间。 to Henry’s mum got him ______tidy up _____ ____ his room. 5. 在踢足球之前你必须要热身。 warm up You must ________ ______ before you play football.

Write a passage called My school basketball team is

training hard. Use the sentences you wrote in Activities
5 and 6.

Great hopes make great man.


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