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unit 5.Do you want to watch a game show ppt

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Before the new lesson:

Do you like watching TV?

What kind of TV shows do you

Unit 5 Do you want to watch

a game show?
(Section A)

教学目标: 1.学会用英语说各类电视节目。

2.灵活运用What do you think of…句型

What are these TV shows?

talent shows

soap operas

fashion shows


1a Match the TV shows with the pictures. 1.talk show __


d 3. sports show a __ c 4. sitcom __
5. game show __

2.2. soap opera __

b g 6.talent show __ 7.news __ f

What do you think of English?

What do you think of English?
I like it . I love it . / I don’t like it. /I don’t love it.

I don’t mind it.(不介意,不反对)

I can’t stand it.(无法忍受) A:I like it.
B:I agree.(同意)

Make a survey and then give a report.
Names Peter






Give a report like this:
Peter loves … , he doesn’t like …

Tell it like it is

talk show

What do you think of talk show?

What do you think of news?



What do you think of sitcom?

What do you think of cartoons?

cartoon 动画片

1.educational adj. 有教育意义的 education n. This is an educational movie.
2.plan v. n. 计划

I am planning to go shopping.
Let us make a plan.

3.hope v. n. 希望
I hope to relax at home. 4.find out 查明 Let us find out the truth.

5.discussion n. 讨论

discuss v.

He is having a discussion with his friends about his plan. 6.happen v. 发生 I want to know what happens next.

7.may v. 可能
I may be late tomorrow.

8.expect v. 预料;期待
I expect good news. I expect to visit Beijing. 9.joke n. 笑话 He likes telling jokes.

3a Make a conversation and then practice it with a partner. A: What do you plan to watch on TV tonight? B: I hope to _________________, but I watch a talk show watch a game show also want to ______________ . How about you? Do you watch to watch a ____________ talk show or a game show ? __________ A: Oh, I want to ________________. watch a talk show

I don’t like them.

I like to watch cross talk.

No ,I don’t .

I can expect to learn something about our country from the news.

1. A: What ____ your brother think of the bike? B: He likes it. A. does B. do C. is 2. A: What do they think ___ the movie. B: They like it very much. A. to B. of C. for

3. A: What do you think of sitcoms? B: Oh, I _________ mind them.

A. can’t

B. don’t

C. am not

4. A: What does she think of the scarf?

B: She ________ stand them.
A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. can’t

5. She enjoys _________.
A. swim A. right B. swimming B. left C. swims 6. You have no _______ to say so. C. wrong B. ten-years old 7. Mary, a ____ girl, is a new student. A. ten years old C. ten-year-old

8. Thanks for _______ me A. invite B. inviting C. invites

1). --- What _______ you think of soap operas?
--- I _______ stand _______.

2). --- What _______ your classmates think of sports shows

--- They _______ mind _______. 3). --- What _______ she think of my new shirt? --- She _______ like _______. 4). --- What_______ Tony think of the food?

--- He likes _______.

1). --- What do you think of soap operas?
--- I can’t stand them.

2). --- What do your classmates think of sports shows? --- They don’t mind them.
3). --- What does she think of my new shirt?

--- She doesn’t like it.
4). --- What does Tony think of the food? --- He likes it.

1.Your hands are very dirty. Please go

and have a wash with ______ .
A. a soap B. soaps C. soap 此题考察soap的用法, soap为不可数名 词, 故不能选A或B。答案为C。

2. — ____ do you think of the movie?

— It’s very interesting. I like it.
A. Why C. How B. Which D. What

此题考察句型What do you think of...?

3. It’s too hot in the classroom. We can’t ___ it. We all ___ up and go out of the classroom. A. mind; stand

B. stand; stand

此题考察的是stand的两个词义。句意是“教室里 太热了。我们不能忍受。我们都站起来走出了教

C. sit; stand 室”。故答案为B。

4. How about _____ out for a walk?
A. to go C. go 故答案为B。 B. going D. goes

about为介词, 其后应接动名词的形式,

5. --- Who is our teacher talking _________ ? --- Mr. Zhang. A. / C. at B. of D. to

此题句意为“我们的老师在 跟谁交谈”。“与某人交谈”应用 talk to sb.或talk with sb.。 故答案为D。

6. There is a ____ building next to the

A. 15 meter tall

B. 15 meters high

C. 15-meter-high D. 15-meters-high 依据上文讲解, 此题答案为C。

7. __ on the farm is better than __ classes at school. A. To work; having B. Working; having C. Work; have D. Work; to have 此题动词短语充当句子的主语, 故用动名词的形式,答案为B。

8. Thanks for ____ me to your party. A. ask C. asking B. to ask D. asks

for为介词,其后的动词要用 动名词的形式, 故答案应为C。

9. She agrees _____ her husband almost (几乎) ______ everything. A. with; to C. to; with B. with; in D. to; in

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