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2013版外研版八年级英语上册配套课件:Module 2 My home town and my countryUnit 3

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Module 2 My home town and my country
Unit 3 Language in use

Language practice
It’s getting bigger and busier.
It’s a newer city than Hong Kong. Its streets are much wider and cleaner too. It’s taller than many other buildings in Shenzhen.

1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.
big cold large old tall 1. Shenzhen was very small about thirty years ago but bigger it is much ______ now. taller 2. This building is tall but that building is much ______.

older 3. Beijing is old but Xi’an is much ________.
4. The US has a large population but India’s population is _________. colder 5. Beijing is cold in winter but Harbin is ______.

3 Write sentences. Use the information in the table. Shenzhen Shanghai Xi’an China Beijing Hangzhou Beijing Australia Other squares in Tian’anmen Square China The population of The population of Tianjin Shanghai
Shenzhen is newer than Beijing.

new busy old big wide small

4 Complete the word map. Use the words in the box. You need to use one word more than once. big cold large new old small warm cold weather place history new old large warm big size small


5. Complete the sentences with the expressions in the box.
in the northeast is famous for on the coast pretty good The population of 1. Cambridge is a beautiful old English city. It ____________ its is famous for university.

2. Tianjin is near Beijing, ____________ of the Bohai Sea. on the coast The population of 3. __________________ India is smaller than that of China but
bigger than that of Russia.

4. Harbin is ______________ of China and is a very busy city. in the northeast
5. The weather in Beijing in autumn is _____________. pretty good

常见比较级五种句型 1. Who / Which + be +比较级, A or B ? Who is taller, Tom or John? 2. ~ + be + the 比较级 + of the two. (两个之中比较??的那一个, ~包含在两个之中) Tom is the taller of the two. 3. much / a lot / even / far + 比较级 A computer is much more expensive than a bicycle. 4. “The+形容词比较级..., the+形容词比较级...”, 表示 “越??, 越??”。 The more you study, the more you know. 5. “形容词比较级 + and + 形容词比较级 ”, 表示 “越来越??”。 The computer is cheaper and cheaper.

How to remember the irregular forms quickly
合二为一有三对, “病 / 坏” “两多”与“两好”, 一分为二有两个, 一个“远”来一个“老”。 还有一个双含义, 只记“少”来别记“小”。 ill/ bad→worse good/well→better far→farther/further little→less old→older/elder many/ much→more

I. 用括号里单词的比较级完成句子 1. Is Hong Kong ________than Shanghai? (hot) hotter older 2. Is Hong Kong _____than Shanghai? (old) 3.Our classroom is ________than yours.(small) smaller taller 4. He is _____ than his father.(tall) easier 5. Lesson One is ______ than Lesson Two.(easy)

heavier 6. An ele

phant is ________than a monkey.(heavy)

II. 单项选择 1. _____is the population of the world? A. How many B. How much C. What’s

D. What

2.The population of Hong Kong is ______ than that of Shanghai. A. smaller B. larger C. more D. bigger 3.There are thirteen ______people in this city. A. thousands B. thousand C. million D. millions 4. There are ______ trees on the hills. A. ten thousands B. thousands C. millions of D. ten millions

? ? ? ? Revise the comparative degree of adjectives Make a poster: 1. a map showing where the cities / rivers are 2. a paragraph with facts comparing them

When you finally go back to your old home town, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood. 离家多年,你终于回到故乡,这才发现你想念 的不是这个地方,而是你的童年。

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