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1. This is my s________ Ann.

2. What's that in E__________?

3. A_____ these your brothers?

4. Jack h______ a TV.

5. Let's play s_________.

6. My sister and I like p_______ tennis.

7. How m_____ are these shoes? Twenty yuan.

8. Please have a l_____ at this shop.

9. My ball is on the f______ under the table.

10. Do you n______ bags for school?

11. ----W_____ is the ruler? ----On the desk.

12. My father and mother are my p_________. I'm their d_________.

13. We have shirts in all c________ at $20 each.

14. The red shorts on s_______ are very cheap.

15. I was b_______ in June 15th.

16. When is your b_________, Nick? It's June 15th.

17. We have an Are F_________ each year.

18. Our English speech c_________ is on May 3rd.

19. O__________ 1st is our National Day.

20. Do you want to go to a m________?

21. My grandfather thinks Beijing O______ is very i___________. He likes itvery much.

22. You can l_________ a lot about Chinese h_________.

23. My f_________ fruit is banana.

24. I can't speak J___________.

25. We want two good m____________ for our band.

26. T_______ for your help.

27. S__________ is the last day of a week.

28. School s__________ at 7:30 inthe morning.

29. I don't like thrillers because they're s_________.

30. Jack Chen is a great a__________ movie star.

31. Titanic is very s___________. Many people like it.

32. My c________ study in No. 1 Middle School.

33. The n________ month of the year is S___________.

34. C__________ make people laugh.

35. Can you play the t___________?

36. My brother often g______ to bed at a__________ ten o'clock.

37. Are you f_______ this afternoon?

38. His favorite s___________ is P.E..

39. I have eight classes on W___________.

40. I have no classes on w_________.

41. J_________ 1st is New Year's Day.

42. How do you s________ pen?

43. Are those your pencil s____________?

44. Tom has a great sports c_____________.

45. I think this movie is very e____________.

46. We want a lot of v__________ and fruit.

47. The teacher has a q __________ to ask us.

48. “What's your f_______name?” “Mike.”

49. Sam is sitting n______ to the window.

50. We like ice cream for d__________.

51. Jack plays sports every day, so he is very h_______.

52. Jane t_________ her mother is at home now.

53. My father is very s_______ with me.

54. What do you o_______ do?

55. We are b_____ with work, so I have no time to play. 56. Jennifer's e-mail a________ is jennifer@tom.com.

57. Can you sing or d________?

58. Thank you. You're w____________.

59. I'm very s________ I'm late.

60. We will play football. J_______ us soon, please.

61. Do you like ball s________?

62. Don't worry. Let me h_______ you.

63. Playing baseball is not very easy. It's d___________.

64. Tennis is an e_________ in the Olympic Games.

65. A_______ comes after July.

66. Mary works very long h______, so she is very t_______ .

67. The hat is not big. It's s_________.


1. sister 2. English 3. Are 4. has 5.sports/ soccer

6. playing 7. much 8. look 9. floor 10. need

11. Where 12. parents, daughter 13. colors 14. sale 15.born

16. birthday 17. Festival 18.contest 19. October 20. movie

21. Opera, interesting 22. learn history 23. favorite 24. Japanese 25. musicians

26. Thanks 27. Saturday 28.starts 29. scary 30. action

31. successful 32. cousins 33.ninth, September 34. Comedies 35.trumpet

36. goes, around(about) 37. free 38. subject 39. Wednesday 40. weekends

41. January 42. spell 43. sharpeners 44. collection 45. exciting

46. vegetables 47. question 48.first 49. next 50. dessert

51. healthy 52. thinks 53.strict 54. often 55. busy

56. address 57. dance 58.welcome 59. sorry 60. join

61. sports 62. help 63.difficult 64. event 65. August

66. hours,tired 67. small

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