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8B Unit5 Integrated Skills

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by Pan Lingwei


by Pan Lingwei


warn us not to … / w?:n / keep sth.from…


Public signs

Activity 1 Listen and Write (A1 on P72) Public signs ★Are used in public places bright in colours ★Often (1) _________ pictures on them ★Often have (2) _________ ★Help explain things and give us useful information way →Help us find our (3) _______ places around us →Tell us about the (4) _______ safe → Keep us(5) _________ from danger not to do → Warn us (6) _____________ something

No smoking

No photos

No parking

No littering

Where can you see them?

Activity 2 Listen and Write (A2 on P72) Where can you see the public signs? Sign Meaning Usually seen places like hospitals in(1)__________________

No smoking

places like museums No photos in(2)__________________
No parking

the street in(3)__________________
public places like parks in(4)__________________

No littering

Activity 3 Read and Write (A3 on P73) Public signs We can see different public signs in places like (1) _________, hospitals (2) __________ museums , streets and (3) parks They are often bright in colours and _______. have (4) ________ pictures on them. Public signs help (5)________ explain things. Most of them give us (6)_______ useful information. They help us (7) ____________ find our way tell us about the (8) _______________, places around us keep us (9)_______________ safe from danger and warn us (10)___________________. not to do something

Here are some examples:
(11)_________________ No littering (12)_________________ No photos (13)_________________ No smoking

(14)_________________ No parking

Activity 4 Practice It’s time for us to say something about the signs.
1. 2. 3. 4.

No climbing



No food

No fireworks No swimming



No phone call No pets

No fishing

No fire

It says… We can see it …

Activity 5 Listen and find out the answers

Speak up: Please don’t take photos.
1.Where are Amy and Shirley? They are in an art museum. 2.What does Amy want to do? She wants to take a photo of a famous painting. 3.What else does Amy tell Shirley? They should not shout in the museum.

Activity 6 Make up a new dialogue A: Can we …? B: I’m afraid not. A: Why not? B: Look at the sign. It says… We shouldn’t … A: Oh I see. /Sorry, I didn’t notice that sign just now.

Try to work in groups of four and design a public sign with your group members.

1. Search more public signs after class. 2. Take notes and make up a new dialogue about warning others not to do something in some places.

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