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Capital cities
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【North Island】


Listening and questions
1.Who were the first settlers?
2.When is the summer in New Zealand?

3. Does kiwi lives only in New Zealand?
4. what’s each paragraph about?

New Zealand is an island made up of ___ main islands in the ____ Ocean. Its capital, ____, lies on the North Island._____ were the earliest people to come to New Zealand. They brought dogs, rats and ____ such as the sweet potato with them and _____ mainly in the North Island. During the 19th century, ____, mainly ______ had come to settle in New Zealand, and the Maori _____ with these settlers. That day is still ____as a ___ holiday. New Zealand is a country with a warm ____, many plants and ____ that only live in New Zealand. The most famous animals is a little ___ that can’t fly. It’s called a kiwi. The North Island is famous for an area of ____ and some of this ____ near the earth’s surface is used to _____.

Listening and consolidation

New Zealand has mild summers with lighter rain and cold winters with heavier rain. Nights in both seasons are cooler than days but not so much cooler. The graphs don’t give any information about the climate and weather in autumn and spring. The graphs also don’t give information about the number of hours that the sun shines.

The climate on the North Island in New Zealand is like the warm climate in South China although the rainfall is less. The climate of the South Island can still be called mild, and is like the climate in southwestern China although it does not get as much rainfall. Perhaps on the whole, China is a bit warmer in summer and a bit colder in winter.

The apples on the tree are beyond my reach.

I know nothing of it beyond what he told me.
What lies beyond the mountains? Don’t stay there beyond midnight. East of the mountain lies a railway.

Language points

He settled his family in the countryside.
She was settled in the countryside.

His father settled him in Beijing,
The bird settled on a branch. A heavy fog settled over the airport.

Her eyes settled on the baby.

They settled the date for the next meeting.
The problem was settled to his satisfaction. I must settle all my affairs before learning abroad. Settle down I hate all this travel; I want to settle down.

You must settle down to your work\study.

3.Possession. When her father died, she came into possession of a large fortune. We have bought the house, but we can’t take\get possession of it. People gathered up their few possessions and escaped to the hills. The widow is in possession of a large fortune. The land is in the possession of the merchant.

4.She is _____ interested in physics. She often works at it until ____ into the night. The boy is flying the kite ____ and he is _____ praised by his sister. a. deeply b. deep c. high d. highly

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