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a watch

a teapot

a wallet

a calculator

a skateboard

a comb

a mirror

a hairdryer

There are so many presents under the 圣诞树下有这么多的礼物。 Christmas tree. 很多,非常多 This one is from Grandma. 这个是你奶奶送的。 =your present 来自 It’s yours, Jim. 是给你的,吉姆。 =my present No, it’s not mine. It’s his. 这不是我的,是他的。 Yes, it’s Grandpa’s. Open it for me, please. What is it? 请帮我打开。是什么呀? It’s a beautiful wallet! Thank you. I like the colour very much. You’re welcome.

Look at this present, Dad. It’s from Grandpa. 爸爸,看这个礼物。是爷爷送的。 It’s so big! Is it Mum’s? No, it’s not hers. It’s Grandma’s. Let me open it. Oh, a teapot and some tea. Thank you very much, dear. 我喜欢喝茶, I like drinking tea, and the teapot is very beautiful. have got有 哇,我有爸妈送的两个礼物。 Wow, I’ve got two presents from Mum and Dad. Can I open them? 我可以打开吗?

Yes, you can. A calculator and skateboard! Thanks, Mum. Thanks, Dad. Where are ours then? 那我们的呢? 他们在那儿。 Here they are. Who are they from? 谁送的?是爷爷奶奶送的 They’re from Grandpa and Grandma. Open mine for me, Jim. Oh, it’s a watch, Dad. Can you open mine, too? Sure. Oh, it’s a hairdryer, Mum.

It’s very nice! Thank you very much.

This morning, Mum and I went to the supermarket by bus. We sat at the back of the bus. Soon the bus stopped and some people got off. The bus started again. Suddenly I saw a CD Walkman on the seat in front of me.

I asked the man in front of me, ‘Is it yours?’ ‘No, it’s not mine. Perhaps it’s hers.’ He pointed to the woman beside him.

‘Is it yours?’ I asked the woman beside the man. ‘No, it’s not mine. ‘Whose CD Walkman is it?’ I asked. Nobody answered. The bus stopped again. I walked to the driver and asked him to take it to the police station.

1、听Unit 1—7 磁带,每天听30分钟;跟读3遍。
2、B部单词,蓝色单词, 课文词组 5+1+1 3天 3、背诵A部分课文; 4、Uint7试卷(B); 5、所有作业要求家长签字。


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