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unit7.What is the highest mountain

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Tian’anmen Square

9,600,000 square kilometers
million thousand

9,600,000 the largest
larger than any other number

1,025 6,671 8,844 .43

the smallest
smaller than any other number


Which is the richest ?
A. mountain

B. river It has two banks.

C. lake

the Nile
D. desert

the Caspian Sea

the Sahara

How high/ long/ deep/ big is ...?

Qomolangma 8,844.43 the Nile
________ meters high

________ kilometers long

6,671 1,025

the Caspian Sea
________ meters deep

the Sahara
________ square kilometers in size

1b Listen and complete the sentences. higher than any other 1. Qomolangma is ______ mountain in the world. the biggest desert in 2. The Sahara is ____________ the world. the deepest of all 3. The Caspian Sea is ____________ the salt lakes. the longest river in the world. 4. The Nile is _________

1c Use the information in 1b to make conversations.
A: What’s the highest mountain in the world? B: Qomolangma. A: What’s the longest river in the world? B: The Nile. A: What’s the deepest... B: ... A: What’s the biggest ... B: ...


the Nile

the Caspian Sea

the Sahara

big It is the biggest desert in the world.

long wall




How much do we know about our hometown?

12,340 square kilometers in size


Talk about the top of your hometown or your class with your classmates.

the most delicious food is ...

the best place to travel is ...

I think the best place to eat is ...
the biggest ... the highest ... the most famous ...

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