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1.He plays tennis once a day.(对划线部分提问)

_____he ______tennis?

2.I live from my school about 8 kilometers. (对划线部分提问)

____________you ________from your school?

3.His eraser is like my eraser.(同义句转换)

His eraser _____ my eraser are __________.

4.My pencil case is not the same as yours. (同义句转换)

My pencil case is _______ _______ yours.

5. I spend an hour doing my homework every evening. And Kate spends two hours.(合并一句) Kate spends ______time doing her homework ______ I every evening.

6. He is taller than any other boy in his class.(用最高级改写)

He is _____ _____boy in his class.

7. Nancy has more free time than John. (同义句转换)

John has _____ free time _____ Nancy.

8. I don’t know how I can solve the problem.(改为简单句)

I don’t know _____ _____ solve the problem.

9. It takes them an hour to play baseball.(用spend改写)

______spend an hour _____baseball.

10. We can read many magazines during the reading week. (对划线部分提问)

________can you _______during the reading week?


One day, a Chinese student Sun Huaqiang went to study English in England. Hisfamily name was the the English word sun.England is a country weather. It is often cloudy or misty, and it rains very often, so the people there don't get much in the whole year.

When the Chinese student London, a tall English policeman a long faceopened his passport to check it. The policeman was in the Chinese name Sun in thepassport. He thought it was pronounced just like the English word sun, so he said to the Chinese student, I see your name is Sun. You are wanted here. The Chinese student was quite a moment the policeman began to smile. Mr. Sun, you've broughtsunshine to England, so we don't want you ( ) 1. A. calling B. calls C. called D. to call

( ) 2. A. like B. alike C. as well D. as

( ) 3. A. sunny B. bad C. snowy D. terribly

( ) 4. A. sunshine B. wind C. rain D. cloud

( ) 5. A. got B. reached in C. arrived D. arrived in

( ) 6. A. had B. of C. with D. there is

( ) 7. A. happy B. interested C. interesting D. angry

( ) 8. A. glad B. tired C. angry D. surprised

( ) 9. A. after B. in C. before D. later

( )10. A. went B. will go C. going D. to go



Miss Evans taught physics in a London school. Last month she was explaining to her class about sound, and she decided to test them to see how successful she had been in her work. She said to them, Now, I have a sister in Washington. If I was calling her on the telephone, and at the same time you were 20 meters away and listened to me from the other side of the street, who could hear what I said earlier, my sister or you? And why?

The cleverest boy at once answered, “Your sister, Miss Evans, because electricity (电)travels faster than sound waves(波).” That's very good, Miss Evans answered, but then one of the girls put up her hand, and Miss Evans said, Yes, Betty?

“I don't think so. Betty said, Your sister would hear you earlier because when it's eleven o'clock here, it's only six o'clock in Washington.”

( ) 1. Miss Evans was teaching her class __________.

A. about sound B. to hear some strange sound

C. about electricity D. how to say time

( ) 2. She wanted to make her students know__________.

A. whether she could hear her sister in Washington

B. whether her students could hear her from 20 meters away

C. which was faster, London or Washington

D. electricity travels faster than sound waves

( ) 3. The cleverest boy thought that___________.

A. sound waves travel faster than electricity

B. they would hear her sister in Washington first

C. Miss Evans's question wasn't right

D. Miss Evans's sister would hear her earlier

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