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(时间:100分钟, 满分:120分)

第一卷 (75分)


(一) 听录音,选出所听到的句子

1.A. The singer with the most points is loser.

B. The singer with the most points is the winner.

C. The player with the most points is the winner.

2.A. Tony said he was keeping Lingling safe.

B.Tony said he was making Lingling warm.

C.Tony said he was making Lingling safe.

3.A. I’m preparing for my birthday party.

B.I’m busy getting for my Labour Day trip.

C.I’m busy with preparing for my birthday party.

4. A.She fought bravely so that she could save her people.

B.She fought so bravely that she saved her people.

C.She fought very bravely so she saved her people.

5 A.Although I’d like to see England,I think it’s too rainy.

B. Though I’d like to see England, I think it’s too wet.

C.I’d like to see England, but I think it’s too rainy.


6.A. He’ll come here tonight

B.Lu Ping and Yang Lei

C. It’s a bag

7.A. I like black shoes and yellow coat

B. I have many books in the bag.

C.I’d like some dumplings and some noodles.

8.A. It’s June 25 B. It’s Friday C. It’s Children’s Day.

9.A.She said it’s time to have classes.

B.She told us don’t talk in class.

C. She told us not to talk with each other in class.

10.A. Jackie Chen B. Yuan Longping C. Deng Yaping


11.A. Near Straight Road B. On Long Street C. Beside the station

12.A.Table tennis B. Volleyball C. Swimming

13.A.$40 B. $50 C. $60

14. A. They won’t have any classes

B. They can play there longer.

C. The tickets will be cheaper

15. A. Schoolmates B. Workmates C. Twins

(四)听短文, 根据短文内容选择正确答案.

16.A. Eight B.Nine c. Ten

17. A. Christmas Day B. New Year’s Day C. Both A and B

18.A.Have a big dinner together

B. Drive to the seaside.

C. Celebrate their national Day.

19.A. Because the rain is very hard

B. Because the fog is quite thick

C. Because there are too many cards.

20.A. Next day b. Early in the afternoon c. Late in the evening II.单项选择 (25分)

21.Those actros acted ________in this film, and made their characters_______.

A. good; believe B. well; believe

C. well; believable D. good; believable

22.When they ________some troubles, they always try to solve them.

A. look at B. come face to face C. come face to face with D. see

23The film is______, so the farmers enjoy watching it.

A. not true to life B. true to life C. untrue to life D. true to live

24.When I got to the station, I ________that I left my ticket at home.

A. appeared B. realized C. wanted D. seemed

25.My mother often warns me _______computer games.

A.not play B. not to play C. not playing D. don’t play

26.Don’t eat _______meat, or you’ll get fatter.

A. too many B. too much C. much too D. so many

27.We have learned ________5 English songs this term.

A. at all B. at once C. at times D. at least

28.---Did you see the football match last night?

---Yes, I have never seen________exciting match before.

A. such a B. so a C. such an D. so an

29.Get up quickly, _____you’ll be late for school.

A. and B. so C. but D. or

30.We shall go camping if it _________ tomorrow.

A. rains B. will rain C. won’t rain D. doesn’t rain

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