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八年级英语上Unit1—3 词汇与语法专练附答案

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八年级英语上Unit1—3 词汇与语法专练

用所给词的适当形式填空 1.Miss Green is helpful and (friend). 2.Thank you so much for (make) English fun. 3.Those kinds of books sell well among (teenage). 4.How about (go) out to play football? 5. (eat) too much is bad for your health. 6.One of his good (quality) is working hard. 7.He is (music).I think he’ll be a musician when he grows up.

8.I’m sorry,I was only trying to be (help). 9.She sent me a (politely) letter,thanking me for my invitation. 10.I feel (comfort),so I need to see a doctor. 11.What they (do) last night? 12.Are you good at (swim)? 13. (not be) late again,Jim! 14.My parents (clean) the car now. 15.Lucy sometimes (watch) TV at home on Sundays. 16.What are you going to do?How about (have) a walk?

17.I’m going to play football.Would you like (come),too? 18.We (not have) any classes next week. 19.When his grandfather is 50,he finally learned (drive). 20.Like his parents,he likes (watch) TV a lot. 21.They gave their (life) to their people.

22.We study in a (mix) school.There are boys and girls in the schoolyard.

23.Don’t believe others easily.We’d better think for (we). 24.Mr Wang always practice (play) table tennis after lunch.

25.He worked out the difficult exercises so quickly that we were filled with (admire).

26.“ (be) everyone here today?”“Yes.We’re all here.”

27.We’ll go to the Great Wall if it (not rain) tomorrow. 28.They (not watch) TV until they finished their homework. 29.Please tell jim (not read) in the sun. 30.Look! The children (swim) in the river.

31.Let’s (help) the old woman carry the box. 32.What about (go) there on foot tomorrow?

33.“When you (work) in Shanghai?” 34.The students (have) a sports meeting next week,won’t they? 35. (not forget) to give me a ring when you (come) back. 36.He is much (strong) than she. 37.Tom is good at (swim). 38.How many (play) are there in a team? 39.What are they doing?They are (fly) kites. 40.Be (care).The road is very busy. 41.The shirt is too small for me.Give me a (big) one. 42.She was (amaze) at the beautiful fish under the sea. 43.What an (amaze) result it is!

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