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一. 词型转换(10)

1.connect(名词)-________ 2.mouse(复数)-________ 3.fail(反义词)-________ 4.hero(复数)-________ 5.French(名词)-________ 6.geography(形容词)-_______ 7.Europe(形容词)-________ 8.German(复数)-________ 9.sudden(副词)-________ 10Japanese(名词)-________

二. 词组翻译 15

1.把…连接到___________…. 2.只要___________ 3.照顾___________ 4.太平洋___________ 5.打电话___________ 6.点击___________….

7.给某人捎个信___________ 8.希望作谋事___________….9.地理特征___________ 10多谢___________ 12.作谋事的最好方法___________

13.彻底清理 ___________ 14.许多垃圾___________ 15.捡起___________ 15.出国___________

三. 根据句意及手字母填词 12

1. Jiling province is in the n_______ of our city.

2. How many deserts does the w____ have?

3. North Amercia covers about 24 milion s______ kilometers.

4. The Rochy mounts are the biggest m______ in North America.

5. People work together to make our e______ clean.

6. The tap is l_______ .you can’t use the water that leaks out.

7. A v______ is smaller than a tomn

8. Let’s plan the tree in the e______

9. A s______ is usually part of an ocean

10. The biggest country in Europe is R_______

11. England has many I______

12. Asia has half of the world’s p________

四.选择题 25

( )1. We should make her______ A.happy B.the happier C. happily

( )2.Here ____ some students on the playground. A. are B.is C.do D.does

( )3.They shouldn’t ______ the news. A.leak out B.leak in C.leak off

( )4.When you_____ a lot of rubbish .how do you feel? A.watch B.see C.look D.look out

( )5.What did Jenny ______ the rubbish? A.to B.for C.do with D.so about

( )6.It would be fun ______. A.to play B.play C.do with D.plays

( )7.I have fun ___ English this term. A.learning B,to learn C. learn D,learnt

( )8.He feels like _____ along with us .A.get B.to get C. getting D. gets

( )9.The population of china ___ 1.3 billion , but three –fifths of the population __ farms.

A. A. is are. B.is is C.are are D.are is

( )10.Do you know _____ in America?A.is it time what. B.it is what time C.what time is it D.what time it is

( )11.Can you tell me where _______? A.he lives B.does he live C. he live D,what he live

( )12.I___ my parents since last year. A. hear B.don’t heard from C. hadn’t heard with

D.haven’t heard from

( )13 We ____ the moon some day. A.will visit B.would visit C. are visting D.visit ( )14. You’d better ____ at home A.staying B.stays C.to stay D.stay

( )15. My mother ______ be a teacher. A.hoped B.hoped to C. hoped she D.hoped her ( )16. That girl can’t be Mary, she ____ to London. A.has gone B.has been C.was going

D.had gone

( )17. I have a cousin_____ in a town in China. A. we live B who live C.he live D. who lives

( )18. One tenth of population _____ teachers in our city. A.is B.are C.am D.be

( )19. The cup was used ________ years ago. A.many thousands of B.two thousand of’

B. many thousands of D.two thousands of

( )20. Miss li is one of _____ in our school A.more popular teachers B.the most popular teachers C. most popular teachers D.a popular teacher

( )21. Tom has ____ good friends ,but Mary has ______ goof friends. A.a few ,few B.a few .a few. C.a little .little D,a little ,a little

( )22. This is a big class. And ______ of the students are girls. A.two third B.second three C.two thirds D.two three

( )23. China is _____ than any other country in Asia. A. largest B.much large

C.larger D.biggest

( )24. _____ will the bus come ? It will come in ten minutes. A.How many B.How much C.How soon D.How fast

( )25. ----You don’t smoke, do you?

----- ________ .I have never smoked a cigarette before.

A.Yes .I don’t B.No , I don’t C.Yes .I do D. No, I do


1. What ___ your parents ______(do)at home this time yesterday?

2. How many times _____ you _____(be )to qingdao? -----only once.

3. The kite __________(make ) by Mike

4. The Nike river is ______________(long)river in the world.

5. It’s fun ________(talk) to you.

6. The moon_______(go) around the earth

7. India is one of the __________(country) in Asia.

8. What about _________ (travel) around the world?

9. People use computers _________(wide) to slove problems in their work

10.Two _________ (visit) are visiting China now.

11.Where is Danny , He ________(go) to the library.


1. Clean up your desk please.______ _______?(反意疑问句)

2. It’s a nice day.________ ________ ? (反意疑问句)

3. What does rubbish mean?(同意句)

What’s ______ _______ _______ rubbish?

4. Garbage is a type of population.(画线部分提问)

_____________Is garbage?

5.Let’s clean up._____ _______ ? (反意疑问句)

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