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(时间: 120 分钟 总分:120分 制卷:贺紹仪) 一、 听力 (共两节,计25分)



( ) 1.A.Once a month. B.Twice a month. C.Three times a month. ( ) 2. A.For a week. B.Last week. C.Next week. ( ) 3.A. To Guangzhou. B.To Hainan. C.To Dalian.

( ) 4.A.5th. B.13th

. C.8 days.

( ) 5.A.Yes, she does. B.No, she doesn’t. C.I don't know. ( ) 6. A.He has to study for a test. B. He has to look after his grandparents. C.He has to visit his grandparents.

( ) 7.A.Jim B.Jim’s cousin C. Both of them

( ) 8. A.He has a headache. B. He has a toothache. C.He has a cold. ( ) 9. A.She has an art lesson. B.She is going to a piano lesson. C.She is playing sports.


听下面5段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后面有几个小题,从题后所给的A,B,C三个选项中选出最佳选项。听每段对话或独白前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题5秒钟。听完后,你将有5秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话或独白读两遍。 听第10段材料,回答第10—11小题。

( ) 10.What does the woman ask the boy to do?

A.Go out fishing

B.Take out the trash and do the dishes. C.Do his homework.

( ) 11.What can’t the boy do?

A.Do the dishes B.Take out the trash C.Do the homework.


( ) 12.What was Jim doing at noon?

A.He was growing flowers. B.He was watering flowers. C.He was drawing flowers. ( ) 13.What was Kate doing?

A.She was singing.

B.She was looking for pictures. C.She was drawing some animals.

( ) 14.What’s the relation between Kate and Jim?

A.They are good friends.

B.They are sisters and brothers. C.They are classmates. 听第12段材料回答第15~17小题。 ( ) 15What can Jack fix up?

A Bikes B.Pens C.Kites

( ) 16Who makes Jack always help the kids who are poor?

A.His mother B.His father C.His teacher

( ) 17. How does Jack’s father like him according to the dialogue?

A He is proud of Jack. B.He is angry with jack. C.He is kind to Jack.

听第13段材料回答第18-21小题。 ( ) 18.Why does Jim look sad

A.Because he copies his best friends homework. B.Because he fought with his best friend

C.Because his best friend doesn’t study hard.

( ) 19.Who is Jim’s best friend?

A. Lucy B. Peter C. Cathy

( ) 20.Why did Jim fight with his best friend?

A.Because his best friend is lazy. B.Because his best friend gave him some advice. Cbecause his best friend copies his homework.

( ) 21.What’s Peter’s advice?

A.Don’t talk to him. B. Don’t let him copy. C Tell him that copying others’ homework is wrong.

听第14段材料回答第22~25小题。 ( ) 22.How old is Jenny?

A.16 B.14 C.12

( ) 23.What’s wrong with Jenny?

A.She often has a cold B.She often has a toothache C.she often has a headache.

( ) 24.What kind of food does Jenny like best?

A. Sea food B. Noodles C. Beijing Duck

( ) 25.Is Jenny stressed out (有压力的)when she is at school in Beijing?

A.Yes, always B.No, never C. Yes, sometimes.


第二部分 语言知识运用(共两节,计30分)


A)从A,B,C,D四个选项中,选出与所给句子划线部分意义相同或相近并能代替的那一项。 A. have a good time B. enjoyed oneself

C. enjoyed themselves D. had good time 27 . ---- -----I have a cold.

A. What?s the matter? B. How?s the wrong? C. What did he say? D.How are you? A. do housework B. do homework C. do the dishes D. do the laundry

A. when it was 7 B. when she was 7 C. at 7 D. when I was 7 A. look up B. look out C. look after D. look like B) 单项填空(共15题,每题1分,满分15分) 31. —John isn?t happy today. Let?s go and ____. —Good idea.

A. cheer up him B. cheer him up C. to cheer up D. cheer up 32. My father doesn?t have much money. I don?t have, ____. A. too B. also C. still D. either 33. The old man lives ____ but he doesn?t feel ____. A. lonely; alone B. alone; alone C. alone; lonely D. lonely; lonely 34. His father is used to __________ in the evening.

A. work B.working Cworked D. works 35. His teacher allowed them __________ hats in class.

A.to wear B. wearing C.wore D. wear 36. Why don`t you ___________ your parents for help?

A.ask B.asking C.to ask D. asked she a paper frog.

A.did do, made B. is doing, is making C. was doing, made D. was doing, was making

38.Lily is over there, she is talking to a friend the phone.

A. on B. in C. by D. for

the teacher came in.

A. when B. while C. after D. that A. was watching B. was hearing C. was listening to D. bought 41.The phone is ringing . Please__________ .

A.pick up it B. pick it up C. picks it up D. picked up 42. My mother often asks me to ___ my little sister when she is away.

A. take care B. care for C. get out D. run away 43. ----My grandpa had a cold last week. ----____.

A. It doesn?t matter B.I am sorry to hear that C.You should have a good rest D.That?s great 44. Do you have trouble ____________ your homework?

A. finish B. finishing C. to finish D.finishes

45. We ____________ the team from NO.2 Middle School ,so we ___________ the football


A.beat ,beat B beat ,won . C. won , beat D.won, won 第二节 完形填空(共10小题;每题1分,满分10分)

When you?re a teenager ,it seems that every time you say , “I want to ,”your parents will answer, “No, you can?t.”

Young people always complain that their parents don?t _46__ them.When something goes __47___, most parents just don?t believe in their children. __48___ asking why,they think their kids are wrong.And not many parents allow their kids to choose for themselves.

Yes,it is __49__that your parents sometimes treat you as a little child .But remember that not long ago you were really a __50__ .Your parents still remember the childish mistakes you used to make .They want to protect you __51___ you don?t want them to do so .

So ,__52_ you want to get more freedom ,please try to understand your parents and don?t lie to them .Try a more friendly way.If you want them to allow you to stay out _53___, please don?t just say, “_54___ the other kids can stay out late.”Tell them as much as you can about what you want to do and where you?ll be and __55__ it?s important for you to stay out late .Then they might just say, “OK .”

46. A.know B. love C. understand D.help 47. A. badly B.wrong C. nice D. Clear 48.A.Except B.Instead C.With D. Without 49.A.true B. good C. bad D.false 50.A. boy B. student C.girl D.child 51.A. or B. but C. because D.since 52.A.until B.while C.if D. Though 53. A. Late B.long C.early D.happy 54.A. No B. Few C.Every D. All


55.A. how B. when C.why D.which Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(30分)


Some Advice on Travel

1. Forget fashion(时尚)! Always wear your most comfortable clothes when going on long journeys(旅行).

2. Traveling on trains and buses can be boring, so take a good book to read. 3. If you?re going somewhere cold, remember to put on your warm clothes!

4. If you are going somewhere sunny, remember to bring your sun-block(防晒霜) and sunglasses.

6. Be careful with your things whenever you go to a busy place, like a train station. There are many thieves there!

7. Most countries have lower prices for students, so if you are a student, take your student card with you.

8. Always leave room in your bag and buy presents on the way home.

9. Bus tours often stop at expensive shops along the way, save your money by buying presents at local shops.

10. If you travel abroad(国外), remember to take your passport. Whatever you do, don?t lose it!

56. If you go to Hainan Island for a trip in summer, you should take ____ with you. A. warm clothes and sports shoes B. sunglasses and sun-block C. fashionable(时尚的) clothes and a big bag D. some fruit and drinks

57. According to the passage, ____ is a good way to keep away from boredom(单调) while you?re on a train or a bus. A. taking a camera B. reading a good book C. listening to music D. sleeping for some time

58. If a student wants to buy some presents at lower prices while traveling, he should show ____ to the shop assistant.

A. prices B. his things C. his passport D. his student card 59. The underlined word “capture” in this passage means ____. A. 拍摄 B. 感受 C. 抓住 D. 控制


Mr. Hunt came from a poor family. He had three brothers and two sisters. His father worked hard but wasn?t paid much. And his mother did all the housework at home. They were both able but they couldn?t get enough money for their family.

Mr. Hunt was in school for only three years and he had to stop to help his parents though he

was good at his lessons. When he was sixteen, he came to the city and began to work in a small factory. He learned from an old worker and became a skilled worker. The old worker liked him and married his daughter to him. The young man did not have his own house and had to live with his parents-in-law. His mother-in-law always thought he was poor and often chattered. So the young man tried to save everything and hoped to have his own house.

It was one fine Sunday. The old woman wanted to have a picnic on the top of the hill. She told Mr. Hunt to drive her car. But sometimes she told him to turn left and sometimes to turn right. The young man had to listen to her. At a crossing the lights were red but she made him turn left. The policeman stopped them and told the young man to give his license to him. “If I did wrong, sir,” said Mr. Hunt, “It was my mother-in-law?s fault(过错). She was driving the car though she sat behind me!”

60. The Hunts were poor because ____. A. they were lazy B. they were too weak to work

C. they couldn?t make enough money D. they weren?t able enough 61. Mr. Hunt left the school because ____. A. he didn?t like studying B. his family was poor C. he wasn?t clever D. he hoped to stay at home 62. The old woman was ____ to Mr. Hunt. A. good B. bad C. friendly D. useless 63. Which of the following is wrong?

A. The old woman herself drove the car that day. B. It was the old woman?s fault. C. Mr. Hunt hated his mother-in-law.

D. The old woman told Mr. Hunt to run the red lights.


Travel is to us in at least three ways.

First, by traveling we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of different places. We can see many places with our own eyes. We can visit some famous cities and scenic spots(风景区).

Second, we will meet people with different interests and see strange and different things when we travel. We can get ideas of the conditions and customs of other people, taste different foods and local flavours(风味) if we like. In this way, we can understand how differently other people live.

Third, travel will _______ help us to get knowledge of geography and history and other knowledge, _______ help us keep healthy and make us broad-minded(心胸开阔).

With all these of travel, it is no wonder that travel has now become more popular than ever in China.



64. 在文中第一段的横线上填入一个恰当的词。_______

65. 在第四段的每条横线上填入两个恰当的连词,使句子完整。

______ ______

66. 请把第五段中的“advantage”译成汉语。______


In today?s world many people seem to be hungry for money. Money does have its most useful effect on the poor. But even if a person has already got plenty of money, If money were everything, all millionaires(百万富翁) would have real love, true friendship, good health and a long life. However, this is not always correct.

Since the beginning of time no three words have ever invited more pleasure than “I love you”. But can love be bought? I?m afraid not. Love means to give, not to take. To every person, health and a long life are probably the best things. Well, can health and a long life be bought with money? The answer is “No”.

can?t be bought, either. In a word, where money is dreamed too much, it can cause brothers to quarrel, marriage to end, lovers to hate, and strangers to fight. No matter how much money you have, it is still not enough to make a happy person if you have no one to laugh with, no one to cry for.


It seems that a lot of people want money very much now.


What are probably the most important things to everyone?


But even if a person has already got plenty of money, 70.将文中划线句子翻译成汉语。

第二部分 写作(35分)

A.根据汉语或单词提示完成下列句子。(8 分)

71. Tom fell off his bike and _____________ (使 受伤)himself。 72.There are three______________ (小刀) are on the desk.

73.Just now Mr Wu told us the ________________(重要性) of learning English. 74. What?s the _____(意思)of this word?

75. The children made a difficult ______(决定).

76.Lucy _______________(赢) the first prize in last week?s speech competition. 77. Please speak quietly, the baby is ______________.(睡觉)

78.Peter is________________ (修理 ) his bike. B.用所给单词的适当形式填空(7分)

79. I was waiting for the bus when it begin to rain _______________(heavy). 80.We can do the work with _________(little) money and fewer people than they can.

81.Could you please ___________(clean) your room?

82. His mother wants him ________ (stay) at home every night. 83. You should _________ (say) sorry to your sister.

84. I happened _______ (see) my teacher on the way to school. 85. He _______(go) to America with his parents two weeks ago. C.补全对话(10分)

A: Hey, Joe, You look unhappy. B: I argued with my parents last night. A: Why did you argue with them?.

B: You know my clothes are out of style, and I want to buy some new ones. But they don't

want to give me any money.__________87________________? A: Why don't you use your money? B:_______88______________.

A: You can get a part-time job to get some. B: A: Maybe you can talk about it with your parents tonight. I'm sure they want the best for you. B: That`s a good idea. . A: You`re welcome. D. 书面表达(10?)

请以Tom 的身份给某杂志的专栏作者Jenny写了一封信,谈谈你对家长送孩子上课外辅导班的看法。80词左右。( 注意书信格式)

__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________





一、 听力 (共两节,计25分)



1. W: How often do you go to the movies,Tom?

M: I go to the movies three times a month. Q: How often does Tom see the movies ?

2. M: Why didn?t you go to shool last week, Liu Qing?

W: Because I was ill in hospital. Q: When was LinQing ill in hospital? 3. M: Are you going to Hainan for vacation?

W: I thought about going there, but decided on Dalian. Q: Where is the man going for vacatioin? 4. M: How long are you staying in London, Lucy?

W: I?m leaving on December 5th and coming back on December 13th. Q: When is Lucy come back?

5. M: How do you uaually go to schoool, Li Mei?

W: By bike, but sometimes I take a taxi. Q: Does Li Mei usually get to school by taxi? 6. W: Mike, can you come to my party on Saturday?

M: Sorry, I can?t.I have to visit my grandparents. Q: What does Mike have to do?

7. W: Jim, Does your cousin often read books at weekends?

M: No,she doesn?t. She often goes to the mall . Q: Who often goes to the mall at weekends? 8. W: Wang Hua, you don?t look well.

M: Yes, I have a bad cold.

Q: What?s the matter with Wang Hua?

9. M: Linda, what are you doing on Thursday afternoon?

W: Well, I have a piano lesson. What about you, Michacl? M: I?m playing basketball with my classmate. Q: What is Linda doing on Thursday afternoon? 第二节(共16小题;每小题1分,满分16分)

听下面5段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后面有几个小题,从题后所给的A,B,C三个选项中选出最佳选项。听每段对话或独白前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题5秒钟。听完后,你将有5秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话或独白读两遍。 听第10段材料,回答第10—11小题。 10. W: Peter, could you please take out the trash?

M: Sure, mum.

W: And could you please do the dishes? M: Sorry, I can?t. I have to do my homework. 听第11段材料,回答12-14小题。

11. W: What were you doing at noon today,Jim?

M: I was watering the flowers in the garden, Mom. W: What was your sister, Kate, doing at that time? M: She was drawing some animals for her atr lessons. 听第12段材料回答第15-17小题。

12. W:Good morning, Jack, tell our listeners what you do ,please?

M: Good morning. I buy old bikes that nobody wants . Then I will fix up the bikes and give them away to the kids who din?t have enough money to buy their own bikes. W: That?s great. Who gives you the idea?

M: I guess I take after my father. He always helps others. W: Oh! Your parents must be proud of you. 听第13段材料回答第18-21小题。 13. W: You look sad, what ?s the matter , Jim?

M: I had a fight with my best friend , peter yesterday. W:Why?

M: Because he doesn?t study hard, and always copies my homework. What should I do? W:Although he is your best friend, you should still tell him that coping others? homework is



M: You are right.Thanks for you advice, Lucy.

W:No problem. Hope things work out.


14. Jenny is fourteen years old.She comes from Sydney, Australia.Now, she is living with a Chinese family. She likes her school in Beijing, but she isn?t feeling well these days..She often has a cold because it?s too cold for her in Beijing now. As for food, Jenny likes Beijing Duck best. Jenny is never stressed out at school because her friends can talk to her in English and teach her Chinese. She beieves she can learn a lot and make lots of friends in Beijing.


1-5. CBCBB 6-10. CBCBB 11-15. ABCBA 16-20. BABBC 21-25. CBACB 26-30.CAABC 31-35.BDCBA 36-40. ADAAC 41-45. BBBBB 46-50.CBDAD 51-55.BCADC 56-59.BBDA 60-63CBBA

64.good 65. Not noly…but also 66.优点,优势

67.In today?s world many people seem to be hungry for money.

68.Health and a long life. (答案不唯一,只要意思一致,以句子形式表达也可)

69.But even if a person has already got plenty of money, (答案不唯一,要求答案要保持与上下文的连续性,且与参考答案意思相近)


71.hurt 72. Knives 73. Importance 74. Meaning 75. Decision 76. Won

77. sleeping 78.reparing 79. Heavily 80. Less 81. Clean 82. To stay 83. Say 84. To see 85.went


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