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A = Amy; C = Cathy

A: Hey, Cathy. How about going with me to buy some clothes?

__ because it will rain this afternoon.

A: Where shall we go? C: What about that department store next to the Shangrila Hotel?

A: I think it’s too expensive. (__

C: OK! I didn’t know about it. I’m interested to see what clothes they have. _

C: I think you should buy some skirts and blouses for spring.

C: Many of your clothes are dark, so why don’t you choose some bright colors? A: I agree. Hey, it’s already 3:00 pm. (__

二、补全对话 (有一项是多余的)

A: Have you ever been to Beijing? What about you? A: I have been to the Summer Palace. A: Yes, it is very beautiful, especially in summer.

三、补全对话(有一项是多余的) (10分)

Daming=D; Lingling=L

L: (1)

D: Science, especially space science.

L: Have you ever heard the news that our country has sent a satellite to Jupiter?

D: Yes, I have.

L: Great!(2)

D: It has reached Jupiter,(3)

L: (4)


四、补全对话 (有一项是多余的)

A: What’s the matter with you, young man?

B: Oh, doctor. I’m not feeling well. (1)____ I think I will die.

A: Die? I don’t think so. Take it easy. (2)____

B: Ahh... I must have a terrible illness.

A: Em... (3)____ I am sure you will be all right soon.

B: But I really feel very terrible. What should I do now?

A: (4)____

B: Is that all?

A: You should drink more water and you shouldn’t eat spicy food. B: (5)____

Daming=D; Tony=T

D: How long have you studied Chinese?

T: (1)__

D: Really? Your Chinese is pretty good!

T: But, I don’t think Chinese is easy to learn. (2)_

D: In 2000. It has been 6 years.

T: (3)_

D: Well, my grammar and vocabulary are good. (4)

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