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Unit1 That smells delicious!

? Key vocabulary and phrases P112 smell至ear

Language notes
? ? ? ? ? ? 感官动词: smell+adj. taste+adj. look+adj. feel+adj. sound+adj.

? My chocolate cookies are done now. ? Be done 表示做好了,完成了 ? 例如:The beds are done. ? I’m really done.

? Shall I get the sugar? ? 当说话人主动提出要做某事时,尤其是主 动提出帮助时,我们常用shall I...... ? 例如:Shall I get some water for you? ? Shall we......表示提出建议 ? 例如:我们去购物吧?

? Are you sure that’s sugar? ? Be sure 后面接句子,表示确信,相信 ? 例如:I’m sure tomorrow will be a sunny day. ? I’m sure we will find each other.

Everyday English
? ? ? ? ? I’m afraid... Have a try! It’s my lucky day! I have a sweet tooth. What a delicious smell!

Unit 2 I feel nervous when I speak Chinese

? Key vocabulary and phrases P112 glasses至love

Language notes
? I’m very proud of him! Be proud of 表示以......为骄傲 例如:We are proud of her for telling the truth.

? But I can’t tell you how excited I am about going to China.但是我没办法表达对去中国 的兴奋之情! Be excited about 表示对......兴奋 例如:I am so excited about the trip.

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