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人教版新目标八年级下unit 6 an old man tried to move the mountains优秀课件

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Have you heard the song? What is the name of it?
Yu Gong Moves the Mountains.

conquer v.战胜,征服

Ne Zha Conquers the Dragon King

shoot v. 射击,发射 (shot, shot) e.g. The police shot some attackers to death.

Hou Yi shoots the suns.

Da Yu controls the flood.


b Journey to the West a Hou Yi Shoots the Suns ___

d Yu Gong Moves a Mountain c Nu Wa Repairs the Sky ___

1.once upon a time =long, long ago 从前 常用于故事的开头 e.g. Once upon a time, there were three monks in a temple.
从前,有三个和尚住在 一个庙里。 monk n. 和尚 temple n. 寺庙

2. begin vi./vt. 开始 (began, begun) e.g. Class begins. We begin our class.



begin doing sth. begin to do sth. e.g. It began raining one hour ago. It began to rain. begin with 以…..开始 e.g. our class began with a song. 我们的课堂以一首歌开始。

3. stone n. 石头 e.g. Kill two birds with one stone.

I began collecting stones two years ago.

4. remind vt. 提醒,使想起 remind sb. of sth.使某人想起… e.g. The cartoon reminds me of my childhood.

remind sb. to do sth.提醒某人做… e.g. She reminds her boss to have a meeting. 她提醒老板开会。 remind sb. that从句 e.g. She reminds her boss that he will have a meeting.

1b Listen and check (√) the facts you hear.
Which story are Anna and Wang Ming talking about?
They are talking about Yu Gong Moves a Mountain.

? ____ The two mountains were very high and big.
? ____ A very old man tried to move the mountains. ? ____ A man told Yu Gong that he could never do it.

Discuss the questions with your partner.
1. How does the story begin? Once upon a time, there was a very old man. There were two mountains near his house. They were so big and high that it took a long time to walk to the other side.

2. What happened next? The old man told his family that they should all helped him to move the mountains. 3. Where would they put all the earth and stone from the mountains? Yu Gong said they could put them into the sea.


Listen and number the pictures [1-4] in order to tell the story.






Listen again and circle the words you hear.

? 1. A man saw Yu Gong and his (children / family) when they were working on moving the work on: 致力 mountains. 于,从事 ? 2. He told Yu Gong he could never do it because he was old and (poor / weak). ? 3. As soon as the man finished (talking / speaking), Yu Gong said that his family could continue to move the mountains after he died.

? 4. Finally, a god was so moved by Yu Gong that he sent (two / three) gods to take the mountains away.
? 5. This story reminds us that you can never (know / see) what’s possible unless you try to make it happen.

2d Role-play the conversation.

1. I think it is a little bit silly. a little bit = a little 有点儿,稍微

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