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Revision for Unit 6

I’m watching TVBy Class3 Grape7 No.39 Middle School of Xiangyang

去看电影:go to the movies



端午节:Drogon Boat Festival

the United States (of America) 缩写:the US/ the 美国:USA美味的:delicious


Useful expressions:

What is he/she doing?He/She is v-ing………What are they doing?They are v-ing………

This is Jenny


Laura: Hi, Jenny. It’s Laura here.

Jenny: Oh, hi, Laura. What are you doing?

Laura: Not much.I’m just washing my clothes.

What about you?

Jenny: I’m watching TV. Do you want to join me for

dinner? My parents aren’t at home. We can eat out.Laura: Yeah. I’d love to.

Jenny: Let’s meet at my home first.Come at half past six.

Laura: OK. See you then.

当打电话时,介绍自己时用“This is…“It is…”;问对方用“Is that…?或Who’s that…?“”例如:Hello? This is Bob? Who’s that?喂?我是鲍勃,你是谁?Hi, Bob. It’s Mike here.你好,鲍勃。我是迈克。””或

2. I'd love to. 我很乐意。

1) 交际用语,用于礼貌地接受他人邀请,还可以说成I’d like to


2) 当委婉拒绝他人邀请时,多用

或I’d love to, but...

Sorry, I’m afraid I can't because..., 但语气


not much=nothing much1.不忙

2.我正好在看报纸。I’m just reading a newspaper.

3.加入我一起打篮球join me for basketball

4.在外面吃eat out


明天见See you tomorrow!


?Page 33

?Read loudly please!

?Read Grammar Focus ,3a & 3b.?Read together!


1.在泳池in the pool

2.在超市at the supermarket

3.在学校at school

4.在家at home

5.在图书馆in the library

6.在公园at the park

7.在河里in a river8.这儿/那儿here/there

. He's

living with

Dragon Boat Festival. It's 9:00 a.m.and Zhu Hui's family are at home. His mom and aunt are making zongzi. His dad and uncle are watching the boat races on TV.Is Zhu Hui also watching the races and eating zongzi? the night before the festivalUS, so family. The mother is reading a story to her young children. The father is . zongzi. Zhu Hui likes New York and his host family a lot,but there's still "no place like home'' .



Read 3a&Self Check 2 first,then answer the questons.

1.Here is a picture of my family.

in the living room2.在客厅:

3.听广播:listen to the radio

4.谈话节目:talk show

study for a test5.为考试而复习:

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