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题卷 七年级英语 仁爱版

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(时间:120分钟 满分:150分)

I 听力部分(30分)

(一). 听句子,选择正确的图画,每题听两遍。(7.5分)

( )

( )

( )

( )

( )

(二). 听句子,选择正确的答语,每题听两遍。(7.5分)

( ) 6. A. On Sunday B. Today C. At 6:00

( ) 7. A. She likes the playground best.

B. She likes her classmates best

C. She likes geography best.

( ) 8. A. Yes, she is swimming. B. No, she isn't. C. She is reading a book.

( ) 9. A. Dormitory B. By plane C. In the gym

( ) 10. A. A football, a kite and same books

B. No, she isn't

C. She is reading a book.

(三). 听对话,选择正确答语,每题听两遍。(7.5分)

( ) 11. Sally is ______.

A. watching TV B. cleaning her room C. singing

( ) 12. Does the girl have a bike? ______.

A. Yes, she does B. We don't know C. No, she doesn't

( ) 13. What's the girl doing? She is ______.

A. borrowing books B. shopping C. having lunch

( ) 14. Steve is ______.

A. singing in the room B. putting on his shoes C. reading in the room

( ) 15. ______ has a TV in a bedroom.

A. Jim's brother B. Amy's brother C. Jim

(四). 听短文,对的写(T)错误的写(F)。(7.5分)

( ) 16. Many people are moving to the suburbs.


) 17. The traffic in the suburbs is often heavy.

( ) 18. The suburbs are noisy.

( ) 19. Living in cities costs too much.

( ) 20. Few people like living in a house with a garden.


Ⅱ. 单项选择。(每题1分,共20分)

( ) 21. Let's go and play _____ guitar.

A. an B. the C. /

( ) 22. —Would you like ______me?

—Yes, please.

A. to help B. helps C. helping

( ) 23. We have a map _____ the wall _____ China.

A. of; to B. of; in C. on; of

( ) 24. They often play football _____ Tuesday afternoon.

A. on B. in C. for

( ) 25. —_____ does Kangkang play basketball?


A. How long B. How often C. How far

( ) 26. —Your bedroom is so large and beautiful!

— _____.

A. OK B. Thank you C. No, no.

( ) 27. Michael with his classmates _____ TV in the living room at the moment.

A. is watching B. are watching C.watches

( ) 28. It's time for us _____ hard.

A. study B. to study C. studying

( ) 29. —What's Kangkang doing now?

—He _____.

A. plays basketball B. is playing the piano C. sings songs

( ) 30. —______does Sally usually go to school?

—She usually go to school by bike.

A. What B. How C. Why

( ) 31. _____. Could you tell me the way to Zhongshan Road ?

A. I'm sorry B. Excuse me C. Thank you

( ) 32. —Are there any pictures on the wall?

—No, _____.

A. there are B. there isn't C. there aren't

( ) 33. I like dancing. My sister ____likes dancing.

A. too B. also C. to

( ) 34. —Why don't you like math?

—_____ it's difficult and boring.

A. But B. Because C. And

( ) 35. There are many children _____ a kite in the park.

A. flying B. are flying C. fly

( ) 36. —Which subject does Jim like _____ ?

—He likes the English best. A. good B. better C. best

( ) 37. Maria often goes the park _____ foot. She seldom goes there _____ bus.

A. by; on B. on; by C. on; in

( ) 38. —Mr. White, what is your son doing?

—Look, he is _______his toy car, but he can’t _____it . A. looks for, find B. looking for, find C. looking for, finds

( ) 39. I sit _____ Maria _____ Lucy.

A. between; with B. of; between C. between; and

( ) 40.—_____is it from here?

—It’s about 20 kilometers away from here.

A. How far B. How often C. How many

Ⅲ. 完形填空。(每题2分,共20分)

Mike and Jack are monks(和尚). Mike is short and fat. Jack is tall and thin. They brothers, but they live same room. Every morning they go out One day, they go out for food very (村庄). There aren't any men on the road. They are walking . Suddenly(突然)they stop. There is a comb(梳子)on the road 46 them. Both of them are running up to it. " I find it first. It's 47 Mike and Jack are sitting (争吵)about the comb. Morning is up and then comes to afternoon. They're still quarrelling.

A little boy comes up to them and says, "You're monks. Monks have no_____. What's the use of the comb for you?"

( ) 41. A. are going to have B. have not C. aren't ( ) 42. A. on the B. in the C. to the ( ) 43. A. with B. in C. for ( ) 44. A. early B. earlier C. earliest ( ) 45. A. to B. along C. on ( ) 46. A. after B. behind C. in front of ( ) 47. A. you B. mine C. my ( ) 48. A. other B. the other C. others ( ) 49. A. in B. on C. at ( ) 50. A. hair B. hairs C. nose

Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(每题2分,共30分)


( ) 51. Jim goes to school _____.

A. by bus B. on foot C. by car D. by bike

( ) 52. Jim and Mary _____ at the same time.

A. have their fist class B. have lunch C. do their homework D. have a rest

( ) 53. What time does Jim play ball games?

A. 12:20 B. 19:10 C. 17:10 D. 17:20

( ) 54. What does Mary do after lunch?

A. Play the piano. B. Draw pictures.

C. Do her homework D. Listen to music.

( ) 55. Both Jim and Mary may ____ at a quarter past seven.

A. listen to music B. play ball games

C. watch TV D. do the homework


This is a street crossing. There are red and green lights at each corner. Drivers must watch the lights carefully.

When there is a green light, the cars may go. When there is a red light, the cars must stop. They must wait until the red light changes to green. Then they can go on. Sometimes the cars want to make a right turn or a left turn. They can make a right turn when the light is green or red. But they must wait until the green light is shining if they want to turn left.

Some people are color-blind(色盲). They can not see the difference between red and green lights. These people must not drive, or there will be accidents(事故). We must keep our streets safe.

( ) 56. Drivers must watch _____ carefully at each corner.

A. green lights B. red lights

C. both green lights and red lights D. orange lights

( ) 57. When there is a red light, _____.

A. the cars must stop B. the cars may go on

C. the cars may make a left turn D. the cars may take a right or left turn

( ) 58. Cars can make a right turn when _____.

A. there is a red light B. there is a green light

C. there is a red or green light D. there is no light

( ) 59. Color-blind people may have accidents because ______.

A. they can't see cars B. they can't see the lights

C. they can't see the difference between the red and green lights

D. they can't hear cars

( ) 60. According to(根据)the passage _____ must not drive.

A. young people B. women

C. people that are color-blind D. old men

( )61. How many waiters does the restaurant need(需要)?

A. 4 B. 5

C. 6 D. 7

D. 20 hours ( )62. If you are a waiter in King Restaurant, you need to work in the morning. A. 5 hours B. 10 hours

C. 15 hours ( )63. You may see the ads.(广告. A. in a newspaper C. in a dictionary

A. 19

A. 3 B. in a math book D. in a notebook C. 36 C. 2 D. 18 D. 4 ( )64. If you are , then you can work as a teacher. B. 25 B. 1 ( )65. How many teachers does park school need?


It’s a fine day today. There is a sports meeting(运动会) in Green Zoo. Now it’s eight o’clock. Look! A panda and a koala are running. Oh, the koala runs very fast(快). Over there two dolphins are playing basketball. Eleven elephants are playing soccer. Two birds are in the tree. They are singing happily.

It’s twelve o’clock. The animals are very tired. And it’s time for lunch. All the animals go to Peter’s Supermarket. It’s across from Green Zoo. The panda buys two chicken hamburgers. The koala gets some leaves. And the lions buy ten kilos (公斤) of meat. Where are the elephants? They’re next to Peter’s Supermarket. They are eating broccoli(花椰菜).


66,Is there a sports meeting in Green Zoo?

______________________________________________________________. 67, How many birds in the tree?


68, Where are the elephants?


VI. 句型转换。(每空1分,共10分) (对画线部分提问)

______ are they ______?

70 .Drive fast, please. (改为否定句)

______ ______fast, please.

71.There are some houses near here. (改为否定句)

There ______ ______ houses near here.

72 .He often walks to school.(同义句转换)

He often goes to school ______ ______.

VII. 口语交际。(每题1分,共5分)


A: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the Shaping Park?

B: Go along this street to the end. Turn left and go across a bridge, and you'll find it on your right.


B: It's about thirty minutes' walk.

( B: Yes.


B: The No. 7 bus.


B: Yes. There's one on the other side of the street.


B: You're welcome.

VIII. 短文填空。(每空2分,共20分) , the other two are small. In the big tree, is looking at the bird. ." The cat thinks. " I want to eat the bird."

The bird thinks, " The cat wants to catch me. I go." So the bird says. "Not today, thank 78. ______ 79. ______ 80. ______ 81. ______

82. ______ 83. ______ 84. ______ 85. ______

VIIII. 书面表达。(15分)

根据下列内容提要描述你的学校生活。以My School Life为题写一篇70字左右的短文。


阅读;离学校500米远处有一个图书馆,每周都会从那儿借书。学校生活丰富多 彩。

My School Life


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