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Revision for Unit 5
Why do you like pandas?

Words for Unit5

Please read loudly!

What’s your favorite animal? =What animals do you like best? Pandas! Why do you like them? Because they’re really cute. Where are they from? =Where do they come from? Why doesn’t he like them? Because they’re kind of scary.



6.南非 7.中国

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

稍微,一点点 真的 非常 太 澳大利亚 南非 中国

kind of really very too Australia South Africa China

Page 26 2d

1. 我的新宠物 2. 他会做什么? 3. 用两条腿走 4. 你的家庭里饲养有宠物吗? 5. 你为什么不喜欢他? 6. 他为什么不喜欢它? 7. 睡一整天 8. 整晚 9. 八小时的睡眠 10. 对她来说那是一个好名字! 11. 对我来说,这是一本好书。

? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 回答问题 smart= Does your family have a pet?=___________ 非常喜欢老虎的两种说法。 翻译:动物们的名字 翻译:我妈妈的新宠物的名字是Mary. Where are they from?=_____________ 翻译:不同种类的蔬菜 翻译:黑白相间

Grammar Focus
? Why do you like pandas? Because they’re kind of interesting. ? Why does John like koalas? Because they’re very cute. ? Why don’t you like tigers? Because they’re really scary. ? Where are lions from? They’re from South Africa.

? Hello,We are students from Thailand ,and we want to save the elephants. The elephant is one of Thailand’s symbols . Our first flag had a white elephant on it .This is a symbol of good luck . Elephants are smart animals. They can play soccer or music.They can also draw very well. People say that “an elephant never forgets”. Elephants can walk for a long time and never get lost .They can remember places with food and water .This helps them to live. But elephants are in great danger .People cut down many trees so elephants are losing their homes.People also kill elephants for their ivory.Today there are only about 3,000 elephants(over 100,000 before).We must save the trees and not buy things made of ivory . Remember that March 13th is Thai Elephant Day.

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