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1.If you ________(feel) tired, you _________ (have) to have a rest.

2. Where _____ he ____(see) the film if he _________(have) time?

3. If there ____(be) fewer trees, there _______( be) more pollution.

4. He ___(dress) more casually if he ___( not work) on weekends.

5. If Marcia _______(live) alone, she _______( keep) a pet parrot.

6. Lana _____ buy) a new dress if the old one ____(be) out of style.

7.The twins _______(fight) if they__________(argue).

8. I ______(have) a bake sale if I ____(need) money for education.

9. Peter ____( send) me a beautiful souvenir if he ____(tour) Spain.

10. If Mr Green _______ (say) I am hard- working, my parents ___( feel) glad.

11.I ______(go) to the beach if it________ ( not rain) this week.

12. _____they ___( have) a match if the P.E. teacher __(be) busy?

13.He ____(write) a letter to his grandparents if he ____(get) his report card this week.

14. If she ______(get) up late, she _____ ( not catch) the early bus.

15. Peter ____(major) in English if he ____(pass) the exams in Peking University.

1.如果他到的晚了会发生什么事情?What ______ _____ if he ____ late?

2. 如果努力学习,你就会取得好成绩。If you_________ ________, you ______ ______good _______.

3. 他如果看电视太久了,他的父母会不高兴。

If he _____ TV too much, his parents _____ _________unhappy.

4. 如果我们为他组织生日聚会,大家都会来的。

Everyone _____ _____ if we _______a birthday party ________ him.

5. 如果明天不下雨,我会和你一起去公园的。

If it _____ ______tomorrow, I _____ go to the park ______you.

6. 如果她睡过头了,就会旅游迟到的。he____ ___ ___ ___ the trip if she _____ ___

7. 如果他有空,他会帮助你的。If he ____ ____ , he ______ ____ you.

8. 如果Tom考试不及格,他就没有机会上高中了。

Tom ______have the _____to go to the high school if he ________the exams.

9. 你如果抄同学的作业就不能学好各门功课。

You _______ _____ good at all the subjects if you ______ the other students’ homework.

10.如果你上课睡觉,老师会生气。If you______ in class,your teacher ____ ____ ____ _____ you.


1.feel will have 2.will see has 3.are will be4.dresses doesn't work 5. lives wil keep

6.will buy is 7.will fight argue 8.will have need 9.will send tours

10.says will feel

11will go doesn't rain 12.Will have is 13.will write gets 14gets won't catch

15.will major passes

1will happen is 2,work hard will get grade. 3.watches will be 4.will come arrange for

5,doesn't rain will with 6.will be late for awakes late 7 has will help 8.won't chance fails 9,won't be copy

10,sleep will be angry with

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