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( ) 1. A. orange B. rubber C. radio

( ) 2. A .exercise book B. numbers C. train station

( ) 3. A. menu B. sausage C. candy

( ) 4. A. question B. quick C. happy

( ) 5. A. sorry B. show C. sad


( ) 1. A. Nice to see you. B. Nice to meet you.

C. Nice to see you,again.

( ) 2. A. It’s good to see you again.

B. It’s great to see you all again.

C. It was good to see you again.

( ) 3. A.What are house animals? B What are farm animals?

C. What are zoo animals?

( ) 4. A. Can I have two burgers, please?

B. Can I have some apples, please?

C. Can I have some eggs, please?

( ) 5. A.What shall we buy? B. What would you like?

C. What do you like?

( ) 6. A. This is a small baby. B. This is a big dog.

C. This is a cute duck.

( ) 7. A. What’s he doing? B. What’s she doing?

C. What’s it doing?

( ) 8. A.May I come in? B. Can I come in? C. Shall I come in?

( ) 9. A.What is short? B. Which is short? C. Which is shirt?

( ) 10. A.Do you often eat fish? B Do you often eat chips?

C. Do you often eat hotdags?


1. Let ___ ____ you.

2. ____ to ____ you.

3. What are ____ ____?

4. What ____ you ____, sir?

5. We are ____ an English _____.

Reading and writing (60分)

一、 选出一个划线读音其它两个不同的,将标号填入括号中(5分)

( ) 1. A.feet B.she C.bee D.watermelon

( ) 2. A.sea B.meat C.great D.tea

( ) 3. A.park B.farm C.card D.sports

( ) 4. A.juice B.music C.cookie D.coffee

( ) 5. A.play B.potato C.sports D.pear


1、不要担心________________ 2、找出,发现______________

3、起立____________________ 4、新鲜水果________________

5、吃午饭_________________ 6、her favourite fruit______________

7、school opening day______________8、No problem_______________

9、help yourself________________ 10、next time_______________


( )1. -----____ Nacy?

------She is coming,she is with

A. What B. Where’s C.How D.Which ( )2.-----How___ your holiday?

------I was great.

A. was B. is C.are D.were

( )3.-----Is she our new friends?

------ _____.

A. Yes,she isn’t B. No, she is C.No, he isn’t D.Yes, she is

( )4.----What is house animal?

A. a horse B. a tiger C. a cat D. a cow

( )5.You can ____out about food in book2.

A. finding B .find C. finds D.see

( )6. -----What____ you like, Anna?

------ ______________ some sausages.

A.do,I’d B. would, I’d like C.about, I D.would,I’d ( )7.----- ___buy some chicken and fries.

A. Let’s B. Let C.Shall D.Let we ( )8.-----Do you often eat carrots?

------ _____.

A. No, you don’t B. Yes,I do C.No, I do D.Yes, I’d like to ( )9.----What is the chinese ___ “desk”?

A. at B. in C. of D. for

( )10.This is ____ friend, Mike.

A. my B .me C.I D.us


( )1.How’s your holiday?

( )2.What is he wearing?. ( )3.Howold is she?

( )4.what is your favourite colour? ( )5.How do you do?

( )6.Do you often eat fish?

( )7.What’s the English for “美术”?

( )8.Where is my pen?

A. How do you do. B.She is eleven. C. It’s great. D It’s yellow. E. No, I don’t F. It’s Art . G. He is wearing a T-shirt.










5. ask、I、you、can、a、 question




_____ would you ______?

_____ like three ______ and ______ _______.



Is she our _____ _______?

Yes, _______ Nacy.

3、你经常吃热狗吗? 不,从不。

_____ you _____ eat ________?

No, __________.

4、你在做什么? 我正在上英语课。

______ are you _______?

I ____ ______ an English class.


(M=man G=girl)

M: Excuse me.

G: Yes?

M: Is this train to Yangzhou?

G: Yes, you are right. This way please.

M: Thank you very much.

G: You are welcome.

( )1. The man and the girl are at the ____.

A. station B. theatre C.library D.school ( )2. The man wants to go to______.

A. Xi’an B. Shanghai C.Yangzhou D.Nanjing ( )3.Perhaps the girl works in the ____.

A. plane B. train C.bus D.minibus

八、作文 (4分)

My school


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